Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crossing my Desk - ANKHology and such

R.I.P.D. Rest In Peace Department: RIPD = 18+9+16+4= 47(th Problem of Euclid) - Death and Resurrection - Osiris+Isis=Horus

Orange is the New Black The nightmare of the sodomite's Halloween. Some comedy. Arms and legs form the X of the sun god. Orange - seated on the can - in prison...

Apparently, ON-cology and ANKH-ology are what they are about here: ONS - Where Oncology Nurses Connect. Three things then a 4th. Sun anus. 9 triangles. Orange.

While you're visiting, check out Camp Raising Spirits. The Tree of knowledge of good and evil, that serpent tree. Hiss.

The Rx is formed, Horus.

The 3 appears as the Anja chakra, the opened third eye kundalini serpent activation.

camp = c+a+m+p = 3+1+13+16=33

Raising spirits - Raphaim Resurrection

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