Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mark of the Beast Imagery - Cross Circle / XO video posted

It's shocking to see the level of saturation of this evil in our culture, and to discover who brands themselves with the ancient symbol of the beast and his mark.

UPDATE: More Parts of this series are being added to this playlist.

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Misc. News

Report: Chicago schools teaching ‘safe’ anal sex to 5th graders

Pope Francis Confirms He Will Visit the United States Next Year * By then, things should be drastically different.


  1. Hey Guys, bbc shows video of scaffolding going up around capitation dome/womb. Scaffolding also means gallows. Hanging? It's on the news section home page.

  2. Hey Guys, CBC reports they found 2 new particles at cern super collider. I assume they were analyzing data, I thought it is just now warming up, as in not up to full power . They weren't clear. The Cossack lab on philae says they found organic matter. Now they can bs people more with this comet/cosmic seed bs. http://www.cbc.ca/m/news/technology/2-new-subatomic-particles-discovered-at-cern-1.2840199

  3. Forgot to add logo of CBC/xbox.

    1. That one has 666 MOB written all over it!

  4. Pope Francis will be visiting Turkey on, well, Turkey Day, A.K.A. Thanksgiving.. coincidence perhaps? Also noticed that this years Macy's Parade on the same day will be it's 88th.

  5. Thanks Mark.
    The pope is visiting Turkey on 27/11/2014 which is precisely 8 months after Obama visited the pope on 27/3/2014 and presented him with an 'ark' of seeds. This 8 months (Their New Beginning) is 245 days or 35 weeks.
    245 days is (7x7) + (7x7) + (7x7) + (7x7) + (7x7). That should keep Christine LaGarde of the IMF happy with her idea that 2014 would be connected with the 'magic 7'!
    As you say, Macey's 88th parade exactly 8 months after Obama visited the pope.
    Also, from 27/11 to the end of the year is 17 + 17 days or 34 days and 3+4 = 7 too.
    Adding all the digits of both dates comes to 37.
    The Turkey date digits adds to 6+6+6.

    1. Thanks Phil. That's a lot of 7s. Connecting the American presidency and Pope.