Friday, March 05, 2010

News, Views and the Upcoming Watch Day

Before I continue blogging about the Olympics I'd like to address current events and recommend an excellent video series.

I highly recommend a very well researched DVD series produced by Chris Pinto with support from David Bay. There are four volumes in the 'Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings' series: 1) The New Atlantis 2) Riddles In Stone - The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C. 3) Eye of the Phoenix - Secrets of the Dollar Bill 4) A Lamp in the Dark - The Untold History of the Bible. These are sold on the Cutting Edge site. I have not yet seen Volume 4, but do look forward to seeing it! Volumes 1-3 can be rented from Netflix.

In a recent article posted to titled, "Blood of the innocents sent to military labs - US Government on a quest to find the end times seed?" Tom Horn responds to The Texas Tribune's announcement exposing some shady dealings with some interesting insights and questions.

Here's an excerpt to give you a brief into on what it's about.

"A Texas Tribune review of nine years' worth of e-mails and internal documents on the Department of State Health Services’ newborn blood screening program reveals the transfer of hundreds of infant blood spots to an Armed Forces lab to build a national and, someday, international mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) registry. The records, released after the state agreed in December to destroy more than 5 million infant blood spots, also show an effort to limit the public’s knowledge of aspects of the newborn blood program, and to manage the debate around it. But the plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit never saw them, because the state settled the case so quickly that it never reached the discovery phase."

I suggest their interest may relate to discovering or cataloging the differences between the wheat and the tares planted by the enemy, the genetic encodings of the good tree Adamites and the bad tree thorns and thistles. Is their effort leading to the mark of the beast, when the microchip implant enables the transformation of man from a double to triple helix being? What other goal is there, really? If you've been reading this blog for a while you know the bottom line on this conspiracy. When you know the secret you can distill it from the noisy clatter and chatter. This too is about the beast and the mark of the beast. It's about transforming mankind who is made in the image of the Creator into a being remade in another image, one with a triple helix DNA structure. It's about restoring the serpent's offspring in the earth, reanimating in new hosts those entities who were de-hosted at the time of the great flood of Noah's day. The army is being prepared for the campaign of Armageddon. This is why the enormous effort is being put into the dimensional gateway project, the Large Hadron Collider, which is now in a condition described in their latest announcement as Full steam ahead! This is why America is soon going to engage with Iran and after the pattern of Daniel 8 become like the phoenix that represents it, burning then rising from its ashes. The new incarnation is pictured in Revelation 13:1.

Under this national entity's present leadership, most folk, it seems, are beginning to "smell the smoke." In this regard, I noted an observation made by brother David J. Meyer in his March 2010 edition of the Last Trumpet Newsletter

"Since the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the office of President of the United States, we have been watching a strange, clandestine, and grotesque power rising in Washington, D.C. It is quite obvious that something is very wrong. Because of my background in the occult before my conversion, I cannot help but to be acutely aware of occultism in our government and religions. In the world of the occult, the number thirteen is vitally important. It is the number of witches in a coven, and it indexes the number of spells cast by them. Everything is done in thirteen's. Neophyte witches are first allowed to enter the outer court of the circle at age thirteen. That number is also instrumental in the greater and lesser arcanes of the tarot cards. In fact, in the regular playing card deck, there are thirteen cards in each suit; and the joker, which is said to be Jesus, is left out, except in games of blasphemy."

"Barack Obama seems to be obsessed with the number thirteen. He recently commissioned thirteen teams of census workers to travel across our country in thirteen vehicles with banners promoting the 2010 census. Thousands of census workers are being hired temporarily with their average pay being around thirteen dollars per hour. In Obama's recent State of the Union Address, the President announced that money was being allocated to build thirteen new light rail systems that will create thirteen thousand new jobs. (1) There are so many more examples of Obama's obsession with the number thirteen that I could not mention them all in this newsletter. I must mention, however, that Barack Obama broke national tradition by refusing to give his State of the Union Address on January 20th. Instead, he chose the date 1-27-2010. In occult numerology everything is broken down to single digits, and zeros mean nothing. Thus, the date 1-27-2010 totals thirteen! This is all beyond the realm of coincidence!"

That Obama should be seemingly obsessed with, or perhaps simply stamped with the number thirteen is fitting. Beyond all David Meyer noted, there's more about the number that signifies most basically "rebellion" and "Lord" that you should know. I've written at length of this number, some of which you will find in The Number Thirteen (The Sign for the Bride - Part 3). Most recently, while blogging (Part 4 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005) I addressed it further, highlighting the same "sum the date" occult feature David so astutely observed about Obama's State of the Union Address. America is the national Babylon of the last days. The Beast will come forth from within its borders. Obama, Rahm, Bill, Hillary and their helpers are doing the appointed work of preparation.

The date particularly appointed is the thirteenth day of the first month on the Lord's calendar. This year, Purim has just passed, and to determine when the upcoming watch date for the revelation of the lawless one (which is the baptism and anointing of the counterfeit messianic beast) will be, we await the search to discover whether the requirement for ripened barley will be met. When the search is made by the Karaites and associates on the 16th and 17th of this month of March, finding barley sufficiently ripened will signal to us that the new moon anticipated for the 17th will mark the arrival of the first month. Should the barley be found insufficiently ripened as required for a Pesah wave offering, a thirteenth month will be added to the present year. In that eventuality, the first month awaits the sighting of the new moon anticipated for April 15th.

Why do we watch for the advent of the Beast? Because we are directed explicitly to do so! It's a sign for the Bride, a signal event. When this is observed, the long anticipated Bride Theft will be nigh at hand, and the subsequent opening of the season of great tribulation.

Will we see these things come to pass this year? I suspect not, but, of course, I could be wrong. Some will know in advance when these things will happen, as I've documented quite adequately on The Open Scroll. I'd like to think I'll be among those who do. My thinking is that the appointed year is 2015. I think this is so mostly because of what the Lord has shown me about many patterns over the years, yet also because what I've come to understand in recent months suggests to me that the world is not yet ready. The pace and momentum I perceive in the preparation is staggering, but in my thinking it must continue for yet a short season.

It's essential for you and I to keep the news in context, whatever may come, and especially to be inspired by it to focus intently in our relationship with the sovereign God, who is love and who permits all this because he sees everything from beginning to end. Trust Him - He knows what He's doing and it is good!

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