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Symbolic logos - The History Channel, Verizon and the right triangle

I'm still in the midst of the series on "The Iron Giant" (No - really!) and am at the present time still pretty focused on a collateral study, a major update to what I've posted about pharmakeia. Until it's ready to post I'm continuing with some important peripheral items. First up, some links of interest.

Clinton evolves into Obama's `Mr Fix It'

Here's another striking revelation on the number 9, the single digit number representing the Beast and his mark, a triple helix DNA transformation strategy of Satan. Remember, the iron giant was dismembered in that movie heavily identified with the number nine and its theme. US actor cuts off neighbor's head, then kills friend
"Daniel Wozniak, who recently starred in the lead role as Guido Contini in the musical "Nine" at a theatre company, is accused of dismembering the body of Samuel Herr, 26, on May 21, leaving his torso at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base and scattering the limbs and head in a park. "

Human-animal hybrids in life vs. death struggle

Scientist infects himself with computer virus
"Our research shows that implantable technology has developed to the point where implants are capable of communicating, storing, and manipulating data," Gasson said in a news report. "This means that, like mainstream computers, they can be infected by viruses, and the technology will need to keep pace with this so that implants, including medical devices, can be safely used in the future."

Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence

The other day a friend pointed out the recently updated logo of The History Channel. I've been considering what that might mean for a while, and now I'd like to share some insight into that and a related logo, Verizon's, which has an important symbolic element in common with that of The History Channel.

The History Channel logo presents a large golden letter H as its main feature. We think "History," of course, but it really signifies Horus on a deeper level, the featured god of The History Channel's backers. The golden color is one clue, which is the color of the statue's head, Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, in Daniel 2. In Isaiah 14 a figure is used where the king of Babylon is a metaphor for Satan. And, Satan is associated with Horus as the dragon is to the Beast in Revelation 13. This compares to another Horus identity, the golden Apollo in this poster promoting the 1936 "Nazi" Olympics.

The Roman Catholic Church, which preserves the Horus worship tradition in many ways, presents the solar disk where we see The History Channel's font type for the H in use. The IHS has nothing to do with the son of the Most High Yahweh, but everything to do with Isis, Horus and Set, a trinity of gods worshiped in their Egyptian identities. The "christian" cross on the crossbar of the letter H is the Triple Tau cross.

This Triple Tau cross emblem, placed in the center of a triangle and circle -- both emblems of the Diety -- constitutes "the jewel of the Royal Arch" as practiced in England, (pictured in a Masonic patch on the right) where it is so highly esteemed as to be called the "emblem of all emblems," and "the grand emblem of Royal Arch Masonry."

You see on the left another popular Roman Catholic version of the IHS solar disk that features an additional layer of occult symbolism, highlighting the triple helix DNA transformation that is such a key element in the scheme being signaled. Like The History Channel, their version of HISTORY is all about honoring Horus and preparing for His return.

The stylized H of The History Channel logo has four deltas within, two pointing up and two down, one pair in each pillar. Each opposing pair signals the sons of god with the daughters of men.

The red elements are three in number and they are mixed with the white, signaling the triple helix blend of white divine sons with red earth Adamic daughters of men. When watching the History Channel and the logo is presented, these elements are added in a sequence to the H. The long base suggests one pyramid partly enclosing the Horus H, if you trace the lines suggested by the angled ends to a point. That point is at the top of the H crossbar. The two elements at the lower left by themselves form a right-pointing delta, which isn't really a signal delta in the default alignment because it points neither up nor down. However it is a right triangle. When these two on the left are considered together with the third red line on the bottom, another right triangle is formed.

Right triangles are signaling what is generally attributed to Pythagoras by the occult societies. The vertical element typically signifies the heavenly sons of god and the horizontal, the daughters of men, with the hypotenuse representing their union - the triple-helix offspring.

For the right pointing triangle of The History Channel logo, the hypotenuse itself is vertical, so it seems a little weak compared to similar symbols.

Another popular occult logo featuring a right triangle belongs to Verizon Wireless. It includes a red right triangle that means the same as every other Pythagoras version used for signaling Satan's schemes. Theirs is aligned so it resembles a check mark, seeming to signal "ok." Notice how the letter Z is called out, which should be familiar to those of you who follow this blog. Zeus. Z for Zeus, equivalent to Osiris, aka Satan, the serpent, dragon and father of Horus/Apollo/Jupiter, etc.

These images are from some promotional marketing materials I received in the snail mail a few months back. Real subtle, eh?

"The Technological Transformation Has Begun." Hint. Hint.

"Get Ready to Rule the World." Hint Hint.

Yeah, we get it. Brag, Brag, Brag. The Zeus/Horus ploy will bring the Beast and the mark of the Beast. But yet, my God reigns in truth and His kingdom is in Heaven now and will come on Earth as it is in Heaven - soon!

9) wherefore, also, God did highly exalt him, and gave to him a name that [is] above every name,
10) that in the name of Jesus every knee may bow -- of heavenlies, and earthlies, and what are under the earth --
11) and every tongue may confess that Jesus Christ [is] Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Philippians 2:9-11 (Young's Literal Translation)


Just after I posted this blog I checked my email. The first thing I noticed was the email from Verizon Wireless - the "Media Store Newsletter" they spam their subscribers with. This doesn't really need commentary does it? It's just so much more of the same. Oh, Lord. What an onslaught.

