Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In the News...

The head of the European Space Agency hails "a big step for human civilisation" as Philae sends signals from the comet surface.

“Comets throughout history have been associated with ill omen; harbingers of doom which streaked across the skies foretelling plague, death and apocalypse.”

(Comet - Bad Omen Heavenly Sign Watching: Part I - Comets)

Europa - the Goddess. European Space Agency. Operating in the domain of the Queen of Heaven - Isis, Mary.... Jubilant celebration of Success - Victory - Victoria-Nike...

Comet 67P
6+7=13 The number means, "rebel lord beast" and signifies the rebellion leading Goddess

The Orbiter: Rosetta = A rosette is traced in the heavens by the orbiting of Venus
The Goddess: Venus-Isis-Mary...

“Philae in Greek or Pilak in ancient Egyptian, meaning ‘the end.’ ” (Temple of Isis at Philae) The Lander is named for where Isis was worshiped. The landing spot was also named for a place in Egypt.

THE END? Ominous!

What Rihanna Wears to the White House( Monday, November 10, 2014)

Rihanna. Her name means, Great Queen. She wears the Star of Inanna modified to add the Circle Cross Mark of the Beast symbol. Perfect for a visit to the White House.

Hollywood Exposed - Pedophile Sex Abuse Film - Names are Named (Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway - SRA Monarch Programming...)

Droid Turbo Commercial with James Franco

On the themes of The Penitent Man. It features a song with the lyrics "I've got all the time in the world" - as James Franko is playing the hero and freefalling to the earth.
The anDROID Hero gets a new trajectory off the Gargoyle (clockwork angels) on the way down, calculated in advance with the help of a physics app. Shades of MIB3.

Emoshape Provide Intelligent Machines with Emotions

Skeleton found in mysterious Alexander-era Greek tomb - could be that of Roxana, Alexander's Persian wife, his mother Olympias or one of his generals


  1. Images of comet taken by Rosetta's "OSIRIS instrument"

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  3. Here's the link to the picture, sorry I'm using my phone.

  4. Anyone catch the world trade center news on Wednesday? What caught my attention was that it happened between the 68th and 70th floor. The symbolic numbers of the yin yang is 69 being in the middle or balance. The platform covered nine window panes, the symbol of Osiris. The platform also looked like a backwards N. The window washers were rescued. Could this have been some sort of ritual?


  5. Hey Guys, 11/13 bbc's sci/tech sections page has interesting articles. 1st philae the 6 sided probe bounces back,2nd virgin crash showing g, 3rd Obama and Xi in emissions pledge. O and X and emissions (graphic signal). Scroll down pg and there's Alexander's skeleton story at amphipolis. Went to for etymology and there's Rihanna's blouse symbol. Then there's an article on scientist beaming a twisted laser beam over Vienna/white/enlightenment. God separates the 2 kinds of light in Gen. The laser is green/Bacchus/evergreen, and they have the different patterns it makes. I think it's the 5th one is an X in the O/xbox. Then at the bottom there's a rigatoni. Twisted noodle, hmm. I missed the window washers, but that's got to be majik symbols/polishing the phalic symbol. Glass and light and phalic etc. back to Vienna, there's a space needle like bld in the skyline picture. Round bld with a huge shaft running through it.

  6. Oops don't know my noodles. Rotini noodle is in the laser article. Made of wheat flour. Reminds me of what God said we have to eat after Gen 3:22. How about that 4.8 quake in Kansas. I didn't feel that one.

  7. Insurgent movie trailer. "This Spring...The World...Will Never...Be The Same."

  8. I guess we could see this coming. This article from rt the scientists think comets seeded the oceans with their magic dust. Bibring is his name. Bb ii rng. The symbolism cosmic sperm.