Monday, March 15, 2010

Part 3 - What does the Olympic Rings logo really mean?

So far in this series I've shown how the Olympic Rings logo testifies of the Beast and the mark of the beast. This meaning is presented redundantly, on one level after another. It also matches exactly the witness of the Beijing closing ceremonies, from both the Chinese and the London presentations. Before I wrap up this brief series of posts I intend to propose a perspective on all this you probably haven't yet considered. But first, here's a few more observations to ponder.

Now, here's a remarkable thing. The Olympic rings logo appeared in a field of crops in the UK not long ago. That's not the remarkable part - it was done as a publicity stunt.

"We received a call from the top selling UK tabloid newspaper The Sun which has a daily readership of 8.5 million people. They wanted to put together a PR stunt to help raise the profile of their campaign to have the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, so we agreed to make the Olympic logo crop circle which consists of 5 interlocking rings in a field in Wiltshire for them." (Circlemakers)

If you follow this blog and what I've written about the Beijing Olympic ceremony signs you should know the crop signs factor in when the larger scope of supernatural signage is considered. This one does too! The version of the Olympic logo they produced is an interesting variant.

The Olympic rings are usually found within a rectangular (male) area, like on the flag or a banner, but the crop sign rings are inside a circle (female). Add to this the female vesica piscis and female downward pointing delta. The design was made in a crop of barley, which is the grain symbolic of the female Bride of HaMashiach, biblically. Crops are all about bearing fruit, so what do we make of this sign? The crop circle brings to my mind the image of a human egg, fertilized, undergoing mitosis. Do you see the resemblance?

Now, here's something that might really boggle your mind. Who was responsible for making this sign? The Sun! Get it? The (anti-Bridegroom father Zeus, source of the Olympic flame) Sun! Think about it. Let it sink in. This version of "The Sun" is a tabloid, but not The Word Himself (John 1). This version of the Sun is of the UK, the United Kingdom, but not the kingdom united under the true King of Kings. What kind of offspring do you think are in view?

As signs go, some might seem to be a stretch or based on rather flimsy evidence, but this one really has to be considered as "over the top!" Do we get the message?

I think we're going to discover that the "aliens" (deceptive demons) really did back their bid! London in 2012 - the Summer Olympics - will it be everything it is hyped to be? We'll soon see! Watch with me.

Yet more coming, Lord willing!

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