Friday, June 28, 2013

Part 7 - Code 33 - ME and WE in Rotation

The exploration of Code 33 imagery continues with some more examples of the number 33 being signaled in the popular class of letters that resemble 3; E, m, M, w and W, in various combinations. You may have already noticed how the signaling letter pair that transforms to 33 are often connected or graphically called out as being paired in some way.

Despicable ME. Despicable 33. Orange. As Above, So Below.

The ME signal is often obfuscated further. The entertainment industry supports itself with awards like the Academy Awards for film, the Tony Awards for theater, the Grammy Award for music, etc. For the television industry, it's the Emmy awards. The Emmy awards are about Emmy, pronounced, M E, ME. The awards are SELF promoting. I imagine this would have to be an insider joke. Adding a supporting layer to the homonym of the spelling of ME, the double m in Emmy presents another instance of the same kind of encoding, paired letters resembling 3 - Code 33.

On the same theme, characters in literature and media productions are sometimes named Emily. When they are called by an abbreviated nickname that sounds like the spelling of ME (see The Contractor (2007)), or M (EM), consider other elements in the immediate context for the probability of Code 33 support. James Bond's superior at MI6 is called M, or EM. Both are signaling.

Med Express + There's the red plus sign, which tells me their acronym is signaling Code 33. Ex-press ~ X - the sun god.

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please consider moving on.

The Mickey Mouse ears worn by models in so many fashion shoots is signaling Code 33 by reference to that familiar Disney character's acronym. Mickey's head is drawn so a pair of 3s are usually seen framing his face. The big one at the top of his head is like a heart-butt, 3rd eye forehead.

The folks at Mighty Mouse Music clearly get the MM Code 33 thing. “Here I come to save the day!” is the Mighty Mouse cartoon cry familiar to those of us who grew up watching him on TV. Here comes Horus, but that salvation is NOT what you want!

Disney's Duck Tales features the Masked Marauders, another spin on the doubled M acronym. The Masked Marauders was a record album released on the Warner Bros. Reprise/Deity label in the fall of 1969. That was at the center of an elaborate hoax that was concocted by Rolling Stone magazine. Then, there's KISS - Masked Marauders where KISS is an acronym for Knights in Satan's Service.

I've addressed some 33 pairings of M in the past, like the candy M&Ms.

The rapper EMINEM hits it hard! EM-in-EM / ME. Code 33!

Me to We. Yikes! The WE bit is a lot like the self promotion Code 33 signaling ME bit.

Here's a special selection of signaling WE logos I collected with very little effort.

The very similar EW variant also gets a lot of play. The Earthwing Skateboard brand makes a very loud statement.

WestWorld. If you haven't seen this old movie you might be surprised at what it reveals. We build androids for entertainment and pleasure. They kill us. Beast and mark of the beast symbolism wrapped in MK-ULTRA mind-control programming symbolism. The West and “Go West young man” theme is a “become homosexual” meme and a symbol of taking the left hand path. Code 33.

Living on the Edge. EE=33. For support, “FREE” adds another pair, without emphasis. Big Orange anal sun. ON. Stars. 2CW branding: C has the value of 3 and W rotates to produce a 3, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Remember “They Live (1988),” the classic sci-fi mind-control programming exposé starring Roddy Piper? Rowdy Roddy Piper is still involved with Pro Wrestling, with appearances in events this month and next in Upstate NY in connection with Squared Circle Wrestling. No, really! That makes reference to the wrestling “ring” that is not a circle. Well, there's more to it than that, as you know if you've been following this blog. Pro Wrestling is the setting for plenty of Code 33!

The WWE logo presents an engaging graphic 33. The promo for their XBOX 360 game for this year is a CODE 33 extravaganza. 13 - the rebel lord beast number. The big X is the sun god antiChrist symbol, which the wrestler signs with his crossed arms and which appears at his back side. The double X is a sign I've been recognizing with increasing frequency as the pyramid base and capstone. With W having the value of 23, the stacked WW presents the 23+23 that unites to produce the 46. One is above, and the other is below, marked with red arrow, earthly Adam - CROSS species sodomy regeneration. Stars are arrayed in a band around his waist. We get it.

The attending symbol of the XBox sun god X is Osiris green and an Eye of Horus. The letter B is a familiar form, a male package, with phallus inserted between the legs of the X. Two Xs ~ pyramid base and capstone.

As you have seen, there's plenty of creative imagery leveraging the letters that rotate (mirror or reflect) to derive a signal 33. The clever devils who inspire the concealed 666 and 33 are evil genius. Their scheme of captivating all mankind will fail, but it won't be for lack of trying.

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  1. Orange represents the Rothschild(Red) partnership with China royals(Yellow) to take down the US which is why TRAITORS gave them US NASA technology as done with Russia during the nuclear race. ("Orange is the New Black and it's Jewish thing!")

    (See "My Homies Still Unwound and Exposed" for details put IN-YOUR-FACE!)

    Also: Boston Bomb Cabala RitualS

    AND Here: I Pet Goat II Military (masonic version)