Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Observations While On Watch in 2010

As I write, this year's Bride Sign watch day has just ended. While I haven't yet seen any indication that the event watched for as a sign happened, there were some noteworthy observations. The CERN LHC experiment did occur on that day!

Quoting from Large Hadron Collider smashes protons, record: "The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva succeeded early Tuesday in colliding subatomic particles at three times the highest energy levels previously recorded. Scientists gathered in a room at Caltech and in similar groups around the globe witnessed the achievement at 3:58 PDT."

In another excerpt some very interesting things were reported! (Thanks Randy!) Many said they had planned stay all night until the data began to flow in, even though they would not have immediate access to the measurements. Caltech particle physicist Bertrand Echenard said he was staying for the experience. "When you watch the Olympic Games, you can watch the flame for 15 days, but what you want to watch is the [torch] lighting," Echenard said, standing below two clocks: one with "GENEVA" pasted over the glass, a second covered in "CAL TECH. "It really is the start of something."

What? The Olympic Flame? Two clocks? "It really is the start of something." Indeed! Echenard's comment was of course comparing the flame that casts the light to the equipment at the LHC that produces and controls the particle beams. When he said "what you want to watch is the [torch] lighting," he points out that it's really about the results produced by the particle collisions. The fact that he used this analogy and that it was published is a sign for those who can connect the dots.

Here are a few "dots to connect":

  • The LHC search for the "god particle" - unlocking such knowledge as regarding hidden dimensions
  • The link made between the light of Olympism's torch (the dark-light (Luke 11) of Zeus/Satan shining through the agency of Apollo/Beast) and the result of the particle collisions.
  • the on-site presence of Shiva, dancing as Nataraja (associated with the destruction-creation of the world)
  • The prophetic revelation about an appointed breech of a dimensional barrier that is the opening of a portal through which the spiritual entities associated previously with the Nephilim will return back into this earthly realm, from which they have been banished for the span of seventy generations.
  • Three, the number of resurrection and also of the number of DNA strands in a transformed deified human body is the number that relates this day to the past achievement. ("three times the highest energy levels previously recorded") What was will be again, new and improved.
  • The significance of standing below two clocks. These represent the "current" time in two locations, one on the other side of the world. Many things to consider here with regard to the opening of a dimensional portal.

(Updated 3/30 7:50 pm) A similar insight (Thanks Andrew!) was quoted in a Foxnews/AP article called Atom Smasher Hits Full Power, Sets Collision Record. "Bivek Sharma, a professor at the University of California at San Diego, said the images of the first crashed proton beams were beautiful. "It's taken us 25 years to build," he said. "This is what it's for. Finally the baby is delivered. Now it has to grow." "

If this "baby" birthed is as the key to the bottomless pit (Revelation 9), the host of heaven are celebrating with the physicists. Reports were circulated when the LHC first fired up of UFO sightings around the world, indicating that a spike in demonic activity resulted. If these things are related, expect the "weird-o-meter" to climb.

I received a report from a friend yesterday as the watch was about to begin who shared the following with me.

"Well, last night after going bed, I woke up 'three' separate times and each time I looked at the clock and the numbers summed to '13', which we know signifies rebellion. I wish that I would have written the exact times down, but I know for a fact that they totaled '13' each time. This perplexed me at first, because I didn't understand what the Lord was trying to speak to me. I even asked myself, "Lord, am I in any sort of rebellion?" My conscience was clear except that I felt like I needed to go to the Lord in prayer.

I prayed once I got to work and when I saw your email, I began to connect some of the dots. Like you said, nothing may happen today, but we are definitely living in an hour when we must all be sober and watching and praying. I don't know if this has any relevance, but I also noticed on my calendar that today is the '88th' day on our gregorian calendar, which I think '8' can mean new beginnings"

I personally woke up once before I was ready to get up for the day. I opened my eyes and the numbers on the alarm clock seemed to stare back at me. I saw 6:06. I understand this to be one hour short of 7:06, which sums to 13 and can be considered six hours and 66 minutes, or, 6:66. To me, one hour short means we're not yet in the season where the beast is to be revealed, but it is near.

One of the benefits of diligent watching is validation. When things seen while on watch match certain expectations we validate both our understanding of the events and the calendar used. Plus, we are then able to learn much more based on that foundation. We know we are on the same page of the Lord's play book. We know we have been made privy to his appointment book. Of course, we don't see everything, but with faithful watching we learn very personally what is so necessary for us, that the Lord is faithful who has promised to reveal the hidden things to his servants.

Did I see what I had hoped to see? Yes! Have confidence in that what the Lord has begun with you, personally. Stand fast. He is able see you through to whatever end is appointed. Until He calls you home, stand fast.

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  1. The understanding the significance of the two clocks involves understanding one of the goals of the project. They are seeking to understand about the mass or "M" part of the E=MC squared equation. The "C" represents the speed of light. Speed is a factor of time and distance. The two clocks picture the relative time and distance (between Geneva and Cal Tech, in their example). Given the relationships in the relativity equation, what the LHC experimients are genuinely hoped to provide are keys to managing and manipulating the values of these constructs. Time and space and the dimensional order are perceived as limits we can better do without. This is not exactly what we're being told, but the signaling through cloaked messages like the two clocks reveals the scheme. I believe this is a modern day Tower of Babel. About that rebellious effort the Bible declares the following.

    The LORD said, "Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.
    Genesis 11:6

    Stargate technology has been around a long time. The evidences of it that remain have frustrated those who desire the abilities of the gods, to be gods. No expense is being spared in their efforts to reach out and take power unto themselves. Ultimate, rebellion against the Creator who established these limits is their goal.