Saturday, November 15, 2014

Femen Activism at the Vatican, Killer Bots on the UN docket and Beam Messenger privacy breaching

Femen Activism at the Vatican

“In what they described as a protest over Pope Francis's upcoming visit to the European Parliament, three members of the group appeared on St Peter's square wearing only leather mini-skirts and flower garlands in their hair. Two of them had "Keep it Inside" written on their backs - a slogan apparently related to what followed. After bending forward, the women dropped down on to all fours, all the time appearing to simulate anal sex with a crucifix. Police quickly intervened to drag the women away as bemused onlooking tourists snapped the scene with their smartphones.”

That activity will make little sense without understanding about Illuminati programming. When a slave is sodomized with a crucifix during ritual programming it's called, The Peace of Mary. For what these women did, it doesn't sound like activists trying to make a statement. Are their handlers responsible for making that happen? It seems likely. St. Peter's square is the site of ritual sex magic that is being modeled continually, between Osiris and Isis.

'Killer robots' need to be strictly monitored, nations warn at UN meeting

Wow. As if the UN is actually going to be looking out for us.

There's an app that alerts you when the person you're talking to is lying. It's a lie detector that reads vocal cues. And now, there's this, which works with cell phone texting technology. Beam Messenger: lets you see everything a person types BEFORE they hit send

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