Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Part 6 - "The Iron Giant" signaling the Beast agenda

The Iron Giant (1999 - Warner Brothers) is a vehicle of antichrist promotion which compares to others I've presented in this blog that conceal and reveal the schemes of the enemy of our souls.

In the previous post I introduced some of the different kinds of triple helix DNA / mark-of-the-beast signaling done by Hogarth. Continuing here, we see Hogarth in his bedroom wearing a long sleeve tri-color striped shirt. The color banding of the shirt resembles the Scarlet snake. If the previous post is fresh in your mind you might relate that by name to the red serpentine flourishes appearing like scarlet snakes in the upstairs hall's wallpaper. Triple Helix DNA!

If you've been following this blog for a few months, it should remind you of Clark Kent's tie, as worn on the cover of a Superman comic from 1967. (If the link to Clark Kent and Superman doesn't mean anything to you, you have some catching up to do!) The Scarlet snake tie is looped around his neck, snaking down and appearing right next to the scarlet serpent featured as the letter S on his shield.

The meaning of the shirt is the same as that tie. The color scarlet is red and, again, because Adam means "red earth," scarlet represents Adamic mankind. The snake references Satan's identity as a serpent. In the Scarlet snake, the Adam and the serpent are as one! Hogarth's shirt, banded like the Scarlet snake, signals the hybrid serpent-man with triple banded triple helix DNA!

The serpent is really crafty and subtle, yet Y'shua alerts us to his schemes and makes us wise!

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
Matthew 10:16

Here's the cover of the comic where Clark Kent wears the Scarlet snake tie. The cover is presented upside-down on purpose because this is the alignment where the Royal Arch in the Freemasonic Temple appears, with the checkerboard on the floor where it belongs and the other elements all in proper position. The comic book cover and The Iron Giant are companion works of the gods of Freemasonry. The allusion to Freemason and cartoonist William Hogarth wasn't for naught, was it?

If you haven't watched the movie you might be thinking that my connecting The Iron Giant with Clark Kent and Superman is a bit weak, but, during the movie, Hogarth introduced the iron giant to some of his comics, including this one you see on the left (Action Comics #188 January, 1954). The iron giant responded to Hogarth's comparing the giant and his mission to Superman and his mission by identifying himself as Superman, donning the shield. Later in the movie, when it is discovered that the iron giant can fly, Hogarth coaches him to fly like Superman with his arms outstretched.

So, Hogarth adopted the Clark Kent identity by wearing the Scarlet snake apparel. The iron giant adopted the "man of steel" identity (iron/steel), donning the serpentine S. Instead of seeing the S in a shield (which is a downward pointing delta and therefore inappropriate in this context as a daughters-of-men symbol) we see it inscribed in a magical circle that is, in this snapshot, cleverly notched at the bottom with an upward pointing delta to mark it as the appropriate sons-of-god symbol. Superman represents the Beast and all those who will be transformed from a "Clark Kent" to a Superman identity by way of the Scarlet snake / mark of the Beast.

In the snapshot of Hogarth in the bedroom you see him touching the rug. The rug is signaling, too! Compare the green woven rug to the green woven serving bowl addressed in part 3 of this series, where I made this observation: "The lower earthly part of the bowl is woven, indicating how the iron is mixed with miry clay but in such a way that 'one shall not cleave to another.'"

In this view, the rug is a companion signal element. When I pictured him in the red and white sweater, the plate with the oak leaf delta/triskele was a companion signal element. When I pictured him in the sporty shirt, the red serpentine wallpaper was a companion signal element. The way of occult signaling is to add symbol to symbol, layer upon layer, time after time. That's how the job gets done. Until we catch on. Spread the word. It is the Son who sets us free indeed!

More coming - Lord willing!

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