Monday, June 24, 2013

Part 2 - Signs of Horus Worship - "Oh, Rapture! I've got a Brain!"

Continuing from Part 1, we follow the cryptic invitation made by the hand signaling Masonic postcard to Levi's rendering of Baphomet.

What we find is that Baphomet is signing variants where the count starts at the little finger. His versions are reversed, but it's the same magickal formula of the Osiris (3) plus Isis (4) that results in Horus (5). The sign made with Baphomet's left hand is sometimes seen in the context of Roman Catholicism being interpreted as a sign of blessing. As the sign of Horus, the sun god, what could be more fitting for the sun cult that worships Isis in the guise of Mary?

Baphomet's arms are perhaps tattooed with Latin words that express the Alchemical motto, “Solve et Coagula.” This interprets to “solution and coagulation.” What I understand about the alchemy pertains to how component elements are dissolved or merged into solution and transmuted or synthesized into a new substance. Alchemy is not about turning lead into gold to become rich in worldly goods. Its about exploiting the secrets of heaven, where the heavenly thereby manifests in the earthly. What this means can be interpreted by exploiting our “Rosetta Stone,” comparing the postcard modeled on the Baphomet. If you have grasped the meaning of the hand signs you may understand how Horus is the key to understanding the Alchemist's “Solve et Coagula” because he is the result or Coagula. The origin Osiris and recipient Isis are Solve as expressed by the union of the fingers 3 and 4.

The mystery of the Egyptian sex magick is the mystery of the Alchemists and Rosicrucians and Freemasons and priests of the various sun cults and illuminated Pagans. In a word, Horus. Osiris, Zeus, Jupiter, Odin, Satan, the Devil, the dragon, the serpent or Lucifer manifest. The Alchemist's “Solve et Coagula” equates to the philosopher's stone and squaring of the circle, to John Dee's Monas, the mystical universal essential substance. In practice, this typically involves ritual sodomy, a kundalini activation of the third eye. The man in the postcard with no eyelids to close wears a hat and a kind of tie, with checkerboard. You get that, right, having followed this blog?

In the Alchemical classic Atalanta Fugiens, note the right triangles. This proof involving Euclidian geometry is not the 47th Problem but it is related. Can you do the math? When Michael Maier wrote, “Make of a man and woman ...” he did not write “make of the form of man and woman,” and he did not imply that the three basic forms defining the material world and then time itself should be made of just any natural man and woman. His solution requires the synthesis of Osiris and Isis. The hexagram at lower left is a clue, which is the magickal pair of sex magick triangles pointing up and down. Lord willing, I'll soon be attending to the matter of how the pyramid is part of this mystery of the Pythagorean Triple.

At the close of Part 1 I gave an indication that our following the postcard's direction to consider Levi's Baphomet as an equivalent would assure that we don't miss another key element. The Baphomet is a hermaphrodite, with both genders represented. The Osiris (3) plus Isis (4) that results in Horus (5) is the Solve of the male and female.

It should be known that this points back and relates very fundamentally to the early state of man described in Genesis, as “male and female created He them.” It references Adam prior to when the genders were divided, when Adam was put to sleep and the woman was brought forth out of what had been Adam. The alchemy intends to revert back to what the Lord God said was not good (that man should be alone). (in kind?) The goal of this alchemy intends to produce Horus as the agent and agency through which the ancient dragon's plot to replace the Lord God and convert and/or destroy His heritage would be fulfilled. He's going to come up a little short.

What I just shared about the nature of Adam's kind will doubtless cause a more than a little discomfort and be rejected as an unbearably offensive suggestion by many readers. When you have a firm grasp of how counterfeiters don't make 3 dollar bills, you should find this observation just makes sense - with revelation insight, because it happens to be true. The genuine was male dominant and the counterfeit, it appears, is female dominant. Look around and see what you're looking at.

Consider this comparison of Masip's “Christ with Eucharist” to Levi's rendering of Baphomet. The hand signs of Horus are being compared and equated. Think about it. These two versions of the Egyptian sex magick of the Pythagorean Triple are equivalent.

Are you catching on too? Praise the Lord for His generous favor, who opens our eyes to see as through His own eyes. Horus has nothing on Him!

At the Roman Catholic Metz Cathedral (capital of Lorraine, France), this monk wears a blindfold while seated within the triangle. He presents a geometrical puzzle, vividly not telling us how he sees with an unseen eye, having done the math and united the 3 and 4 to produce the 5.

In Rome, the letter V is the number 5. Osiris (3) Isis (4) Horus (5)

These versions are not unlike the triangle eye signs that are so popular in the entertainment and fashion industries. I think it has been adequately demonstrated how these are all in the same family, signs of Horus eye illumination and anal sex magick.

The hand sign of Baphomet produces the horned hand, but what is hidden is the secret Horus hand sign, with the Osiris and Isis fingers curling under, united.

I've been noticing how using the hand to represent a pistol has been updated from the old standard single index finger barrel version to one with two fingers. This hand sign more closely resembles the modern pistol, and it's yet another Horus hand sign of the 3 union 4 and 5 kind! Usually when you see this sign folks are pointing it at their own heads, which makes a couple of interesting symbolic statements.

