Saturday, November 22, 2014

Eye Opening Exhibits of the Approaching New World Order of Antichrist

Another in this powerful series stripping away the cover has just been published.

Unleash Chaos - T-Mobile Decoded - Part 4

Explore the rich layering of hidden riddles. Woven into the same scenes where "Zero Down" is being acted out, we find the deconstructed symbol that Occultists identify as the mark of the beast - over and over again! Other kinds of symbols are uncovered that supplement that theme, like cryptic references to 666.

The message central to this Part in the series has to do with being owned by the beast and his NWO system, and becoming a host body for another entity, like an avatar. I expect one more to complete the series, to sweep quickly through the most significant of what content remains to be put on exhibit. Some more MOB XO classes are planned for the near future, then a related exhibition that Aaron and I anticipate will bring an Ezekiel 8 kind of epiphany for some - Lord willing!

Here's a playlist, where the entire T-Mobile series will play from first to last, automatically. Playlist: Unleash Chaos - T-Mobile Decoded

“The enigmatic and reclusive electronic music legend Aphex Twin (real name Richard D. James) recently spoke about the influence of chaos magick on his artistic output. In a Guardian article about his new album Syro, James, “...opened up about the mysterious origins of his logo: You think of something that you want to happen, then you turn it into something that looks like a magic symbol, and then you put it out in the world, and it works,' James said. 'It does … But if you tell anyone what the symbol means, then it will stop working.” (Here’s 8 Celebrities Who Practice Chaos Magick)”

Are you catching on to the meaning of the symbols that saturate your environment?

In the News:

The FBI Is Very Excited About This Machine That Can Scan Your DNA in 90 Minutes

IBM's Watson Wants to Examine Your DNA


  1. Hey guys, I have to keep reminding myself that this majik symbol thing is everywhere. FAA, family dollar store(draw a line between same color family members in the circle), vitamin angels. Those examples are easy, because I think they just make up other majik symbols. So I'm thinking that's the enemies language. Every bit of communication we get from "them" is leveraged against us. They are "spelling" us every chance they get. I think the toyota symbol on my truck is a x in o. Also wheel in wheel. # 8 is an interesting symbol as well. Reminds me of a o turned into an x(I'm sure you've covered that Bob). For some reason it reminds me of 7 pointed star. The Iran nuke thing is getting close to that 11/22 date that Guy was commenting on, not to mention all of the other insane foreign policy.

  2. The Toyota logo is a major one I've been looking at that spans multiple XO classes. Tau and t both, inside a circle. The cross is formed entirely with 4 circles, using the arcs of their intersections.

    It's related to the "iron cross," which is an XO made by 4 approaching circles.

    Our time here is pretty short! I'm excited!