Saturday, June 29, 2013

Series Links: Code 33

The number 33: Sometimes it's just a number, and sometimes it appears as an Occult sign.

It's linked to Freemasonry as the number of its highest recognized degree but beyond that and behind it are esoteric meanings.

It's very similar to 666 in how it is used as a symbol, and certainly compares to it in popularity and meaning.

It appears openly on occasion but there is a vast array of instances appearing in every day settings that you haven't noticed because, typical of occult symbols, they are very cleverly hidden.

This series explores the meaning of what I call Code 33 and exposes how frequently and in what clever ways this number has been written into our lives.

Here's a useful app I made for discovering where Code 33 might appear in words and acronyms. English “Gematria” Calculator - Occult Code Discovery App

* 5/5/14 SpaceX's Innovative Reusable Rocket Soars to 3,300 Feet and Lands Safely (Video) -- "Space-Sex" Dragon powered by Falcon 9 (3*3) - 3,300 feet - Code 33

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