Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Part 13 - Rochester, NY - The Airport's 2012 Signals

As I suggested in the previous post, the featured exhibits at the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) are like a "connect the dots" puzzle, drawing the helpful picture of our present circumstance in these last days for those with eyes that see. In this post I'll expand a little on the time element introduced through having the "Clock of Nations" presently located in the airport's Observatory Area planned for relocation. I'll also offer some comments about 2012 and its significance.

The date/time features concealed at the airport relate in some way to the cryptic warning on the roundabout ledge, "FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS TO THE ANIMALS WILL HAPPEN SOON ALSO TO HUMAN BEINGS." The "animals" pictured in "The Council" have a very personal desire for revenge. Tom Horn's insightful research suggests that for nearly 4900 years the Nephilim have awaited their release, appointed for the execution of judgment in the earth. The expectation Tom expressed during the summer of 2009 was that it could well be any day now. How soon is the scheduled revenge of the Nephilim?

The planned relocation of the "Clock of Nations" calls the year 2012 to our particular attention. This is a pivotal year that's also identified by the amazing series of biblical insights and signs in the heavens and signs in the earth that I've been led to explore for the last 20 years. Is that the year appointed for the release of the Nephilim? I think not, but rather that a threshold will be crossed in 2012 that will make their soon release apparent. I'll elaborate shortly.

Before I move the focus away from the magickal roundabout gateway I want to log an observation about how the "The Council" roundabout very specially features both venues through which the mark of the Beast will come. I already pointed out the health care sector featured in the Rochester General backdrop. That compares to NCR.com's first panel. NCR.com's second panel illustrates the mark's introduction in the financial sector. "Would you like to experience a new world of banking?" This is what the coins tossed in the magick wishing well represent, where the favors of the gods are bought and sold with symbolic Federal Reserve tokens.

These elements are peripheral to the exhibit but, think about it - as such, the situation speaks of these as the two venues of interaction with the exhibit and beyond that with its beast-gods! The health care and financial sectors will surely provide the portals of interactive access linking the mortals to the immortal gods and binding them together. The elements representing both of these venues boldly witness to the characteristic triple-helix DNA features, the health care imagery with its stylized triquetra logo and the 23/13 "chromosome package of the Beast" signaling coins.

Now, the coins minted by the Federal Reserve are actually stamped with 23, 13 and 21 features. As I began to present in the previous post, just like how the 21 is the count to 2012 from the signpost of 1991, the 13 is the count to 2012 from the signpost of 1776. Tom Horn highlighted this in "Apollyon Rising 2012," illustrating this through the Mayan Katun cycles of ~19.7 year length that are represented in the esoteric Great Seal pyramid.

The thirteen steps rise from 1776 at the base to 2012 at the top, over which the glowing eye and capstone appears that awaits the appointed season during which it will be set in place. This 13 feature of the coins thus compares to the 21 feature; both, counters. The Federal Reserve conceals esoteric knowledge in its notes and in its coins that relates to who, what and when.

Remember, the pyramid is a featured part of the airport context, presented in stained glass as "The Monument" through which the Sun lights the passing travelers.

The year 1776 was appointed for a key transition long before it arrived. The year 2012, likewise. Wisdom dictates that we take the well established historical record into account as we anticipate the arrival of 2012. Adding the signaling of the "Clock of Nations" planned relocation in 2012 to the upcoming London Olympics signs, the Mayan calendar's prophetic witness, the count of Katuns on the Great Seal's pyramid and the countdown from the celestial sign of 1991 (with the validating "three things and then four" signs), the sum total of pointers signaling an epoch should really have our rapt attention!

Will a flood of Nephilim be released in 2012? What I've come to expect in consideration of these signs is worth mentioning again. I'm convinced that very key transitional events are appointed for fulfillment a short span after 2012, in the spring of 2015, and I have relatively little insight about what marks the beginning of the Shemittah in 2012. At the present time, it seems unlikely to me that a flood of Nephilim will be manifested in 2012. In the spring of 2015, when I believe the lawless one will be revealed as the Beast arising out of the sea, such a manifestation may accompany the great tribulation initiated at that time. As I understand the progression of things, it won't be a very long interval between when the Beast appears and the mark is implemented by the second beast. I believe it has to be fully manifested in the seventh year, 2018-2019.

I don't know everything. I've been wrong before. I'm ever mindful of how many twists and turns this path I'm on has taken. I sure don't want to give a presumptuous testimony, and I sure don't want to withhold from you what I believe the holy spirit is calling me to testify about these things. It can seem easier to try to avoid risk. It gives the illusion of safety. What I'm doing here in this blog and on theopenscroll.com is not "me" trying to be safe. It's "me" trying to be faithful to what the Lord has done and is doing. He continues to encourage me along the way. He continues to pour His life out for you and for me. Honor Him, with your life, won't you?

If I wake up tomorrow and the Lord wills, this will be continued!

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  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I think you are right on. You seem reluctant to say it but by your timing, I see someone who is age 30 in 2012 and 33 in 2015 - and that might be Prince William - someone wh holds so many possibilities of becoming the antichrist, if you have done your research.

    From the fact that when he is king (I believe Queen Elizabeth will retire after her Diamond Jubilee in 2012) and I believe Charles will be bypassed (don't know the specifics there) but William will be crowned King before the Olympics as King Arthur (his middle name.)