Sunday, August 22, 2010

But, Can He Trust You?

What I've been so blessed to show-and-tell about my recent "recon mission" to Rochester and what I've blogged about America is really a very bitter pill to swallow for some. These are hard things in view, very harsh realities, and there's really nowhere I can encourage you to run but to the bosom of the Father. I do hope you're taking time to reflect on what it all means for you and those you love.

In the practical matters of your life, when your eyes open to the reality of the second commandment and you see the world around you for what it really is, you are no longer able to plead ignorance, in a sense, no longer able to continue in good conscience just as you were. Walking around with eyes that see is something of a two edged sword because it brings with it a higher level of accountability. This needs to be said. Perhaps you're confronted with the need to holy-up, to purge the unclean from your life. Perhaps you're being tempted to compromise, coming short of acting upon what the Lord is showing you for fear of the consequences. Make no mistake - your response is the key to your future. If the Lord is bringing to mind what influences your income because what you do facilitates the spells of pharmakeia through marketing or other media of imagery, a definite conflict of interest is at hand. The choices that have to be made are like those regarding health care and drugs, they impact your life most directly. I have some advice, if you're interested.

If you're struggling with tough decisions, take them to the Lord. Don't take your personal agendas with you when you go. Then, when you recognize His voice and understand the direction, simply obey. Perfect love casts out fear.

If you've read and understood Keys to Developing a Hearing Ear you know the emphatic bottom line, that obeying what you hear increases the ability to hear. Failing to obey is simply disobedience, which decreases the ability to hear. I have to say what I think you already know. The biggest threat in the last days is deception. The counter to that is a seeing eye and a hearing ear. This ability is so critical its value cannot be overestimated. So, when you hear, just obey. Everything depends upon your hearing, then upon your obedience.

Sure there's risk. Of course there is. Every king who tore down the high places risked a lot.

He who grants you His eyes and ears is trustworthy. The question is, are you?

News and links of interest.

Sabre rattling in and around Iran continues to get louder. The Daniel 8 sequence: Iraq broken? Check. Iran broken? Coming soon. There might still be time to open a flag franchise.

Verayo "Trusted Silicon." "Elevating trust in silicon solutions." Interesting banded pyramid. Interesting double helix DNA over the chip. The chip in the tweezers has an interesting yin yang. Where do suppose they're going with this?

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