Thursday, August 19, 2010

Part 9b - Rochester, NY - More photos of Giant Nephilim at the Airport

This post presents more pictures of "The Council" of Nephilim, taken as I passed through the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC). To see a larger size image, click on one of the images below.

You'll notice these are really giant idols. I'm 5-7" and the pictures were taken while holding the camera at eye level.

Also, here's an announcement. Lord willing, I'll be a guest on Call to Decision tonight, with Erin Dakins filling in for the host, Pastor Butch. The hour-long show starts at 9 PM Eastern.

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Listen Live - GCN Network 1 and 3
Stream From Telstar 5 (Rebroadcasts At 5:00 PM And 7:00 AM Eastern)

Radio/Satellite Info:
Shortwave Broadcasts on 7.465
Telstar 5 Transponder 5 Right Channel

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  1. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Loved listening to you on the radio last night and really enjoy your blog!!! Always wondered why when I went home to central NY it always seemed so dead and just " alseep', your blog sheds much light on this.