Thursday, November 27, 2014

Occultist Tracy Twyman Spills the Beans

Occultist Tracy Twyman has been speaking candidly about her quest for knowledge using the Ouija board. The content of recent interviews represents a notable validation of much of what you've been reading here. Those who pursue the left hand path have been pretty tight-lipped in past seasons, retaining the high value stuff behind the firewall with little being made public without a high level of obfuscation, but we've come to a time when the Enemy is assurred that there is now little need to operate covertly.

Aaron and I don't recommend researching any further in the matter for some of you, because of some of the content. As the Lord may green light this, and be attentive to the light changing to red at any moment, and we're quite serious about that caveat, here's a short audio clip from the second hour of an interview she did with Freeman back in September. Clip from Tracy Twyman interviewed by Freeman (from hour 2, which is from members-only content. Support him as led.)

Here's hour 1: Freeman's YouTube 1 hour version : Talking to Demons - Tracy Twyman

Freeman's page for the Twyman interview

Here's an even more recent interview she did with Henrik Palmgren, on Halloween/Samhain.

Red Ice Radio YouTube video - Tracy Twyman - Clock Shavings: Demonic Confessions - October 31, 2014

If you're a member, the links to both hours of the interview is here. Again, support as led.

Red Ice Radio Page: Tracy Twyman - Clock Shavings: Demonic Confessions - October 31, 2014


  1. The only knowledge she is going to glean from a Ouija board is her own impending doom! 99% of Christians don't even know where demons come from aside from the many fanciful tales spouted by preachers and teachers in the Babylon system. They LIE and deceive and not much else. Some are mighty and powerful and some are childish and pathetic, but there is nothing to be gained by talking to them! I'm a little surprised this even made your reading list nothing heard in those interviews can be trusted. If you want to talk to something supernatural, talk to Jesus!

    1. This posting is for the benefit of those who are already well aware of all that. There are plenty of folks who cater to the milk drinking unweaned.There's a critical need for the strong meat. This is for those who have become skilled with their sharp steak knives.

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