Friday, November 28, 2014

Decoding T-Mobile - The MOB advancing Horus Eye Scheme

Another in this powerful video series stripping away the cover has just been published.

Unleash Chaos - T-Mobile Decoded - Part 5

Are you seeing what you're looking at?

Explore the rich layering of hidden riddles. Woven into the same scenes where "Zero Down" is being acted out, we find the deconstructed symbol that Occultists identify as of the mark of the beast - over and over again!

This media vehicle has been demonstrated to be a kind of Operations Manual for the Mechanics of Occult signaling.

The sodomite gateway theme runs through many of the vignettes the sequence covered in Part 5.

An image of the Pyramid with the eye of Horus is suggested in one scene.

The naming of the sun god Ra is emphasized redundantly.

There's a cryptic message from Satan, to kiss his butt, to X his O.

The imagery of crossed circles is introduced, like with the Olympic rings logo.

Here's a playlist, where the entire T-Mobile series will play from first to last, automatically.

Playlist: Unleash Chaos - T-Mobile Decoded


  1. Today is Black Friday and a day that was on my watch list of a time when potentially significant events might occur. I wasn’t disappointed. The signal was subtle as it was marked more by the absence of an event that the occurrence of one.

    Super bowl 47 in New Orleans and the first regular season game the following season in Denver both had game delays of 34 minutes (officially). That they were both the same length in duration was clearly a message to pay attention, we were being shown something.

    The first preseason game this season also had a weather delay. Perhaps it went a little under the radar being a preseason game, but there were many aspects to this game that made it stick out as another signal.

    First, it was played on August 7, and was a rematch of the previous Super bowl between the champion Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Also, being a Thursday night game, it had the NFL stage to itself.

    Second, as already mentioned, it had a weather delay during the game. This one officially lasted 45 minutes, meaning the combined official delays for the three games totalled 113 minutes.

    Today is Black Friday and is the 113th day from the August 7th signal day. So was anything identified today? I would say yes.

    The key to getting the signal is recognizing that the US Thanksgiving weekend is a mirror of the crucifixion weekend, and that Black Friday, the shopping day, is connected to Black Friday, the day Yeshua was crucified.

    When Barack Obama pardoned a condemned turkey, as per White House tradition, this was speaking to the Passover tradition of releasing a condemned man. The Jewish crowd at the time had Jesus Barabbas spared, and Yeshua went to the cross. In doing so, they chose the WRONG Jesus.

    Today, on Black Friday, Pope Francis arrived in the country of Turkey, and by doing so, has symbolically identified himself with the ‘one’ that was pardoned. In other words, he is being identified as a Pope that represents the WRONG Jesus.

    I said at the top that the signal was more in the absence of an event than the occurrence of one. San Francisco and Pope Francis essentially share the same name, and are consequently symbolically linked.

    I’ve been shown, for a long time now, a color code signalling of black and orange. As it pertains to San Francisco, the orange elephant in the room would be the brightly orange painted Golden Gate Bridge. Today, again, being Black Friday, well it seemed like an obvious setup for a 9/11 type event. Nothing happened but that’s the point – it was a false alarm. It speaks to something being false about the Pope.

    Looking forward, 113 days from Black Friday is March 21, 2015. This is the Spring equinox and will also the last day of this Jewish year, as well as the beginning of the next year. The use of Ryan Seacrest to do the player introductions in the second weather delayed game, and who also does a network New Years Eve show, possibly suggests that this time period could be significant. The day after is March 22 bringing to mind the mysterious 322 of the Skull and Bones society.

  2. December 14 is my next watch day. I just looked at the NFL schedule and as it happens, San Francisco and Seattle are playing again that day in Seattle. This day will mark 113 days from the Napa Valley earthquake.

    There was one other thing about the day of August 7 that I actually stumbled across, and added to the significance of the signal. This day is the helical rising of Sirius as viewed from San Francisco. The mythology is that the rising of this star represents the birth of Horus as a resurrected Osiris. More practically for the ancient Egyptians, it let them know that the annual flooding of the Nile was getting ready to happen.

    If this day doesn't disappoint, it will again have a connection in to the Vatican aside from San Francisco/Pope Francis name connection.

    more to follow...

  3. Hey Guys, pope went to Istanbul/ whole lot of Islam. Visited blue mosque and st Sophia museum. The architecture of these buildings is significant. Subtle focus of majik energy from spells cast there. Floor plans and outlines mirror pyramids. Pope was writing invocations at the museum, and I suspect the same at the mosque. He and Bart preach against Isis while she attacks from turkey. Foreign press is on to this. Every day it seems nato's tacticle blunders are exposed while east west tensions raise. Seems the Russians and friends have lots of tacticle solutions where our generals are left scratching their um heads. Istanbul represents a bridge from east to west.