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Part 6 - Code 33 - Sneaky Misdirections: Things Are Not What They Seem

After a brief pause to get another series launched, the exploration of Code 33 imagery continues. In this survey, our focus now turns to those instances that are more subtle in appearance. Some examples have been presented in this blog already but it's helpful to have a more organized view because these stealth weapons of mass destruction usually look quite innocent. Forms of conversion or transformation have been applied in the concealing and are required to unlock them in the revealing. This is the powerful level of symbol, where a supernaturalism works to exert demonic controlling influences over thoughts and behaviors. The Devil has a wide array of techniques for weaving his magickal spells into our lives, of the kind brought by fallen angels when they come to earth to exploit the secrets of heaven. We are set free by the Lord Y'shua, the Truth Himself. Those who are His know it to be so.

33 - The Triangle

Every triangle has three sides and three angles. It is the fundamental geometrical Code 33 object. The letter T often stands in as a triangle (T is for Triangle), and a lower case version may be used that has one side of the cross member lopped off to present the figure with three points. Every equilateral triangle features three 60 degree angles, transforming to 666.

33 - In Disguise, Lurking

Sometimes the 3s are simply lurking in a scene, innocently appearing in the flourishes of stylish script, in decorative or structural elements or in the lines of faces and other natural objects. Sometimes they appear in a context where we overlook them because we identify them as something else, which is a form of misdirection. They may appear on a licence plate or taxi cab or as a street address.

Sometimes they appear in the guise of a single three that has depth and subtle hints of separation into two.

33 - Mirrored and Assembled

One of the stealth Code 33 embeddings involves the number 8, as an assembled pair of mirrored 3s. Not ever 8 is a pair of 3s, but some are, and these always appear with supporting elements in the context. They are often a little wide, like this one branding 8Star Motorsports. The 8star-angel is the 33 sodomite god Horus. The colors are associated with Halloween or Samhain.

Sodomy orange. The main car being campaigned is #3. When viewed from most angles, two of the car numbers can be seen. 33. One of the brand's promotional images includes a kind of serpentine eye of Horus, derived from the team car's lines but modified. Another presents the pyramid, several actually, in a grid of up and down pointing triangles as sex magick pairings. Every one of those-triangles has three sides and three angles. Code 33.

Watch this Occult signaling pet food commercial and pay special attention to how the 8 is drawn at the 50 second mark. Purina One. They are leveraging Code 33 in the rendering.

In this example, the theme of sodomy is obvious because the HRC is overtly promoting homosexuality. The attending copy directs us to the pair of 3s hidden in their clever logo. Be on the right side. OK.

33 - In Letters that Resemble 3

Another class involves the exploitation of letters that resemble the 3 when they are rotated; the upper case E, the m or M and w or W. Pairing these as EE, MM, WW is common, and more common yet are mixed pairings.

Samsung's Media Hub branding takes a single letter m and adds the reflection to mirror it. Notice how there's a letter H formed in the negative space. H for Hub? I'm thinking, Horus!

Rob Skiba shouldn't be branding with graven images, but the outcome here is certainly fitting for his theme, the seed that is the Nephilim.

The graphics designers behind the Eve Odyssey game brand know how to clue us in to the E as 3 transformation. The doubled E is repeated (FREE) for support, even though the instance in the redundant layer is not emphasized. The Odyssey makes allusion to ancient Greece and the gods of Code 33 through the literary classic, “Homer's Odyssey.”

William Penn, for whom Pennsylvania was named, was claimed to be a Mason, according to the Texas Grand Lodge Magazine. There are lodges named after him in PA (William Penn-Harmony Lodge No. 52) and in Terre Haute, IN (William Penn Lodge #727). The cigars named after him were branded with a Code 33 signaling abbreviation, Wm.

The General Cigar Company certainly understood the value of esoteric symbols, giving it a spin that looks like it has the Masonic touch, as you can see in this cigar box label. The designer of the title for Masonic World Magazine was clearly on the same page.

A fresh update on the classic is the award winning label for Miracle Whip. Rainbow-like Royal Blue arch. Squared circle bread. Do we really want to put that in our mouths?

A couple weeks ago, the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA or MMVAs) were presented in Toronto by the Canadian music video channel MuchMusic. What passed for entertainment included a boy band from Melbourne that took the opportunity to enhance their building reputation for male stripper antics. They are demonstrating how they get the MM Code 33 thing, and how the V and A are the sex magick pairing. I have described how the M is often used as a graphic picture of the male backside. We get it.

In 2008, the event logo featured the black sun anus next to the signaling wide 8 concealing a pair of mirrored 3s for plenty of redundancy. In 2012, their rainbow light's point source implies a third column to balance the three rows, placed down towards the numbers to lead us in the count toward the 3. Three rows and three columns, Code 33. This year's logo lines up and stylizes the 3 so we get a clue about what's up with the pair of Ms. Third eye rainbow light illumination. In 2007, well, that is a bit much.

Markets Wiki has the suggestive engagement of the mw Code 33 graphic to add spice to the stark design of the financial sector investment site.

Entertainment Weekly content already has plenty of spice, so their branding keeps it simple, adding the simple EW for a solid Code 33.

More to follow, Lord willing.

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