Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hermes has visa - VISA has Hermes

In this post I'm focusing attention on a very recognizable logo from corporate America that's related to the NASA insignia (previous post) as another very subtle representation of Hermes. The NASA insignia is unfamiliar to most people, but this one is seen nearly everywhere, perhaps even more recognizable than the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill! It belongs to VISA.

VISA's most visible product is a card issued by a vendor bank. On every card is their logo, which is among the world's most widely recognized brands. Merchants that "take VISA" typically display the brand image very prominently at their brick-and-mortar and/or Web store. Some merchants and events only take VISA, exclusively. This exclusive and therefore exalted brand has a logo hiding Hermes with his implicit sleep inducing wand! As declared in a very effective marketing slogan, "It's Everywhere You Want To Be."

Hermes is the god of commerce, and commerce by way of facilitating financial transactions has been VISA's core business. Yet, the meaning of the name "visa" doesn't appear to relate to financial transactions. A visa is, according to "The American Heritage® Dictionary": "An official authorization appended to a passport, permitting entry into and travel within a particular country or region." When you travel from one country to another, a travel visa is often required. A VISA credit or debit card is something altogether different. Yet, the name makes perfect sense when you understand the Hermes connection!

It is said that Hermes is the god of travelers and boundaries. Long ago, many Greeks would pray and sacrifice to Hermes before traveling. At the root of this is the role Hermes plays as a psychopomp, escorting the souls of men to the underworld. He one of a very small number of gods who could traverse into the underworld with the ability to make the return trip. He had the necessary grant of authority. Among the gods, Hermes had a visa! VISA honors Hermes and his special role with their logo, supporting the epic effort to bring Apollo to his appointed throne.

In the stack of images on the left, the one on top is their standard logo. Below it is one that appears alongside the Olympics logo. The Olympics only take VISA. Both logos require inversion to properly align them for interpretation. The third image in the stack shows the pair upside down, which is actually right-side up in the context of their symbolic meaning. As you may know from previous blog posts, the Olympic rings logo is actually a truncated pyramid.

The VISA logo has the letter "V" called to our attention by the orange element. When inverted, it becomes a truncated pyramid that compares to the Olympic rings logo! The orange element is a wing, and on the leg it represents the winged sandal or foot of Hermes. In VISA's branding there are two of these delta elements and they are called wings. One is orange and the other blue, and they're always presented together in a very particular way. However, all you ever see in the common VISA logo is the single orange wing. It's enough.

The image at the bottom of the stack appears on a VISA card as the hologram. It's a dove. This is not the holy spirit dove but rather Aphrodite's dove, goddess companion to Hermes and mother of their son Hermaphrodite. The ritual sex magick commonly found in occult imagery appears here in the combination of the holographic Aphrodite symbol and the Hermes symbol.

The Hermes-signaling VISA logo and card are really very subtle, but when each of the elements is identified and considered the interpretation seems pretty obvious. The winged Hermes has a special relationship with Aphrodite, he is the god of commerce and travelers, and, the holder of a special visa.

As a Hermes VISA, the card looks like it might be a "get out of Hell free" card, but that would be the lie!

VISA also markets gift cards, like this one in the image presented here. I found it on a Web site where the folks appear to really know and appreciate top quality occult imagery. Here you see another wing softly drawing more attention to the orange wing, enhancing the motion dynamic. In this imagery, we're actually presented with the flipped logo appearing in the reflection! Ooooooo. Like magick! Actually, it is just that!

If you've read anything I've written in recent years about the Olympics and their occult signaling ceremonies and imagery you know Zeus and Apollo are honored throughout. With VISA as a sponsor, Hermes and Aphrodite get some recognition and acknowledgement as they lend their support. What could be more natural?

Hermes is the god of contests and athletes.

"O Hermes, lord of games (enagĂ´nios), son of Maia and Zeus!"
Aeschylus, Fragment 212 (from Scholiast on Pindar, Pythian 2. 18)

"Apollon organised funeral games in honour of Python [the Pythian Games of Delphoi]; Hermes contributed to it, like Aphrodite; she won and accepted as prize a zither."
Ptolemy Hephaestion, New History Bk7 (as summarized in Photius, Myriobiblon 190)

The Olympics and FIFA World Cup athletic events only take VISA. These pagan stadium filling events feature ceremonies and logos exhibiting Hermetics, which is the deliberate use of esoteric imagery. There is powerful synergistic magick, and all this goes on with very little notice given to it.

