Friday, August 20, 2010

Part 10 - Rochester, NY - More Nephilim Magick at the Airport Roundabout

That the ancient gods hold sway over Rochester, NY is witnessed to by the collection of Nephilim giants seen at the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC). I'm going to offer some more show-and-tell insight before I move on in this series from the context of the airport.

Most people will look at the display on the walls and just see advertising for a local business. I'm hoping you're not like "most people" any longer. See what you're looking at and interpret it in the context. This is not just some random innocent setting!

I see a stylized triquetra, the triple helix DNA symbol that matches the meaning of "The Council" and provides background support. This symbol synergistically adds to the influence of the demonic spell.

Consider the particular style of Rochester General's triquetra. The component elements are circle-squares or square-circles that combine the male square and female circle into one. This signals the Baphomet androgeny and also Hermaphrodite, the offspring of Hermes and Aphrodite, patron god and goddess of Rochester.

By the way, this exhibit is positioned in the airport as a roundabout. Every country's road sign for a roundabout is a triskelion, an equivalent triple helix DNA symbol! Yes, yet another layer of symbolism that further amplifies the influence of this magickal portal!

I also see big pictures of happy health care professionals and patients in the seemingly innocent backdrop to "The Council." The testimony of a recent marketing sequence comes to mind, which told in five parts the story of the mark of the Beast. In the first scene, suggesting the promise of "a world where healthcare is about making connections," it signaled the introduction of the mark by health care professionals in the context of a medical center.

The dynamic horizontal triple helix graphic featured on (and Amalga-AMUIS) is closely matched by the marketing imagery on Rochester General Hospital's web site! You see, the coming triple helix DNA transformation is what "The Council" is all about! The triquetra and the happy, friendly, welcoming health care professionals are working together with the Herma at this magickal gateway. If you felt the imagery I interpreted last year needed further validation, consider it validated.

Earlier in this series I presented Hermes as the regional authority and referred to him as the Prince of Rochester, according to the practice of Daniel 10. I see in big words that appear next to the triquetra, "Rochester General." Hermes is presented in "The Council" as the tallest and therefore the most exalted idol. Prince of Rochester, Rochester General - I won't argue the point.

If you happen to work for the Rochester General Hospital or have some other association, I want you to understand that this post is not intended to bring a personal criticism or condemnation. I have worked most of my life basically "greasing the machinery" of like systems with my own blood, sweat and tears. If you perceive the Lord's work in this blog and your eyes are being opened, pay close attention to what the Lord might ask of you in whatever position you hold. The day is coming when decisions with consequences that extend beyond life and death will have to be made by health care providers and recipients. The mark of the beast is coming, and your role in taking it or participating in administering it will matter. I have most recently been working in the financial sector, the companion sector through which the mark will be introduced. What I'm telling you is something I've given plenty of consideration to. I care about you. Please take this to heart.

The last feature I want to point out is that the bottom of the pool is covered with coins. Travelers toss coins in, recognizing it as a wishing well. Think about it. Research the practice. It's a sacrifice to the gods in the water with a prayer request. Did the folks responsible for "The Council" know people were going to use it as a wishing well? Hermes and Aphrodite are honored!

The Trevi Fountain in Rome is one of the most visited landmarks in Rome, hugely popular for coin-tossing wishers. Wishes often relate to romance and marriage. It features Neptune riding a shell, which is how Aphrodite is often pictured. The "good luck" from such fountains and wells is sometimes associated with fertility. The highest-grossing film musical of all time, Momma Mia, features a mythical "Aphrodite's Fountain." While no coins are tossed in (because it's paved over), the flow of water has a magickal romantic effect.

The coins have a common fertility signaling attribute that must be noted. The coins feature the number 23; pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters - all of them! This is the just one more fertility (23 chromosomes) signaling element in the collection. Count the common characters on the heads side of this coin. LIBERTYINGODWETRUST1936 - Twenty-three. Check your pocket change.

Mercury is the god of commerce who is often pictured holding a coin purse. Aphrodite is the water and shell goddess of love. What if there was more to the ancient records than fictional mythology? Hmmmm. What if money was signaling things that furthered the agendas of occult secret societies? Naaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. That's crazy talk. That's just going too far. Like somebody could plan something like this. :)


  1. I counted the letters and characters on both dimes and nickels, guess what, 23 lol. Amazing!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Bonnie B! Blessings!