Draw those who will be saved, Lord. Draw them near and love them up big.


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM


  2. I have been thinking these things a lot and you offered proof!

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    please, stop peddling fear.

    i agree, we need to be vigilant to satan's MANY efforts to destroy our relationship with christ, but attributing such demonic motivation to these logos and their designers is, frankly, unchristlike.

    i am a designer and have been involved in the design of 100's of products and services for decades. i have NEVER met or heard of any designer doing this. in fact, most designers are shooting from the hip. i'm not saying it isn't true, but unless you KNOW for sure, you shouldn't say it.

    i could easily say that the header image on your web page incorporates a silhouette, a symbol of obscurity and devious intentions. 'place symbolism' tells us that the ocean is associated with 'below and under' which are associated with the domain of the devil and the place of hell and its inhabits.

    i'm pretty sure you weren't intending those meanings, so i wouldn't say that's why you did it, without asking you personally.

    again, it's commendable that you are being aware, and observant, but making unfounded accusations should be avoided at the cost of our faith.

  4. To stop I would first have to start. I'll pass. As a professional designer you are perhaps too close to the matter to see it from this perspective.

  5. Hollywood has permeated your concepts. Moon worship v's sun worship. That is all it is. The vestige of moon cult, is found in the act of the matador, slaying the Baal.

    I write plough-wise, as this is the path of the sun.

    Who do you think Jesus was? He is Horus!

  6. As person with a graduate education in Multimedia (an undergraduate in Art & Multimedia) and over 14 years of industry experience, I can attest that graphic designers are not trained to incorporate or encrypt theological messages into their logo designs. For example, part of the design process usually includes creating several drafts for a client to look over with the expectation that the client will request revisions. Designers must often adjust their designs in order to conform to client expectations which often change multiple times during the development process. Clients rarely know exactly what they want at the beginning of the design process and graphic designers rarely end up delivering a product identical to their initial design. Therefore the process of design is a dynamic environment where designers are constantly busy meeting deadlines (often working on multiple projects simultaneously). They really don't have the leisure to incorporate these hidden aspects of symbolism as you claim are present in these logos.

    Another important fact you're missing is the all important distinction that separates the process of design from fine art. Design as a process has constraints and aspects of functionality that must co-exist with aesthetic artistic principals of any given project. Fine art is more of a personal endeavor and often a reflection of the artist and such works as these may sometimes have hidden meaning. Unlike design, fine art has no constraint and therefore does not require functionality, practicality or conformity. In a true sense fine art is also less client driven and is more reflective of the artist pure intent and vision. For example, Artists usually don't create fine art with multiple revisions for client review. When an artist does so I would argue his work is morphing more into the aspects of a design.

    Logo design is heavily constrained by functionality in how it is intended to be used and implemented as well of it being the most important visual symbol that effectively communicates a companies identity. It is a visual representative form of the client (company's) identity and based on this importance it wouldn't be prudent or advisable for a company to include these hidden messages as you claim. An artist simply wouldn't take the risk of losing a client over it especially considering the success of some to the companies you have mentions such as the History channel.
    by the way the history channel logo you mentioned was designed by Michael Samuel who has also designed other logos you may be familiar with.

    I don't think my expertise is clouding my judgment in the area, as you suggested to another poster who is also a designer. If anything it clarifies my knowledge in the area of how such designs are created.

  7. I've worked alongside graphic designers. I understand the way of the business, but far better now that I'm informed on a deeper level. I don't disagree with the logic you present. If you follow the blog more closely you might discover how there really is more is more to it than just that. There is a supernaturalism at work.

  8. As the original Designer of the History Channel logo, I'm enjoying this. Laughing a little but enjoying this.

  9. Which isn't to say that I was wrong about any of it. You may find it less amusing when you come to understand about the consequences of breaking the 2nd commandment.

  10. are you still at it?

    I designed the History Channel Logo for A&E networks. Im not satan. they aren't either.

    people occasionally bring this foolishness to my attention.


    1. No one thinks you are Satan. If you can get over the feelings of being offended and read some of the other posts you will see there is a legitimacy to what I've written here. The 2nd commandment is no joke, despite what those who reject it suggest in their denial. What other logos have you designed?

  11. Come on Bob.... you can go pick on other logos...

  12. excellent general summation, in my opinion. some of the points and how they may diverge are matters of both the designer and those that commission the artwork. amid all the chatter is an apparent lack of understanding of symbolism individually and as it pertains to Our Aggregate Familial Consciousness. it is obvious the majority of the commentators are not in open direct communication with their own consciousness. if so they would immediately recognize that imagery and symbolism is the language of their self conscious mind. wherefore it is the language of our dreams. humanity is heavily immersed in our societal and cultural landscapes they fail to see the long innate meanings of the images before them. let alone fail to realize how their patronage and repetition imbue and activate the forces that occupy the image/symbol or rune is you prefer. but enough ramblings of metaphysical or esoteric thought. Bravo, good eye and wonderful analysis. i guess that means i have to bookmark your site and check back in from time to time. Donn

  13. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Not sure about all these symbols but I think there are too many scoffers. Belief is needed for insight. Never in my life has Satan had so many supporters.