Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Was the ObamaCare bill action of March 21 signaling an "Illuminati human sacrifice"?

Sometimes I keep watch for certain kinds of events to happen on certain days, based on historical patterns. This past Sunday, March 21, is one claimed to be a day the Illuminati (occult elite) require ritual human sacrifice. While I have no first-hand knowledge of such a thing I have noted how the "Satanic" calendar is closely observed by those who genuinely and sincerely serve him. I wrote not long ago presenting rather convincing evidence of Joseph Ratzinger being elected Pope Benedict XVI in fulfillment of such an appointed day. (See Who is Pope Benedict XVI? The Pope's Election was a "Baptism" on the Day of the Satanic Calendar's "Bloody Sacrifice to the Beast") I think the ObamaCare bill action of March 21 probably was an "Illuminati human sacrifice" signal!

Why would the lawmakers on Capitol Hill put forth such an effort late in the day on a Sunday to push the "ObamaCare" bill "over the hump"? This is the legislation some compare to the Nazi euthanasia program Aktion T4. It was the day claimed by some to require human sacrifice. It was made under the goddess Persephone, god of the underworld, on Capitol Hill inside the city's largest occult owl, which is far bigger than the one honored in the Bohemian Grove. Maybe this is simply the kind of "coincidence" that compares to what some have noted about the World Trade Center situation from 9/11/2001? Right. Unlikely. What seems likely is that this will advance their well documented population reduction agenda on the way to the eventual implementation of the mark of the beast.

Here's an article put out by AP, titled Obama order on abortion locks in health care votes. Mar 21, 4:20 PM (ET) "President Barack Obama and House Democratic leaders struck a last-minute deal Sunday with abortion foes to secure the final few votes needed to remake America's health care system, writing a climactic chapter in a century-old quest for near universal coverage." The author later writes, "Over and over, Democrats stressed the historic nature of the day." Make note of that day, March 21.

I noted with interest the writer's reference to some who resisted the lawless proceedings as "abortion foes." Propaganda is a funny thing. What does that make those with no regard for human life, "abortion friends"? I noted that the word "Slaughter" appeared twice. Just a name, or a sly signaling? Has anyone had the expression "hell-bent" come to mind lately with regard to the ObamaCare effort?

I recommend reading The Slaughter Solution by Joseph Herrin for more insight.

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