Friday, March 12, 2010

Part 1 - What does the Olympic Rings logo really mean?

To many people, the Olympic games are all about athletic competition and national pride. Those who take a close enough look at the games and the IOC, their governing body, become aware that the competition is merely a vehicle for the promotion of the worship of Zeus and the return of his son. The IOC makes no attempt to disguise the fact that they are entirely pagan yet they operate primarily in the ways of the occult as they accomplish their agendas, which are the secretive and devious ways of their gods.

Their logo is an occult symbol that is seen nearly everywhere during the increasingly frequent seasons of Olympic games. Some time ago I began to ponder what their logo really meant. I knew the official explanation fails to reveal what's most important. I could tell it had to be a very powerful symbol because it was so exalted and ubiquitous! Well, finally, I get it! It's the pyramid! Sure, it's obfuscated, and there's more to it than just that - but that's what it is!

The five Olympic rings are the truncated pyramid, flipped upside down so as not to be too obvious. When you flip it "right side up" you see the familiar form without a capstone!

The capstone is not there, but yet, it's there very subtly by inference. The background is white. A white ring is "unseen" against a same-color background. With an understanding of colors and with some consideration of the symmetry of the rings' color pairings you discover that following the pattern that emerges leads to the matching of the black ring with an opposing white one, completing the pyramid! The condition in which it lacks a capstone gives it an unbalanced dynamic. The image as designed and presented seeks completion, drawing us subtly, subliminally, to complete it.

This pyramid that is so popular in occult iconography was recently addressed at length in this blog as the hidden symbol of the Vancouver cauldron. It's the body and temple of the Beast of Revelation 13:1. The pyramid presented in the Olympic rings logo as "wanting a capstone" (wanting - as in both "lacking" and "desiring") advances the agenda of the IOC. It subtly prompts our interaction, inviting us to focus on the objective that is to set the capstone in place. This is a set-up for accepting the beast and the mark of the beast.

With this logo's simple design they are leveraging principles of influence, some of which are known as priming. Ultimately the reasoning facilities of the people so influenced are set aside when the time comes to make the decision to join with the Beast and his body-network. The spiritual dynamic suggests there is a demonic spell cast through this symbol. The symbol is ubiquitous, and while some consider it merely clever branding it is far, far more than that!

I've been aware for a long time that the Lord sometimes directs His people to avoid the Olympics and everything related to them. In such a way, the Lord lovingly protects them by limiting their exposure to the considerable danger. In this series of blog posts where I present so many of these wicked symbols, it would be wrong to present them except as directed to bring them into the light, exposing them. This nullifies their effect and sets people free from the controlling spells and demonic influence. Occult symbols are not to be considered lightly.

Consider this view of the Vancouver 2010 logo. If you printed it out, folded it, and held it up to the window so the light could shine through, you would see something like this. See the capstone on the pyramid! The green head of the stylized inunnguaq represents the son of Zeus, aka the green-skinned Osiris, head of the Beast body, as presented in this recent post.

More coming, Lord willing!

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    Hi Nice Posts,You are very correct The Olympics has pagan origins and is dedicated to the worship of zeus.Keep up the good work.Id love to recommend the link below to You.It gives a detailed account of the identity of the beast of Rev 13: