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Part 12 - Rochester, NY - The Airport - Money talks of Babylon Time

Here's a recommended audio series byTom Horn and Steve Quayle:

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The coins in the Nephilim gene pool and the quote from Chief Seattle on its ledge are as dots to connect in the networked scheme as we focus on the thread of time. This critically important time thread finds a major junction "dot" in the featured "Clock of Nations" in the airport's Observatory Area. This opens up some very interesting insights! The following is excerpted from the closing segment of part 11.

"The Council" pictures the spirits of the Nephilim being released from their prison where they have been bound under chains of darkness. The sentence of seventy generations duration for what was done prior to the flood of Noah's day having been served, the day has come for carrying out the appointed judgment in the earth. They rise out of the bottomless pit, the watery abyss, incarnating into freshly prepared bodies. Those on earth who pitch their 23/13 into the gene pool donate their souls to the cause and their bodies are duly recycled. Cha-ching! Doubt it? Open your eyes and look around.



Interpretation key:
human being: daughters of men - the "Adam tree"
animals: sons of god - the "serpent tree"
"What happened to us at the great flood will happen soon to you. As we were disembodied and imprisoned, now we will disembody and imprison you. What comes around goes around."
(end of excerpt)

Chief Seattle was channeling a familiar spirit, probably while in the Shamanic realm. The coded message he brought forth as a medium (an inter-dimensional communications portal) relates to the testimony recorded in the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew.

37) But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
38) For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
39) And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Matthew 24:37-39

The Watchers and Nephilim giants (Genesis 6) were responsible for the judgment of the flood. They were all "taken away." With their bodies destroyed, their disembodied nature was bound for an season. This is personal. Soon, their release will with brutal violence accomplish the Sovereign God's purposes of judgment in the earth. They have been appointed for release in a season that can aptly be described as "the revenge of the Nephilim." This explains the testimony of Chief Seattle.

If this seems very familiar, you may have read this same exact thing expressed in what the Lord revealed to me about the symbolic ceremonies closing the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Have I mentioned how these independent witnesses bear the same message, each validating the others through multiplied layers of redundancy?

The following paragraphs are excerpted from Olympic Ceremony Symbolism - Part Eight.

"What we see pictured in the Olympic signs is a coming season of "raining soccer balls from heaven," creating a flood that will destroy the seed of the true God as inherited from Adam and Noah. The soccer ball is the dragon's seed, which will join with willing hosts. The pattern for this comes from the biblical account of Noah's day, and also from the season of Adam and Eve's interaction with the serpent and subsequent heritage of Eve's firstborn, Cain. This new condition will be as though one were impregnated with the dragon's seed, making literal physical hosts for his agents in the hierarchy of the spirit of antichrist. The Chinese presentation of the "Memory Tower" as the DNA/Tower of Babel gateway between the natural and supernatural, between the flesh and the spirit, is a vivid witness testifying of the same. To perceive this reality is to understand the flood of Noah's day on a deep level, acknowledging the role the Nephilim played in that judgment. To perceive this reality is to see the motives of those involved in cloning and transgenics. Stargates are not mere sci-fi but real and significant portals for the stars of heaven that will facilitate the completion of their appointed work."

"Excerpted from part Seven: Those who commissioned the Olympic signs apparently have an excellent grasp of what is coming. A downpouring of the dragon's seed is appointed for the very near future. Tom Horn's recent insight into the Book of Enoch suggests the nature of this anti-Flood. The spirits of the Nephilim that were bound at the time of the flood are about to be released. They have been bound for 70 generations of 70 years after their hosts were destroyed. Millions will flood the earth as the eight-fold dragon's seed, to meet with prepared hosts in an eight-fold conception style reception! A coming anti-Flood is the testimony of the Olympic signs, crop signs, the American political process signs and others I haven't yet addressed. It relates directly to the time of the flood of Noah's day and is appointed as a counter to it. The world is as the mass of spectators who cheered as the signs were paraded before them in Beijing and around the world; oblivious."

Now, the matter of timing is key to the success of most plans. The days and times on the Lord's calendar are so very critical and the master counterfeiter knows this full well. Satan's schedule is fully synchronized with the Sovereign God's. His purpose is really to fulfill the Sovereign God's plan, and scheduled events must be synchronized like the moves in a chess game. Y'shua expresses his scheduled appointments to His people as He pleases, concealing and revealing as appropriate to the value and purpose of each hidden element. The counterfeiter expresses his schedule of appointments in a similar fashion yet fully within the Sovereign Lord's oversight.

When Chief Seattle relayed the message, "FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS TO THE ANIMALS WILL HAPPEN SOON ALSO TO HUMAN BEINGS," he didn't elaborate. "How soon?," we wonder.

The vengeful prophetic warning, "WILL HAPPEN SOON," isn't the only element in the scene involving time. As I suggested at the outset, clues to just how soon it will be fulfilled are embedded in each coin tossed into the Nephilim gene pool!

I already pointed out how the back of each coin has on it the thirteen character phrase "E Pluribus Unum," (out of many, one) signifying the complete Apollo Beast kingdom as fully identified with the serpent dragon. One other phrase is common to each coin's backside; "United States of America." This is a 21 character string. A key signification of the number 21 is that of time, of a complete cycle of time. Before I elaborate on that I'd like to introduce some other elements in the context that feature the time factor.

