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Part 7 - What does the Olympic Rings logo really mean?

In the context of the featured "Olympischer Fackellauf" poster, the Olympic rings logo adds the important symbolic element that is the unseen ring. In the last post I wrote that this imagery exposes some profound connections between the antichrists Adolph Hitler and Barack Obama. In a very real sense, Obama has picked up where Hitler left off, as when one receives the flame in the Olympic torch relay. The poster tells the story of how the torch relay is about the dawning of Apollo, which continues to develop what the Olympic Rings logo really means.

When I began this series of posts I showed how the Olympic rings logo is an obfuscated occult pyramid, one whose outline is filled with 5 rings and inverted. This pyramid, as every occult pyramid, signifies the anti-Messianic kingdom of the anti-Messianic Beast. The unseen ring is the capstone of the pyramid, the Beast, with an identity that has persisted through the ages as Apollo, god of Sun, son of Zeus. The unseen ring involves the incarnations of Apollo. Through historical observations and the imagery of this simple poster, two of these incarnations may be identified as "Apollo Hitler" and "Apollo Obama," inheritors of the spirit of antichrist, bearers of the torch of Olympism.

I'm going to share a little more insight into the poster's image of the temple. At the bottom of the poster, under the temple is a line, and under the line is a featureless expanse. The line represents the horizon, separating heaven above from earth below. All the features of interest are above the horizon, which tells us we are to see this from the heavenly and supernatural perspective. That which is not heavenly has no interest, it's featureless. With the altar of Zeus, it's not until you climb the steps and ascend fully to the level of the altar that you arrive on the plane representing the heavenly. Until then, you are merely traveling the "mecillah" viaduct and stairway to heaven. This heavenly scene's visual focal point is the light source, the incarnation of Lucifer/Satan/Zeus in Apollo - the unseen Sun ring.

The scene presents us with a natural symmetry, balancing two images of a single temple as when you see a mountain reflected in the still waters of a lake. Do you recall how I folded the Vancouver 2010 poster to expose the green headed Osiris as the capstone on the pyramid rings? Well, if you fold the fackellauf poster on the implied "reflective surface" and hold it up to a window to let the light shine through, this image on the right is what you will see. The two temples are overlaid: They are one. The rings' height precisely matches the full vertical span of the Heaven and Earth of the temple of Zeus, revealing the Olympic rings logo as symbolic of the union of Heaven and Earth, the heavenly and earthly! Yes, this is yet another witness bringing forth the redundant testimony of the serpent Lucifer's plan to raise up his offspring through the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men!

The incredible image of the folded fackellauf poster still lacks the capstone, the completing Sun ring. Can we identify it? Anyone who attended one of the massive Nazi Party rallies in Nuremberg or saw one of the images given broad distribution could have done just that with a visual association that seems to me rather obvious! Consider the Zeppelintribüne version of the Temple of Zeus. (from a postcard, 1938)

The sun ring is revealed with the glorious Sun wheel/solar cross in its exalted setting. Here before you is the signification of Apollo, risen to preside over the temple, with a multitude of worshipers prostrate below and the priesthood between them, serving in their intercessory roles. Hitler filled the role of high priest (after the manner of Aaron, not yet Melchizedek, comparing the counterfeit to these patterns of the genuine), filled with the spirit of his god, acting as his anointed servant and mouthpiece. The authority with which he spoke and acted was genuine. He was an incarnation of Apollo god of Sun, son of Zeus - an antichrist.

"For nighttime Party Rallies, Albert Speer designed a "Lichtdom," or Cathedral of Light around the Zeppelinfeld. The beams from 120 Army flak searchlights around the periphery of the field went thousands of feet into the night sky." (Nürnberg Part 2 - The Nazi Party Rally Grounds) The Sun ring, illuminated, shines brightly! This cathedral of light / temple of Sun god was ringed about with 120 beacons of light radiating into the heavens. Could this signify one for each of the 3x40 years in the life of Moses, perhaps, fulfilling what was necessary to prepare for the dawn of the promised homeland and Third Reich? This may be found to portend the coming anti-Joshua (anti-Y'shua, anti-salvation, antichrist Beast), whom, it appears, Hitler presumed himself to be.

Earlier, in 1935, the Zeppelintribüne had a different set of symbols presented as the unseen ring. The Parteiadler, or Nazi Party eagle, (also found on Hitler's personal standard) is secretly the esoteric phoenix that rises in endless cycles from its own ashes into a new bodily incarnation. The phoenix, emblem of the Osiris/Horus transformation in regeneration, is seen here bound to the lesser version of the solar cross. By 1938, these had been replaced with the greater version of the Sun disk, ringed about with a wreath of gilded oak leaves like the scaled serpent dragon ouroboros, the being of light that is Lucifer.

The flame lighting and "Olympischer Fackellauf" were instituted in association with the 1936 "Nazi Olympics," and it was widely recognized that Nazism and Olympism rode upon each others' backs. Was there some greater anointing upon Hitler during that season, marking a transition in spiritual authority and, perhaps, a change of identity, according to divine appointment?

Here's another image of note, from Berlin, 1936. "The Olympic Stadium, designed by Werner March, remains much as it was in 1936 (on the exterior), although the Sonnenrad (Sun Wheel) symbol has been removed from the right-hand tower" (Berlin -- Reichsportsfeld and 1936 Olympics Site) This picture shows the Olympic logo suspended between the two towers and the Sonnenrad (Sun Wheel) symbol that was later removed - because all swastikas had to be removed by decree of law (Strafgesetzbuch § 86a).

It should be noted that any established religious institutions that featured the swastika as native to their religion were exempt from the ruling. The removal of the Sonnenrad from the Olympic Stadium reveals that the temples of Olympism were not granted the same exemption that was given the temples of the Hindu and Jain. Even though Pierre de Coubertin, the founder, had plainly declared that Olympism was indeed a religion ("The first essential characteristic of ancient and of modern Olympism alike is that of being a religion.") the Olympic Stadium was stripped of its Sonnenrad. This emblem of Apollo had become so closely associated with Hitler and Naziism that it had to go. One of the results of this action has been to secularize the public perception of Olympism, which has continued to this very day. Yet, those who perceive it with eyes that see recognize the temples of Zeus and the hell-bent IOC for what they are, aware that these are destined to birth Apollo anew.

The swastika, ringed about or superimposed on a disk, is a Sonnenrad. Hitler took unto himself the Sonnenrad thereby branding himself as an incarnation of Apollo, the very Sun god honored by Olympism!

While the public display of the swastika has been restricted since WWII, the powerful imagery is so essential to the Satanic family plan that it will persist until Apollo arises and fulfills his destiny. The image seen here on the left is that of the Ananda Marga, a "New Age" religion founded in 1955 - an image that will speak loudly to those of you who have become educated in the arcane symbols of triple-helix ascension and regeneration.

More to come, Lord willing!

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