Sunday, November 02, 2014

Decoding the Google Doodle - Day of the Dead 2014

Today's Google Doodle celebrates Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. “Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.” (Wikipedia) Google's animation illustrates with Occult imagery that rightly presents it as it is to many, a ritual celebration of the coming Beast of Revelation 13:1.

The last image of the animation features the pastries that are like hot cross buns, which are linked to Pagan celebrations of Easter. These are linked to goddess worship, death and resurrection, and they are decorated with the ancient circle cross mark of the beast symbol. Google repeats the cross circle imagery in their letter flags, the Os and the second G. Because Code 33 is signaled by the dividing of the letter flags into two groups of three, I see the “hot cross buns” in a redundant signaling of Code 33, with the 3 of them paired with the 3 three flowers above them. Those flowers match the buns as obfuscated circle cross images. In the looped flower stems we see the obfuscated tracing of the numeral 6, the number of man. Code 33 and Code 666.

Circle ~ O is the 15th letter 1+5=6
Cross ~ X is the 24th letter. 2+4=6

Three O = 666
Three X = 666

Consider the organization of the groupings. On the left are three letter flags. Under them, three kinds of fruit. Under them, three other things of a kind. On the right there are three letter flags. Under them, three flowers. Under them, three pastries. In the middle there are three strands of incense smoke. Under them, three things that burn: candle, incense, candle. Under them, flower, some other object, and flower. If we consider the numbers in 3 rows we have 9, 9 and 9. Invert 999 to get 666.

The loops together with the flowers suggest the tracing of the rosette in the heavens by the planet Venus, signaling the presence and activity of the goddess. The Virgin Mary, aka Isis, the goddess of 10,000 names.

The scene fits with the rest of the video on the theme of the raising of Osiris by Isis into Horus, which is the coming of the beast. The two candles flank three sticks of incense. The two candles picture the celestial Twins, Gemini. It's a Silver Gate transit, a beast resurrection with the goddess. Three is the resurrection number. It also represents three strands of DNA. The plate or doily under the pastries has a wave pattern that can be interpreted as a blue series of connected numeral 3s. Heavenly divine, blue and white - resurrection life.

The letter L in the letter flag is a carpenter's square, or the right triangle signaling the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis. (47th Problem of Euclid) Horus is the fruit - the fruit in the basket. At the lower left in that capture, the three things at the bottom speak to me of more of the fruit that will be brought by replicating the beast through his mark. Eyes in heads ~ the infinity symbol, which is a crossed circle. Take a loop and twist it a half turn. A crossed circle is a mark of the beast variant.

The interpretation of the smoke from the 3 sticks of incense as a symbol of triple helix DNA strands follows a trend I've been following since 2009 on this blog. In Google's Dia de los Muertos Doodle for 2014 that theme begins in the sequence you see in this image. Vida. Life. Two strands combine like DNA from 2 parents to produce their offspring. It's a family thing. The DNA proceeds from what can be interpreted as a graphic of the reproductive organs of either parent.

The woman's shape becomes black as a symbol of her mortality and subsequent death. Muerte. She has one eye. The Horus Eye. Count the lashes and their arrangement. 6 eye. Code 33. The graveyard and underground bones and the skull illustrate how she is buried and is being honored by her descendants on this annual holiday. It's also a picture of the underworld from where Horus and the Rephaim will emerge. The Scull and Bones man is the beast.

At the end of the animation we see three strands of smoke that derive from what we assume to be her skull, decorated with living flowers. That's a death+life image, and the life symbolized comes from being merged with a strand of Horus DNA. 2+1=3. It's a merging with the ancestor-god through receiving his mark.

Here's a link that will find the other posts on this blog decoding Google Doodles.


  1. Hey Guys, google builds artificial brain. A/I is getting closer.

  2. Dear Open Scroll team -
    I just came across what I think is a fascinating series of ads by luxury watch maker Cartier. I have become a student of your work recently. So, when I saw this ad, I was particularly interested in its theme which is : " Shape Your Time". In light of some of your more recent lectures, I thought it seemed to fall right in line with so many messages that are being put out right now. There's also the construction of a 'beast' during this video, as well as the lighting of the tip of the Eifel Tower at the end of the ad. I'd love to see any further symbolic messages you might be able to find. The link is here --->
    Warmest regards
    TL Haynes

  3. Here's one from bbc on water trapped in rock. Talks about oceans under ground. Has a video with imagery.

  4. 13 years after twin tower destruction, one werld trade center opens. One werld, I'll file this in funny/not funny. Tear down the twin pillars and replace with the big phallus. It is a star of molleck when viewed from above. Haven't checked the floor plan, but buildings like the Devon center in okc have the same symbols in facade and floor plan. Devon is a fracking op. Fracking takes out the very foundation from under our feet. These earthquakes in Oklahoma, Kansas, etc. mean something. One thing is ground water is contaminated. Not good when considering what water means in the Bible. How could this contamination be fixed?

  5. Sorry, I miss spoke, one World Trade Center is an 8 pointed star. Seeing how they blamed Muslims it is fitting. Took me a while but I found a floor plan. Two majik squares?

  6. Hi Bob,

    Just came across a new article this afternoon ( that shares the "good news" about the reopening of the World Trade Center today, 13-years after 9-11. Also of note is today's date: 11-03. Code 33! Do these folks know what they're doing or what?

    Thanks for your blog and website! They've been an outstanding resource for me. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord make his face shine up on you, and grant you his peace!

  7. Iris the rainbow goddess on sir dicky Branson's logo, is mostly depicted with wings, now virgin galactic thinks the feathering device that helps the chariot re enter malfunctioned, and caused the rainbow cheese queen to go up in smoke (down in flames).

  8. Remember remember the 5th of November. Million mask march starts early in merry ole London. Mmm under the big blue chicken? I think they just moved the Hahn cock chicken. Only had a 18 month run. Not sure what's there now except pigeon mess. For those unaware that's the day the Jesuits tried to kill King James of KJV Bible commission. Kids get the day out of school to celebrate.