Friday, June 07, 2013

Part 7 - To Number Our Days Aright - Map, Watch and Analyze with Zeal, Discipline - and Grace

For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night. ~ Psalms 90:4

To derive the benefit from this prophetic model we must map the events, watch and analyze. The Lord has shown me through many cycles of watching how it involves both knowing what to look for and when to expect it. I left off in Part 6 mapping the exodus to the third day of this Shemittah week as an exercise in projection that suggests some degree of precision might be expected. In this post, some practical tips will be offered. If the esoteric interpretation of Psalm 90:4 I've offered is valid there's less than a year remaining before an abrupt and enormously significant season of transition breaks forth. Watch with me, as the Lord leads.

If you were asked to identify the three most notable transitional events thus far in biblical history you would probably name creation, the flood of Noah's day and the resurrection of Y'shua in sequence. One began the first millennial day, and that maps to Yom Teruah, 9/18/2012. The flood occurred 1656-1657 FA (From Adam), which maps into the midst of the second day, in May of 2014. My Lord's resurrection came very early in the fifth day, which maps to September or October of 2016 during the Days of Awe. Yom Teruah 2012 is already past, so we must look back upon that season to glean whatever insight may be had. As to how the flood and resurrection events might manifest in this Shemittah, I will offer some suggestions, Lord willing, but not just yet. As to what events should be mapped I would exclude none of them out of hand, from all of recorded biblical history.

I believe the Lord has given me some insight in this manner of watching but I'm convinced there are others who must pick this up and run with it, who are appointed to the task. If you feel like you want to ask me a lot of questions about it, that's probably not you. The practical work requires tools and materials. The following are useful for the mapping process.

Here's a Biblical chronology I respect, the work of Dr. Stephen Jones of God's Kingdom Ministries, Secrets of Time in Prophecy - Biblical Chronology. The Lord used his work to confirm some things to me many years ago in such a way that His provision in this was undeniable. (If you want to consider multiple versions, go with it as the Lord may lead.)

It's necessary to take the Lord's calendar into account. Using the standard Gregorian calendar for a frame of reference is useful but it requires plenty of cross referencing. I find the Karaite-Korner site very useful because they observe the Lord's calendar strictly according to biblical mandate. They watch for and report the status of new moons and aviv barley, logging it on their site and the email newsletter archive on Yahoo. This is not a Jewish calendar. It's the Lord's calendar. Projections I make are based upon their observations over the past 12+ years. I've compiled data on how lagtimes and % illumination relate to lunar visibility and identified the aviv date range. I also use planetarium programs, like Stellarium, but my personal favorite is the online Sky View Cafe. Set the location to Jerusalem, Israel.

Counting days on the calendar is made much easier with online date calculators like this one: Online Date Calculator

Here's a sketch of this first “day,” projecting into our present.

9/18/2012 - ~ 9/8/2013 (perhaps 355 days)

Date to watch: 9/18/12
Mapped events: Creation, Adam and Eve, sin, cursing and eviction from the Garden

The following are copied from Dr. Jones' excellent chronology.

365 Cainan begins to rule Adamites Jasher 2:11
395 Mahalaleel born to Cainan, age 70 Gen. 5:12
460 Jared born to Mahalaleel, age 65 Gen. 5:15
622 Enoch born to Jared, age 162 Gen. 5:18
687 Methuselah born to Enoch, age 65 Gen. 5:21
Enoch begins to rule Adamites Jasher 3:12
874 Lamech born to Methuselah, age 187 Gen. 5:25
930 Adam dies, age 930 Gen. 5:5
974 Naamah born to Enoch, age 352 Jasher 5:15-16
987 Enoch "taken" by God, age 365 Gen. 5:23-24

Here's a few examples of mapping dates, similar to what was introduced in the previous post.

5/20/13 -- FA 668-687 * 244 days from Yom Teruah 9/18/2012 | 244/365=.668 (solar)| 244/355=.687
5/26/13 -- FA 685-704 * 250 days from Yom Teruah | 250/365=.685 (solar) | 250/355=.704
6/2/13 -- FA 704-724 * 257 days from Yom Teruah | 257/365=.704 (solar) | 257/355=.724

When calculating the ratio for positioning during the year, using the Enochian year of 360 days is another option to consider.

930 FA - Adam dies
8/24/13 * 9/18/12 + 339.5 [365*.93] (solar)
8/14/13 * 9/18/12 + 330.2 [355*.93]

987 FA - Enoch taken
9/13/13 * 9/18/12 + 360.3 [365*.987] (solar)
9/3/13 * 9/18/12 + 350.4 [355*.987]

I suspect watching for those last two events may well be very instructive. Is there something Mercedes knows that they are careful to not tell us?