Here's an example of the old single barrel version, well, pretty close, right? This image from The Wizard of Oz (1939) shows when the Scarecrow has just received his diploma from the Wizard and is experiencing an epiphany. I mentioned in Part 1 that I would explain why I think he recites a mangled version of the Pythagorean Theorem then, and here we go! “The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side. Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! I've got a brain!” He is enraptured because he has just been enlightened, attaining gnosis in the opening of his third eye. He's met Horus, solving the 47th Problem of Euclid.

Let's consider what's wrong with Scarecrow's version. He names the isosceles triangle but the Theorem actually applies to the right triangle. A given triangle may be both an isosceles triangle (with two equal sides) and a right triangle (with a 90 degree angle) but that is a special case. Isosceles right-angled triangles can not have all three sides bearing integer values, so there are no Pythagorean Triples that can represent such a case. That certainly excludes the fundamental 3, 4, 5 set that is of particular interest. Even if we were to accept that Scarecrow actually meant some right triangle, he's still in error because the value relating to the sum of the squares of the two other sides applies only to the hypotenuse, the side identified with the letter c. It is a fact that a2 + b2 = c2 but b2 + c2 does not equal a2.

What's up? It seems to me like a joke, played by the Illumined on the ignorant and the initiates who struggle and haven't yet solved the mystery of Horus Eye illumination. It also draws attention to the scene, for instruction about the esoteric meaning, concealing and revealing.

The diploma is awarded in recognition of achievement by academics. It is a sign of initiation into the ranks of academics. Definition of Academy: “Plato's school for advanced education and the first institutional school of philosophy.” Quoting Wikipedia, “Pythagorean ideas exercised a marked influence on Plato, and through him, all of Western philosophy.” Behind the diploma then lies the foundation of academia, even Pythagoras and his famed Theorem, yet beyond this is the Egyptian magickal tradition of the sun god worship.

The Wizard is the Wizard of Oz, the mystical sorcerer and high priest of On, as I've demonstrated in recent posts to this blog. Sun and triangle / pyramid symbolism abounds in this mind-control programming film classic. What could be more fitting for the Scarecrow than to be rewarded for his valiant quest by being ceremonially recognized by the sorcerer and high priest of On as an illumined initiate, a true worshiper of Horus? Signaling with the white gloved (associated with Freemasons in ceremonial attire) Horus hand in a 345 variant makes quite a statement as he points to his head during this epiphany, while roughly referencing the Pythagorean Theorem that provides the basis for the esoteric description of what is being dramatized. That scene, folks is a ritual enactment, right there on film. Yet, that occurrence is far from being rare or unusual.

That magick of the Illumined wizards of MGM and Hollywood dramatizes the essential sex magick, not of a remote and mythical past but of a vital present. Horus and his enlightenment is no less relevant than before. His illumined servants are still being initiated into the ancient mysteries with their eye of Horus opened. This is also a token of the revelation of Horus aka the Beast and what will manifest in the mark of the beast. The witness is before you.

Have you considered how the scarecrow is a metaphor, with the crow as an unclean bird of the air, a demon? The simple agricultural function of a scarecrow models the operation of an apotropaic, a good luck charm that scares off or wards off demons. The Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz wasn't very effective when Dorothy found him in the field of corn. He needed an upgrade to ward off the Evil Eye. More to follow, Lord willing.


  1. Hi Mr. Schlenker
    Can you please tell me everything you know about Kundalini?
    I'm very interested in what you have to say.
    Thank you.

    1. Use the blog search at top left to find what I've written.

  2. Also. The first was two Adam and Lilith. So the idea of Adam being two could work but then what represents Lilith

  3. Indeed, Lilith was the first wife made from the dirt/sediment, not having the breath of life from the Creator, but instead the corrupted vapors of the Adversary, Chawa (erroneously called Eve, which is a pagan goddess) was the 2nd wife and "Ishah" was the 3rd wife, who was created ALONG WITH CHAWA from Ahadahm's SIDE boneS (YOU HAVE TO KNOW HEBREW TO KNOW THAT THE TRANSLATIONS ARE ERRONEOUS, that only one woman came from Ahadahm's side)

  4. Id like to address two issues with your assertion of Lilith not having the breath of life
    1) Lilith was the first wife made from the dirt/sediment, *not having the breath of life from the Creator, but instead the corrupted vapors of the Adversary.

    1)* Not having the breath of life but vapors of adversary. Source please. This narrative isn't mentioned in the Talmud.

    3) *"Ishah" was the 3rd wife, who was created ALONG WITH CHAWA from Ahadahm's SIDE boneS (YOU HAVE TO KNOW HEBREW TO KNOW THAT THE TRANSLATIONS ARE ERRONEOUS, that only one woman came from Ahadahm's side)

    3)* Ishah and Cha'avah 2nd and 3rd wife. Source please for a 3rd wife.

    3)*In Hebrew as it relates to Ahadahm's "bone" ie "rib" it was the 13th vertabrae he extracted the RNa ie RiboNeuclicAcid (sugar) added it to the four plutonics rendered her more submissive...