Now, when you see VISA cards being swiped in esoteric themed movies or in special partnership arrangements with VISA, like for example, the "National Treasure" franchise (including The Sorcerers Apprentice 2010 or "Eagle Eye" or Jumper, think about Hermes, about Hermes Trismegistus and the Hermetic traditions, about the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Does this mean you should switch to some competing brand? Given what I understand about the system, there is no "better alternative" offered. Opting out of all electronic payment "solutions" will become necessary when the mark of the beast is offered. Until then, seek the Lord continually and obediently so you will know at what point disengagement from digital networks and "secure access" mechanisms might be necessary.

The next time you see a huge crowd at a stadium, think about the following.

"Following his [Hermes'] example, they use the staff [caduceus] in athletic contests and other contests of this kind."
Hyginus, Astronomica 2.7

"Hermes was tending the cattle, this time he fashioned a shepherd’s pipe which he proceeded to play. Covetous also of this, Apollon offered him the golden staff which he held when he herded cattle."
Apollodorus, The Library 3.115

No, you really don't want to be herded as cattle by Hermes' staff. Such as that go to the underworld.

The enormously successful VISA U.S.A. marketing from October 1, 1985 promoted
"VISA, It’s Everywhere You Want to Be." In response to that, I have to say, "No, the underworld is not where I want to be."

Twenty years later brought an upgrade. November 18, 2005 - VISA NAMES TBWA/CHIAT/DAY AS ITS AD AGENCY OF RECORD, DROPPING BBDO AFTER 20 YEARS. What I see in these ads (one - two - three) is that "Life Takes VISA" is preparing us for the mark of the beast, when not taking the chip means no life. The better life, though, not the one subject to corruption but the life that is truly life, is found by resisting the devil and his antichrist schemes.

VISA - "All it takes" says to me, "The mark will take all" - everything including your soul when Hermes takes you to the underworld!

"More people GO with VISA" says to me that more people GO with Hermes, escorted to Hell.

The "Life Flows better with VISA" ad appears with a 2012 Olympic logo, the one with the widely recognized image of Lisa Simpson giving Bart a, well, let's say, encouraging the flow of his "life." Hermes is the phallic god and father of Pan.

The recent VISA payWave spot - "Wave goodbye to cash," should need no interpretation. Think - NCR.com. Think - mark of the Beast.

In closing, consider how the NASA insignia compares to VISA's orange delta wing on a blue leg with a wing of its red delta element passing through a lower tip of the first "A" in "NASA." This is also touching the trailing edge of the orbiting satellite, which identifies it as Mercury.

The signs of Hermes presence and activity are sometimes subtle. When you learn to recognize and interpret the symbols a tale is told that looks more like reality than myth. Wouldn't you agree? The devil is very clever. Don't fall prey to His schemes.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Bob - Nice work. Two contrary thoughts (contrary to one another, that is, not to what you wrote!!):

    1) I've had a range of high, 'insider' vantage points, over my consulting career, to the people and workings of the most commonly recognized credit card systems (Visa, MC, Amex). The big-picture takeaway is that its pretty dark in there.

    With Visa and MC, especially -- systems which operate as large, murky consortia among banks -- you will hear people talk, in reverent fear, of "the associations," as if they were speaking of a nefarious, powerful, and not-to-be-messed-with cabal... which they are!

    2) Having an equally privileged 'perch', right now, inside one of the largest financial institutions on the planet, as they attempt to come up with ways to offer 'smart' and other 'universal' cards with an ID component, it's hard to see how they, or the associations, will ever get their proverbial act together. Even the best and most technologically advanced of such schemes are plagued with stupidity and complete lack of ability to execute.

    The desire to roll out the mark of the beast is there but they are so far from doing so it is almost laughable. The prophetic community gives them *WAY* too much credit, IMHO (pardon the pun). Could the AC and his ilk pull it off? Of course. But the MOTB is not just going to subtly sneak in some day, e.g., by way of a mail-order offer without us noticing.

  2. Thanks Art. Your observations are noted, and so appreciated.

    Only after the Beast is anointed and in a comparable anointing the second Beast makes an image of the first can the MOTB be presented. Until then, the work of preparation continues for the day appointed for fulfillment. It's not tomorrow.

    Like as with the LHC and the Iran conflict, watching the technologies and agencies underwriting the MOTB progress towards their scheduled appointments with destiny with eyes that see as opened by the Sovereign Lord is quite an awesome privilege. What a day to be awake and watching!