The stained glass pyramid, titled "The Monument," is an artful representation of the great pyramid at Giza. That monument is acknowledged as a timepiece by many students of its architectural features. (See Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse by Patrick Heron, for one consideration of the subject.) While that's hugely significant, what's more particularly relevant in this series exposing the dominion and magickal work of the gods over Rochester, NY is the more obvious timepiece placed right in front of "The Monument," very centrally located in the airport's Observatory Area.

This clock is a landmark timepiece that's been relocated here from its former home in the very heart of Rochester. I have vivid memories of watching the "Clock of Nations" there as a boy.

You can see one of the Nephilim lurking in the lower shadowy realm while viewing the clock (from this picture I took in 2008), down the steps to the right.

The clock can be seen from the lower realm as seen in this photo from my most recent visit. (below left)

Lord willing, I'll have a lot to share about the clock and its role as the "Clock of Nations" that features Babylon time. What I'm bringing to your attention in this post is that the clock is related to the pyramid and the coins and the Chief's prophetic warning. The counter-flood revenge of the Nephilim is a common theme among them and these symbolic and supernaturally influential objects offer clues as to how soon it will come. The clock provides a countdown in Babylon time, and the Federal Reserve coinage concurs.

What follows will probably lose many of you. There's just so much background to it.

The landmark "fabled timepiece" is only visiting the airport temporarily but yet this is not here by accident. The planned future location is to be a new atrium at the Golisano Children´s Hospital at Strong. I'm sure that setting will be just as fitting as its temporary home is now. The timepiece is scheduled to be moved and displayed there in the year 2012. Yes, this is the year most popularly recognized as the pivotal year on the Mayan long count calendar.

What I don't want you to do now is immediately import all the noise from previous study about that year. What I do want you to do is focus on what I'm presenting here and now, because the points I want to make are valuable enough not to be squelched in the din. If you are settled in, please proceed.

The moving of the clock is a signal. The planned relocation says something significant. The clock is another magickal device, and there is a reason why, where and when it will be moved. The year 2012, regardless of the Mayan calendar, is the focal pivot on other systems of note. One of them identifies it in the context of where we are in Bible prophecy. Planning to move the clock in 2012 is a clear signal.

Did you realize the year 1991 marked the coming of the Lord in judgment? There was a celestial sign given to announce it, just as promised in the Bible, and the sign was observed by myself and confirmed as such by a few others. The other scheduled events that were revealed to me were presented in such a way that I was unable to anchor them to the calendar for many years. Recently, you may have noticed my excitement about finding "the connecting link." The "three things and then four" features are validation for the insight I received in April of 2008 that binds the particular Shemittah I've been rather focused upon to the calendar. The three sevens of years counted off from 1991 conclude in 2012. Then, the seven patterned throughout biblical history from the creation week itself onward will arrive! That's where we are in Bible prophecy, though most folks have little idea of what it means. See "Beyond the Veil" on as the Lord leads.

While the key sign of 1991 is hidden from most folks, the dragon knows what's up. This fact was confirmed to me first though the sign of the impossibly unlikely receipt of the "Caritas Notice" and then has continued to be confirmed to me in such as the "Three things and then four" features and the Federal Reserve coin features. Make no mistake, the dragon knows what's up and he's boasting of it in so many contexts!

Here's where the 21 of the numismatic 23/13/21 embedding comes in, though it won't make much sense without connecting a couple other dots too. You see, the 3 "things" are three Shemittah that span twenty-one years (3x7). The 21 signifies a complete time cycle. It is the number identifying the span from the sign marking the beginning of the season of judgment in 1991 to the beginning of the appointed Shemittah in 2012. 1991+21=2012 As in Daniel 10 when the prince of Persia withstood the angel that had been sent to Daniel for 21 days, this 21 year interval has to pass before the appointed Shemittah will begin. Consider it as the limit of a necessary and very special season of preparation. The 21 character "United States of America" adds to the 13 (E Pluribus Unum) and the 23 (Liberty + In God We Trust + 4 digit year of minting) to present a witness that compares to that of the imagery on the Federal Reserve's "one dollar" note, about which so much has been written.

It's that imagery on the dollar and the recent work of such as Tom Horn and Chris Pinto that should connect a few more dots for you.

Lord willing, I'll pick this up in another post.

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    1947 + (PI * 21) or 10.5 complete revolutions from 1947 equals the end of the Mayan calender.

    1947 + PI =
    1950.1415926535897932384626433833 + PI =
    1953.2831853071795864769252867666 + PI =
    1956.4247779607693797153879301498 + PI =
    1959.5663706143591729538505735331 + PI =
    1962.7079632679489661923132169164 + PI =
    1965.8495559215387594307758602997 + PI =
    1968.991148575128552669238503683 + PI =
    1972.1327412287183459077011470662 + PI =
    1975.2743338823081391461637904495 + PI =
    1978.4159265358979323846264338328 + PI =
    1981.5575191894877256230890772161 + PI =
    1984.6991118430775188615517205994 + PI =
    1987.8407044966673121000143639826 + PI =
    1990.9822971502571053384770073659 + PI =
    1994.1238898038468985769396507492 + PI =
    1997.2654824574366918154022941325 + PI =
    2000.4070751110264850538649375158 + PI =
    2003.548667764616278292327580899 + PI =
    2006.6902604182060715307902242823 + PI =
    2009.8318530717958647692528676656 + PI =

    2012.9734457253856580077155110489 is exactly 2012-12-21

    This is because .97344572538 of a year is 355 days.
    .97344572538 * 365.25 = 355.551