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Part 8 - What does the Olympic Rings logo really mean?

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The intro for this post is brief. I'm going to assume you're pretty familiar with the first 7 parts, plus this recent post titled, What does Obama's logo really mean? In a very real sense, Obama has picked up where Hitler left off. The "Olympischer Fackellauf" poster from 1936 tells this story. What is developed contributes to the understanding of what the Olympic rings logo really means.

During Obama's presidential campaign he visited Germany. While there, he continued to campaign, and it was considered by some that he was campaigning for the world presidency. He had by that time already chosen to brand himself in the very "Apollo brand" Hitler had chosen before him. While there, he spoke at a rally in Berlin at a location that caused a stir due to the historical symbolism of the site. On his return, he commissioned the building of a version of the altar of Zeus upon which he would accept his date with destiny. That rally has been compared to those Hitler held at the altar of Zeus he had commissioned to be built in Nuremberg.

Officially, of course, Obama and his national socialist party members deny that these connections are meaningful, but the imagery that conceals yet reveals bears witness to the reality that Obama and Hitler are linked. When you study the symbolic elements and interpret them in context, the "Apollo" connection is plain as day. They are both the unseen ring capping the pyramid. It's the "Apollo" connection that explains what I noted in the previous paragraph. It explains who Obama is and why he does what he does and says what he says. It also explains what is coming. Connect the dots. Read the patterns.

This exhibit is not presented with a political agenda or to serve some cause in a national interest. America is the national Babylon and her destiny as appointed by the sovereign God will be fulfilled. By the way, anyone who might object to my referring to Obama's political party as the national socialist (aka Nazi) party is simply not being honest or has not been paying attention. Consider and accept what has happened since Obama has been in office to the banking industry, the automobile industry and the "health care" industry.

Since I already introduced the symbolic meaning of Obama's seal I'd like to share a little more about Hitler's branding and offer just a few observations in comparison.

Hitler chose to place a black swastika on a white disk, black on white being the most elemental and powerful occult pairing. He was an Austrian-born German who chose Germany's traditional colors for the Nazi Party flag and his personal brand. "When Hitler created a flag for the Nazi Party, he sought to incorporate both the swastika and "those revered colors expressive of our homage to the glorious past and which once brought so much honor to the German nation." (Red, white, and black were the colors of the flag of the old German Empire.) (Wikipedia entry for "swastika") In like manner, Obama (Barry Soetoro) is a foreign-born American who chose the colors of America's flag for his seal and logo.

Consider these versions of the Apollo capstone ring, no longer unseen.

The swastika on a disk is the ancient solar cross sign of Apollo. Obama's radiant sun on a disk is an exact equivalent. Similar comparisons can be drawn with the swastika as a symbol of eternity and as "the symbol of the creating, acting life." (Walther Blachetta: Das Buch der deutschen Sinnzeichen (The book of German sense characters); reprint of 1941; page 47)

I've noticed how the runic SS symbol of the feared Schutzstaffel "Shield Squadron" resembles a pair of Zeus thunderbolts and that the swastika resembles a pair of crossed thunderbolts.

Now, the Olympic rings represent the pyramid with an implied sixth "unseen" ring. In part 7, I showed how visually connecting the Nazi Party rally facility (the Zeppelintribüne version of the Temple of Zeus) furnished the ring of the Olympic logo featured on the "Olympischer Fackellauf" poster.

When you consider this image from the national socialist party rally of August 2008 featuring "Apollo Obama" instead of "Apollo Hitler" you realize that some restraint had been exercised in the apparent interest of keeping a degree of "plausible deniability." I've taking the liberty of "photoshopping" the missing elements into Obama's stadium altar scene.

Here's an observation that was made about Obama's rally at the Victory Column. "Here's a tip for liberals: If your candidate is going to stage enormous rallies in front of tens of thousands of chanting Germans (with monuments to Prussian military might in the background) in the middle of his Presidential campaign, it isn't the GOP's fault if the footage comes out looking a little like Hitler at Nuremberg." (Barack Hitler Obama by Ross Douthat)

I'm certainly not alone in connecting Obama with Hitler. What I'm presenting through the testimony of the occult imagery is that it has a legitimate basis. There has been a supernatural Apollonian transference that involves the spirit of antichrist.

Here's another widely published observation. When Peggy Noonan, columnist for the Wall Street Journal and former speech writer for Ronald Reagan wrote her view of the DNC event in the Mile High stadium, the blogger at Spocko's Brain took offense. This blogger understood what was meant when she wrote that the event "has every possibility of looking like a Nuremberg rally." Peggy connected the dots, as did Rush Limbaugh on his radio show on the same day of the event.

The Nuremberg rally facility's altar is the Zeppelintribüne that I present with its "cathedral of light" glory effects, which easily compares to the evening rally setting in Denver. By the way, since the architect of the Zeppelintribüne is, of course, no longer available to render his services to the national socialist party, a suitable replacement had to be found. Substitute Britney Spears' set designer for Albert Speer. Yes, really. (Obama's Acceptance Stage Built by Britney Spears' Set Designer)

While some will object to the enhanced image I present I've merely provided the "unseen" graphical elements according to the patterns that appear. Remember, Obama's logo IS the pyramid and the capstone eye of the Apollo brand. Germany had her day, but, as Tom Horn (Apollyon Rising 2012), Chris Pinto and others have documented so thoroughly for our benefit, this IS America's destiny to fulfill. What happened on the watch day for the sign to the Bride in 2008 should punctuate these statements with a HUGE exclamation point!

What was once Hitler's is now Obama's. The Olympic torch has been passed. This photo on the right was taken of the Zeppelintribüne in 1945, shortly before the seal of Apollo was blown back to hell. (US troops detonate Zeppelintribüne swastika) This image of one of the conquering heroes should be recognized as prophetic. The discovery that the new boss is the same as the old boss is a bitter pill to swallow.

Please understand that I don't intend to offend or hurt anyone who is emotionally invested in what this image represented, because, certainly, many of us are or have recently been. However, the American soldier giving the Sieg Heil "hail victory" salute must be recognized as a prophetic view of serving the present Commander-in-Chief of the combined armed forces of the U.S.A. Swap the old boss' Apollo Sonnenrad for the new.

Of course the "hail victory" salute is no longer acceptable. The proper response is now "Yes We Can." Think about it. (This is the slogan that, when heard in that context, renders "Thank you Satan" when recorded and played backwards!)

Yes, this may a painful revelation, but the validity of these observations should be sinking in. The testimony of the imagery does not lie. Call on the Lord Y'shua for strength and wisdom to love only the Truth. This insight is for your healing. Some things we have clung to must be let go. These are idols. Our kingdom is not of this world.

More coming, Lord willing!

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