Saturday, November 01, 2014

Decoding T-Mobile - Unleash the Beast

Part 1 of an intended series of videos is now online.

Unleash Chaos - T-Mobile Decoded

This presentation is a decoding of a T-Mobile commercial, Un-Leash, featuring music by Tilly and the Wall.

Around Christmas time in 2013, T-Mobile featured this commercial that really caught my attention. I had made a video from a TV broadcast last year but I recently found it on T-Mobile's own channel: Un-leash with T-Mobile

On the surface it seems like just another loud and edgy wireless communications company promotion, but if you can interpret the Occult symbolism and discover the theme, what appears is a series of clever riddles.

Anarchy is signaled with a black flag being carried in the opening scene, but even this subject appears with a twist. The ad campaign slogan is, unleash. The esoteric subtext is all about unleashing chaos, the mechanism of overturning this present order. It's all about the coming beast and his mark. The song played for a soundtrack supports the esoteric theme and strengthens the link to Aliester Crowley.

This commercial is similar to many of T-Mobile's other commercials but this one seems to be the key. It suggests that this special series of commercials is used for Illuminati programming, for the agents of the Black Awakening who are appointed to bring the chaos that overturns this present order!


  1. Hey guys, the eye symbol on sir dickys logo for virgin galactic. Blue eye with black pupil. Blue eye /iris/ Greek goddess of the rainbow, often brings news of war and disaster. Eye reminds me of occole/oculus , xbox to the brain. Radiation to the brain, my pet goat tv head person.

  2. Forgot to add, iris, goddess of rainbow is also the one who cuts holes in the cheese. How weird is that?!