Saturday, November 15, 2014

Decoding The Giver (2014)

The Giver (2014) Trailer

Aaron and I just watched the film, The Giver (2014). It's yet another remix of “the plot," a shuffle and deal of a few of the key elements. It's a veiled allegory picturing what we've been interpreting from other media vehicles. The film revolves around an aspect of what is going to be the world's biggest hoax. No one will be exempt from the impact of this event in the segue to the revealing of the lawless one, when the world will be deceived and the faith and hope of most of the saints will be undermined. The film cryptically illustrates the role that a global release of collective memories will have.

The official site for the film is at this address: Think about it. That's a very plain declaration. See the following for more insight. A series of posts could certainly be done on this Illuminati vehicle because it's such a rich allegory.

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The most concise characterization of the goddess is played by the songwriter and singer Taylor Swift. She's a receiver/giver of memories named Rosemary. Her presence in the film's present time is as a holographic projection of a recording. A holographic Rosemary is a Marian apparition, like Our Lady of Fátima, Guadalupe or Lourdes. The naming of Rosemary is a transparent code for the blessed Virgin Mary, the rose goddess. The film has some blatant symbolism of the goddess, with lots of apple scenes and a key scene featuring the stinging bee. A compass rose-Star of Innana-Ishtar is featured on the floor of the library, which has a spiral staircase like the library at the Vatican. That temple-like space with the half-round window plays as the Akashik Record.

The film has symbols of stargate transits with one really vivid wormhole clip that was inserted without any explanation of its relevance. There's mark of the beast symbols, including the special map of their special utopian circle realm that is crossed by the folded creases. There's plenty of ritual sodomy illumination and mind control programming imagery too. If you know that the waterfall is a signal construct that Illuminati handlers program into their slaves that triggers the loss of specific memories, that fact will help you interpret some of the scenes. Also, note that Jonas = Jonah. The biblical sign of Jonah is what this is about, a messianic birth/death resurrection scenario.

The Giver (2014) has a lot to say about the programmed state of our world that is the result of the control exercised over the versioning of history. Mostly, it's concealing and revealing, spilling the beans about the global recollection that will come as memories are implanted as a beaming of historical events comes through the opened portal. What will be received from "The Giver" in a few more months time will be perceived as documentation of the truth straight out of history. It will actually be a porting through from what's known as the Akashik Record, of reinterpreted events and characters. That is, lying signs and wonders.

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