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Part 2 - "The Iron Giant" signaling the Beast agenda

The feature length animation "The Iron Giant" (1999 - Warner Brothers) was introduced in Part 1 as yet another installment in Satan's program preparing the world to receive the coming Beast of Revelation 13. The movie's storyline presented the iron giant as a messianic or Christ figure. While Christ figures are commonly found in fictional works, this one was finely crafted by some who are highly skilled in the occult practices of concealing the symbolic imagery that casts the spells of antichrist delusion. In this second Part of the series I'm going to expose some of the visual elements, to be followed, Lord willing, by more visual and non-visual symbolic elements.

The point, here, is to show that we are being preyed upon by those who are masters of subtle deception. It's not my purpose to single out this movie or those responsible for it but rather to use it as an example. I'm using it to teach you how to recognize the enemy's weaponry, bringing it into the light to nullify its influence in your life. The kinds of things I'm presenting here I see in many movies and in other contexts. When your eyes are open, you can and should help others to see, who may yet be drawn by the Lord to escape the great evil planned for the blinded.

The first symbol I'll address is the most obvious one found in the movie, the ubiquitous Yin Yang symbol that appears with no attempt to disguise it. The duality and balance it is commonly said to represent is in essence the combination of the heavenly and earthly into one. It is the great dark secret of the procreative blending of the heavenly male and earthly female in their offspring.

The Yin Yang symbol testifies of the sons of god (white) with the daughters of men (black). As all such symbols, it does more than merely signal these things in a benign way. It actively promotes them because demonic influence is projected through a symbol as a portal! The effect is far from imaginary. Look around. See where the combined effect of all this has brought us! What is pictured in the Yin Yang will be manifested in the Beast and his relatives, those who take the mark of the beast and are likewise transformed.

There is no possibility that this symbol might signify good offspring and not evil, since graven images representing such things are expressly forbidden by the one true and sovereign God Yahweh.

Let's consider the movie's promotional image, as found on Netflix. What strikes me first is that a downward pointing delta can be drawn around the giant's torso; a symbol of the daughters of men. This seems incongruous at first, because the giant is male and has fallen to earth from heaven. Yet, this imagery is perfectly fit for the intended purpose.

The bottom edge of the title graphic follows an arc. This forms an arch over the giant, emphasizing the heavens, which we see clearly in the framing.

Now, when we consider the arc as a segment of a circle we note that its center is the giant's loins. The circle is a primary female symbol. A dot marking the center of a circle (Think, Target's corporate logo) is the male inside the female, a primary procreative symbol. The dot is sometimes called the Bindu. Because the male giant's loins mark the center of the circle, what is presented is a subtle and very powerful procreative image. The effectual influence of this is amplified by the positioning of the dark female "pubic" triangle formed by the iron giant's torso.

Another seemingly incongruous feature adds to the demonic energetic influence and more powerfully embeds it in the unsuspecting prey (through what's sometimes referred to as cognitive dissonance). In the title, the letter O in IRON is called out by its unusual design. Instead of the expected circular O, we are presented with a square as the main "outside" shape of the block letter. This inverts the expected female symbol and turns it into the male. That incongruity on a primary symbolic level creates the cognitive dissonance, confusing the genders and blending them, because it is still an O - a square O, a male female. It is as the androgynous Baphomet. (image on left) This is one of Satan's popular identities, and one that particularly features procreative aspects.

Inside a letter O we expect to see a circle, and inside this square O we see an arc segment that implies one. However, inside that implied circle are two more symbols. A crescent Moon appears on the right. I believe a corresponding Sun is implied as the lighter positive space balancing the darker negative space of the Moon. The Sun/Moon are very common heavenly male bridegroom and earthly female bride symbols. Their appearance together in the circle of the square O compares exactly to the imagery I exposed earlier that appears under the title - strengthening even further the meaning of the poster and the demonic power it wields

But, that's not yet the whole of it! The word "GIANT" in the title has a stylized letter called out for our attention - the A. When an A is called out, it always signifies, as an upward pointing delta, the sons of god. This upward pointing delta balances the downward pointing delta of the Giant's torso below it as its mate.

This version of the letter A has a flat top, which suggests the ubiquitous occult pyramid without the capstone. Although it's offset slightly, the capstone actually appears above the pyramid's base as the androgynous square O. The capstone is usually pictured as a glowing eye, and, indeed, the radiant Sun and crescent Moon look like an eye, with the Sun as the pupil. This now obvious pyramid is the ancient symbol of the antichrist Beast ruling his antichrist kingdom.

Inside the pyramid base we recognize the image of the iron giant Beast. Inside the worshipers of the image of the Beast will be the Beast nature as they are transformed into his image through the DNA triple helix mark of the beast, which transforms their blood and descends their souls, never to be recovered. The image of the beast appears almost headless, with the head minimized. The effect on the viewer is that we unconsciously want to balance it, to give it what it lacks. We are being compelled by magical means to seek to place the head on the body, to complete it. This is the supernatural dynamic of the pyramid.

This is the purpose of the movie, of its story line, themes and cryptic occult symbols. We play the movie and we ourselves are being played. The unsuspecting viewer is being conformed to the image of the beast.

We see in the promotional image a big powerful iron giant holding a relatively weak little boy. The giant holds the boy in his left hand, the hand of cursing in contrast to the right hand of blessing. The cursed human is presented as feeble compared to the mighty iron giant. I'd like to counter that imagery with reference to the true and prophetic biblical account of David and Goliath. Remember - Goliath loses! David wins, who trusts not in his own strength and ability but in his God's, who loves him dearly!

When the mark of the beast is presented who will recognize it? Who will be able to resist? Those the Lord is granting an eye to see will recognize it. Those who submit to His headship and authority and who willingly yield their lives to Him will be enabled to resist, and be rewarded with the life that is truly life! Do you know this to be true? Pass it on!

More coming, Lord willing!

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