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Part 2 - What does the Olympic Rings logo really mean?

Where did this evil logo come from? It was designed in 1912 by the Jesuit trained Pierre de Coubertin, the man I introduced in an earlier post as the founder of the modern Olympic Games. The rise of this symbol's popularity came in association with the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. It was famously used by the Nazis to promote the Third Reich. It was at these same games that, through Nazi influence, (Carl Dium) the tradition of lighting the flame on Mt. Olympus by the sun and running the relay through different countries began. Hitler and the Nazis knew their occult symbols, to be sure! Pierre de Coubertin had one ready that was fit for the task!

When Pierre designed the logo he not only chose the form of the pyramid but was also inspired to use elements that individually identify the body of the pyramid as the peoples of the whole world, and collectively identify them as those who receive the mark of the Beast. The rings, their colors and the way they are connected represent all the people of the world, linked together, and undying!

The colors chosen represent the five inhabited continents of the world, with the blue, yellow, black, green, red (on the white background), according to De Coubertin, standing for those colors that appeared on all the national flags of the world at that time.

In number as in color, the rings represent the five inhabited continents of the world, according to De Coubertin, "the five parts of the world which now are won over to Olympism and willing to accept healthy competition."

The association of all the people of the world with the number five is biblical. I've observed that the popularly misrepresented sign of The Feeding of the Five Thousand is a prophetic type of the feeding the bread of life to the whole world. The bread of life (John 6) is the son of God, who came down from heaven. Zeus/Satan is well aware of this, inspiring De Coubertin's five elements of the Olympic logo that present the anti-bread from heaven being fed to the whole world!

This meaning of the logo's five rings becomes quite clear when you grasp what was meant by de Coubertin's use of the term, "Olympism," as when he explained the five rings as signifying "the five parts of the world which now are won over to Olympism." Consider an excerpt from the book "Philosophy of Olympism" by Ljubodrag Simonovic. "As far as the relation between Olympism and religion is concerned, Coubertin, unlike many of his followers who try to conceal the true nature of modern Olympism, is crystal clear: "The first essential characteristic of ancient and of modern Olympism alike is that of being a religion."" So, if we can simply accept de Coubertin's own explanation, the five rings of the Olympic logo represent the nations of the world that are won over to the religion called Olympism.

His declaration of the meaning of the colors as those of every national flag compares to the other statement he made about the number five, that it represents the five inhabited continents of the world. Obviously, the scope of his vision for Olympism is global and totalitarian.

I recommend that you read at the very least, the "Olympism as a Positive Religion" section of Simonovic's book, to give you a perspective on the Olympic phenomenon of today as one that has followed a charted course.

When the five rings of the truncated pyramid body are summed with the one of the completing capstone, the six of the completed pyramid represents the completed man, whose number is six.

We find a similar testimony on the obverse side of the great seal of the U.S. When the double deltas are traced in the glowing array of 13 stars a significantly numbered configuration appears. Seven stars are encircled by a ring of six! The seven, representing spiritual perfection, or, divinity, is inside the six, man. This is the higher level of the completed man, represented in the Olympic rings via its numerous levels of symbolism. In this we see the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men, the serpent's offspring produced through the mark of the beast!

As for the interlocking rings themselves, the origin of these symbolic elements can be traced back to Carl Jung. Yes, that Carl Jung - the one who wrote that, "The psychological mechanism that transforms energy is the symbol." According to Carl, the ring meant continuity and the human being. What is the ring, then, but the symbolic image of a human with continuity, undying, with eternal life? The ring portends the triple helix transformation I've been blogging about for a few months that will counterfeit a resurrection body! The ring is as the ouroboros. Looking around at the state of things today, I have to say Jung's belief about a symbol being a psychological mechanism that transforms energy is pretty well validated. Wouldn't you agree?

The interlocking of the rings speaks of these things:

  • The marriage bond, as between the anti-Bridegroom and anti-Bride.
  • Linked and locked together, the freedom of the individual to act independently of the others is limited.
  • The interconnection of those who receive the mark of the Beast. This is the connection established between an individual and the others connected into the Beast network. This connection enables the interaction referred to in the slogan, "Experience a new world of interaction." (By the way, they now have a new marketing sequence of three scenes. Perhaps the previous version was just a bit too obvious? Perhaps they didn't appreciate the exposure?) This creates a brotherhood of man infused with the same family DNA. Those connected are grafted into the bad tree, permenantly.
  • The female, identifying the daughters of men. The symbol created by the linked rings is a version of what's referred to as the vesica piscis. Because the shape resembles the female vulva it's recognized as another symbol of the female.

The formation of the "female" vesica piscis highlights another signification of the Olympic rings logo. The form created by tracing around the outside of the rings is that of a downward pointing delta, the daughters of men symbol. The four vesica piscis add to the downward pointing delta to present a redundant testimony and amplify the magnitude of the symbol's influence.

What does the standard presentation of the Olympic rings on a rectangular white banner mean? The white rectangle (male) represents the divine sons of god, so, yet once more, it's the occult presentation of the sons of god with the daughters of men. Redundancy. I think we're beginning to catch on to what the Olympic rings logo means!

More coming, Lord willing!

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