While Stephen's chronology dates some notable events, others are omitted. Cain and Abel offered sacrifices, with Cain's being rejected and Abel's accepted. Cain killed Abel and God marked Cain according to a covenant. That was a very notable series of events and should be given due consideration. Seth was born to Adam and Eve in replacing Abel, which was another notable event during this season. In mapping the millennial day to this Shemittah year it will be most useful to identify the events in order with a sense of the season they align with in the 1000:1 compression ratio.

After mapping the events there is the matter of watching and assessing what is observed. Regarding the scope and nature tools and materials for such, this much I know; what was formerly available is inadequate. We need all that, but it's not enough for this season's watch. The fundamental resource is revelation insight, really, and this has always been the case. The Lord's own eyes and ears, mind and heart, these we must have. Now that the appointed season has arrived, we need commensurate provision for the challenges ahead. What was formerly revealed was enough for then, but we need more, and we shall have it, according to promise. Petition the Lord for it, for yourself and for the others involved in the work. Obedience to the Lord brings the hearing ear that is granted to the trustworthy. This watching all derives from that, of course. It's all a holy spirit thing, and there must be an anointing for the work. We are witnessing its arrival, right on schedule, and it is so welcome!

Knowing what to look for and when to expect it requires being guided by the Lord, which is a practice that often involves putting a significant amount of effort into research. This watching views the events unfolding today through the lens of historical events and a variety of collateral data sets. Our ignorance and spiritual blindness disqualifies us from being able to perceive what's right in front of our faces. Lord, HELP! It's a simple prayer. We need help.

So, how do we get informed about the historical events and the collateral data sets? I can point you to a few resources, some of which are pretty obvious. At some point, if you're serious about this, a big white board or blackboard might become pretty useful.

The fundamental resource is the biblical account, beginning with the template referred to in Psalm 90:4 as “a day that has just gone by.” The account of the first day is presented in 5 short verses, yet, it's vast in scope, with profound implications.

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. 3 Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light day, and the darkness He called night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day. ~ Genesis 1:1-5

One takeaway I get from this is very encouraging. Light is arriving! What's that? Not exactly news to you? Wonderful! I'm rejoicing with you in this! This entrance of light makes a great contrast evident. I'm seeing that already! A passage from 1 Thessalonians 5 comes to mind. What's written in John 1 about the beginning is also pertinent. Every other biblical reference to this day is also worth looking into, right? Seek the Lord for guidance and insight.

Another fundamental resource is the Bible's record of the events of the first millennium. The book of Jasher, and Enoch are two more useful resources. If you're unfamiliar with the accounts of what happened, which the Lord provided for us, recording what is necessary for you and I watching today and through the next few years most particularly, how can we recognize when it repeats? By revelation, sure, and that's required, but zeal and diligence is rewarded, and the grace that attends will manifest.

The meaning of names is a rich source to be mined, as I mentioned. I recommend J. B. Jackson and Strongs and modern baby names directories for resources. You can compile your own list and refer to it during the appropriate seasons.

Here's a sampling Aaron compiled for this season's watch.

Adam: man, red earth
Cainan: Their Smith, possession, possessor, purchaser.
Mahalaleel: Praise of God
Jared: A descender, descent, a ruling, commanding, coming down, (American meaning: ruling, commanding, coming down), (Hebrew meaning: Rose, or flower)
Enoch: Dedicated, disciplined or trained
Methuselah: They died - the dart: man of the dart
Lamech: Why thus with thee? unto bringing low, powerful, poor, made low.
Naamah: Pleasantness, loveliness, beautiful, agreeable

A Bible atlas or maps searched online are helpful for referencing geographical information, and Google Earth can be a useful tool. Some of you may find this utility helpful. Mapping Calculator - Temple at the Center of Time

There are many news services that provide a degree of documentation of what's going on in the world. It's highly filtered, of course, but the Lord assures me that we have what we need, sparing nothing. There is a free archive on the DrudgeReport for searching past news.

If you intend to watch for the repeating patterns, get yourself organized and disciplined about it. Again, as the Lord may lead.

In the next post in series, Lord willing, I intend to discuss my expectations for the big events mapped to 2014 and 2016, and introduce what I referred to as collateral data sets, more key sources of insight that complement the historical accounts.


  1. The human underworlds news event of the Top Secret program - "PRIZM". The name data collection of American accessed data/voice network entry and travel points of this program seems to loosley fit the fractal diagram.