Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Occult Symbolism: Decoding Purina One Beyond

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered, beware, there may be triggers here.

I saw this ad today, perceiving another example of sun god promotion that leverages the name of the ancient Egyptian city of the sun, On. By calling attention to the letter “O” in “beyOnd” and positioning it directly under the “N” in “ONE,” a focus of attention is brought to the combination that highlights the appearance of two inward pointing instances of, “ON.” In several recent posts to this blog I've called attention to how the identity of On, aka Heliopolis, is concealed in ads, logos, movies and songs.

Placing that on a bright yellow disk that resembles the sun strongly supports that symbolic meaning. Drawing a line through each “ON” forms a cross, a primary symbol of the sun god. The crossing through the sun is repeated on the product packaging with a 4 quadrant ring of outdoor scenes. This redundancy makes it a very powerful symbol. Since the coming beasts of Revelation 13 are the sun god and his high priest, this is a big deal, not of itself but as yet one more adding its Occult power to the sum that advances that coming.

If they were to capitalize the “n” that follows the “O” in “Beyond,” that would be taking it beyond what really works, but subliminally it's still there, working.

The next line reads, “A NEW DOG”, and we can accept that it is isolated for good reason. I've been writing about the esoteric meaning of “dog” in recent posts, too. There's a ritual sodomy aspect to all this, as those of you who are pretty familiar with this blog should recognize. Since “dog” is “god” spelled backwards, this must be interpreted as “a new god. ” That would be the sun god, of course. Further insight about this new god is offered in the line, “food crafted,” and, “without corn, wheat or soy.” The ancient god who was, is not and yet will be is human flesh eating, by nature. “Food crafted” is a big focus now as we are being bio-formed, in part, as consumables, literally (as well as for being made into the most compatible avatars).

In the context, “A NEW DOG” has to be seen in connection with the dog star Sirius. One beyond, a new dog. Beyond the sun is Sirius, according to esoteric teaching of high level Freemasons, as Dr. Robert Hieronymus has revealed. (See also Washington DC... - The Cutting Edge (David Bay))

Nestlé Purina PetCare is the pet food division of Nestlé, whose Occult promotions have been featured elsewhere in this blog. Noodling on their placement of the Purina parent brand logo over the NE speaks to me of a subliminal generation of the word NEO. New.

In The Matrix film, Morpheus told Neo, “You are the one.” Mr. Anderson. Son of Man, a messianic descriptive. Purina's One Beyond speaks to me of the sun god who is just dawning over the horizon as The One, beyond, who will incarnate as a Neo Anderson. The brand puts a focus on the number 9, which is the single digit number signaling the mark of the beast transformation.

In this Purina One commercial, the opening scene presents an obfuscated sunrise, the dawning of what Aliester Crowley called the Aeon of Horus. Watch the covering over the lower half of the yellow bowl as it is pulled down. The effect is a rising sun.

9 Simple Ingredients Dog Food - Purina ONE beyOnd Commercial

Another commercial gives me the impression of "over the rainbow" music and theme. Watch for the flying bluebird, the dissociating Monarch slave's identity.

Purina ONE Ingredients for Good - Simplicity

This one features spinning suns (Fatima, ritual sodomy) and whistling (The SRA programmer, the whistling Jimini Cricket) and the bluebird.

Purina ONE Ingredients for Good - Positivity

Add to that the bell sounds + hypnotic music + constant motions through the colors +abstracted images + butterflies = Mind control programming, advancing the dawn of Apollo through the agents of chaos.

Rotate the sun symbol a quarter turn and we go over the rainbow to OZ!

Visit the purina.com website and you'll be greeted with a slide show that includes this lower picture of the Terrier breed of dog, connecting to “Toto” and the Wizard of Oz and “go over the rainbow” programming. The woman is wearing shades, signaling obfuscation and hidden eye illumination. The men adorned with plenty of orange and ties are joined with a huge bow. In the setting of building construction, this says sodomite MASONS with no ambiguity whatsoever. Are you feeding your pet Purina Cat Chow? CC=33.

The iconic Purina brand logo features a grid of 9 squares. Is this a mind-control programming alter structure grid? There's the transformation number 9 again! Red and white signifies man made divine, and the six red squares present the number of man with the correct color red (Adam). The checkerboard makes reference to the Masonic floor, and pictures dualism and the unblended mix of iron and clay of Daniel 2. Magic squares and the Three Times Three ritual of Royal Arch Freemasonry also come to mind as what is being signified. Do you see the white cross inside the red, and a red X on white?

This is all becoming very familiar right? The sun rise anticipated by the worshipers of the sun god is near, very near indeed. The pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon is working. Ultimately though, all the Adversary's plans will fail. Revelation 19:19.


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  3. Mellisa Zaccaria noted that the Purina logo is also found in Alien movies, star wars, and Prometheus...

  4. How about how it says bey in front of on? I think that is something as well. Just like Beyonce is called bey.