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Decoding Xulon Press, the ICHTHUS-Vesica Piscis and the Ohio Getaway

I use the Bible Gateway site pretty regularly and their revenue producing stream of advertising continually supplies me with ads that prey upon the saints. Xulon Press is a frequent advertiser that markets to those who want to self-publish books. On their website, the slogan appears next to their logo to declare: “Serving Him by Serving You.” The esoteric imagery on their site identifies that god with no ambiguity whatsoever - as the ancient sun god! Not that that's rare for “Babylonian” merchants, of course.

See that medal on the right? That's a sun and a symbolic anus representing the sodomite sun god. The Xulon Press logo validates that identification by way of the red line crossing the X and how it extends into the center of the “o.” A circle with a dot inside (the circumpunct) is a fundamental symbol of the sun and sun god. The letter X is another ancient symbol of the sun god. The red line crosses through the letter “n” and connects the “o” and “n” to call to our attention the name of the ancient Egyptian center of sun worship, On, aka Heliopolis.

Xulon = xul+on. Xul is lux backwards, meaning light. “Xulon” appears to be a slightly obfuscated “Luxor.” See how the red line clips the letter “n” to create the “r.” That ancient Egyptian city, which is also known as Thebes, was sometimes called “Southern Heliopolis.” Heliopolis in the north (aka On) was dedicated to the worship of the same sun god.

X: sun god
ul: U=21 and L=12 so UL is 21+12 or 33
on: City of the Sun

The esoteric embedding of the 33 adds the ritual sodomy aspect to make the symbolism of the sun-anus medal redundant. This Egyptian sex magick is further supported by the symbol of the dot-in-circle as the male Bindu inside the female circle.

Update (11/23/14): The graphic designer positioned the name of the sun god directly under the name of the city devoted to his worship. Right underneath, On, is, Re, which is alternately spelled, Ra.

Forming the X with a curved line connected to the O creates the ancient mark of the beast symbol, the XO! The vesica piscis "fish" is the form made when two circles intersect. The intersection is their crossing. Crossed circles ~ cross circle ~ XO. MArk of the Beast!

You might recognize the form of the fish suggested in the logo as the familiar symbol Christians use. There are no Christian symbols, at least not that are legitimate as ordained by my Lord for use. The 2nd commandment is pretty clear about forbidding graven images and that has never been withdrawn, negated or set aside. Such fish or cross signs are merely Pagan symbols adopted by the professing church. They still mean what they always meant. A comparison of the Xulon Press logo with the
fish usually called ichthus alongside images of the Rx and Eye of Horus wedjat is telling. The dotted letter “o” is the eye of the fish, a feature that is sometimes represented in the popular symbol. The Xulon Press dotted “o” is the Eye of Horus, the sun god.

Ichthus is an antichrist scam. It's an ancient Pagan symbol. The X is the sun god. The Vesica Piscis (translation: “fish bladder”) is the sacred feminine (vulva) aspect. It points to Horus, who was born to Isis after magickally conceiving with the phallus replacing the one Osiris lost when it was eaten by the fish. Messianic associations are Hermaphrodite aka Baphomet. Vesica Piscis / ICHTHUS represents the intersection of god and man, heaven and earth.

The ICHTHUS fish is no more Christian than the Papal miter that matches the fish god Dagon's head on a priest. Many of the Marian shrines that dot my neighborhood set the Madonna (Isis) into a vesica piscis / vulva / Aphrodite shell. The pictures you see here feature Mary wearing her vulva outfit, with labia robe folds and her hooded clitoris head. Phallic and vulva symbols of fertility and the fish with so many eggs always attend sun cult worship.

This sun worship idol pictured is found in the Gesu in Rome, the home church of the Jesuits, and of Pope Francis. The IHS Christogram is claimed to be equivalent to ICHTHUS, IchtHuS. If you followed the Sodomite Gateway Series you know it to be an obfuscation of a four letter word for excrement and a symbol of ritual sodomy illumination. Connect the dots. Xulon Press dotted their fish eye and formed an ICHTHUS that is equivalent to the IHS sodomite sun symbol.

The ads I've seen on the Bible Gateway put a focus on the free guide. The dots to connect here involve Hermes, the god who facilitates the coming of Horus. He's the guide, the psychopomp who guides to the underworld. Hermes, aka Mercury, is the messenger, the herald who is associated with publishing.

In Rochester NY, the city's iconic statue of Mercury is exalted upon the Aqueduct Building, which hosts a legal publishing firm. Now, why do you suppose that might be?

Hermes mated with Aphrodite to produce Hermaphrodite.

The evidence I see suggests there is a magickal working involved with the Xulon Press imagery. How fitting that it is self-promoting for self-publishers. How fitting that it is on a Gateway website that features its own sodomite sun logo.

Do you suppose Xulon Press's “Serving Him by Serving You” slogan actually involves the One who died and was raised and now lives in me? By all indications, it does not!

One more image I want to present has another gateway image.

hi = Horus Eye

What is the "out door" but the anus? Out Door Adventure. Right. Getaway through the Horus Eye gateway, the sun anus portal, the out door adventure. There's a familiar message, right?

A Led Zeppelin album from 1979, In Through the Out Door.

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