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Part 6 - What does the Olympic Rings logo really mean?

When we know what the Olympic rings logo signifies we can better understand what is signaled in the varied contexts where we find it. The logo's appearance on the "Olympischer Fackellauf" poster (Olympic Torch Relay - Berlin - 1936) speaks volumes to me! Interpreting the symbolic imagery exposes some profound connections between the antichrists Adolph Hitler and Barack Obama.

Links between these two have been made by many in the past couple of years, most recently with regard to this week's passage of the ObamaCare bill that echos the Nazi Aktion T4 program. Obama's leadership of America follows the pattern of Hitler's leadership of Germany. The occult signaling of Satan's plan reveals that Obama has picked up where Hitler left off. The symbols bear witness to this, validating what many suspect and what some know by revelation insight. Behind these two lies another, even Apollo.

When you consider only the blue elements of the "Olympischer Fackellauf" poster you perceive an early morning scene. We can identify the western face of the Temple and altar of Zeus, which has been in Berlin where those Olympic games were being held. Looking eastward, we see it in silhouette against the brightening sky. Dawn approaches, and the rising Sun in this context represents the dawn of Apollo.

Consider the following prayer, offered by high priestess Maria Nafpliotou in the Temple of Hera on October 22, 2009. "Apollo God of Sun and the idea of light send your rays and light the sacred torch for the hospitable city of Vancouver and you Zeus give peace to all peoples on earth and wreath the winners of the Sacred race." The cauldron flame was then lit by means of focusing the rays of the Sun using a parabolic mirror. Ritually, Apollo, God of Sun, answered their prayers. This lighting of the torch initiated the "sacred" (unholy) "fackellauf" that carried the flame to Vancouver's cauldrons.

Olympism's spiritual light comes from Apollo. His presence is suggested in the poster's imagery by the way the scene is lit. The gradient lighting presents the dawn of "Apollo God of Sun and the idea of light." Relative to the temple and altar of Zeus, we're presented with a view that anticipates Apollo's coming to his temple. Relative to the Olympic rings, Apollo god of Sun should be understood as the unseen ring's identity.

Here are some passages of scripture that relate to both the genuine and counterfeit events in view. 2 Peter 1:19, Malachi 4:1-3, Psalm 19:1-6, Zechariah 14:4, Ezekiel 43:1-5, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, Revelation 13:1-10, Luke 11:33-36

It can be said that both Hitler and Obama are keepers of the flame, fellow torch bearers. These two men, renowned for their elaborate and carefully attended personal branding, even share the "Apollo Brand" in Obama's sunrise logo and Hitler's "sun wheel" or "solar cross" swastika! I'll elaborate shortly, but let me state plainly that Apollo god of Sun has not yet dawned in his ultimate incarnation. While Hitler and Obama have borne the torch that was carried in ages past from the "mountain of the gods" by such as Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Antiochus Epiphanes and Nero before them, this torch relay that is the greater Olympischer fackellauf has not yet reached the flame's final destination. One who was and "is not" awaits the dawn.

The occult imagery presented by the IOC is as richly endowed with meaningful symbols as anything I've seen put out by the likes of the Roman Catholics or any secret society. It's the nature of symbols to both conceal and reveal. When we consider the fackellauf poster's stylized temple some startling "dots" are presented that invite "connection." I perceive in this a number of literal temples that each, while themselves genuine, represent a greater spiritual reality. This is the same kind of modeling that is known by students of the Bible. The tabernacle built in the post-Exodus wandering, and, later the Temple built on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, were constructed according to the pattern shown to their builders by the Lord God. The earthly versions were genuine and Yahweh was present, but these were temporary and symbolic of a greater and lasting spiritual reality and construct.

The temple and altar of Zeus pictured in the poster represented what was then becoming known as the Third Reich. It is the counterfeit of the "Millennial Reign of Christ" when Y'shua HaMashiach will rule, enthroned as the King of Kings.

Some versions of the temple of Zeus are the:

  • Acropolis, Mount Olympus, Greece - destroyed by the Roman Theodosius II in 426 BC.
  • Pergamon - moved from the ruins of the ancient Greek city's acropolis in what is now, Bergama, Turkey, to Berlin, beginning in the 1880's. This is the one referenced in Revelation 2 as the seat of Satan. The Great Altar of Zeus was built by Eumenes II, mentor to Antiochus IV Ephiphanes, the Seleucid king of "antichrist" notariety.
  • Zeppelintribüne, Nuremberg, Germany - declared by the architect Albert Speer to be modeled after the Pergamon altar, for use in Nazi party rallys and large scale pageantry. This version was flanked by a pair of torch cauldrons, which was according to the pattern of the Temple of Zeus on Mount Olympus.
  • DNC stage in Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO - built in 2008 as the stage set for Obama's acceptance (8/28/08) of the DNC's nomination for presidency.

I doubt anyone would dispute that the stylized temple of the poster relates to the Pergamon altar of Zeus in Berlin. There is an obvious association of Berlin with Mount Olympus. The ancient temple from the Greek city Pergamon ranks among Germany's most highly prized cultural acquisitions. The horses on the flanking columns strengthen the association. The other poster from the Berlin Olympics of 1936 picked up the horses and rooftop of the Eastern face (See image on right - "rear side") of the Pergamon temple. Yet, the stylized version isn't an exact match. The raised center section suggests the Zeppelintribüne version, which Speer built on a larger scale. Nuremberg's Zeppelintribüne was in use at the time of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, but still under construction.

Ok. Now, I'm going to present a series of images. These feature the Altar and Temple of Zeus.

More to follow - Lord willing!

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