Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Part 9 - Rochester, NY and the gateway to High Falls

In this post I'm continuing the series exhibiting the dominion of the ancient gods over Rochester, NY, where the featured gateway to High Falls is found to have something of a companion. As I was leaving Rochester for California, what had been something of a research expedition exploring and documenting the local occult imagery got a little closing punctuation at the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC). Here's more show-and-tell that should put a big exclamation mark on what I've already presented!

After passing through the security checkpoints you enter a secure terminal "Observatory Area" that leads to the departure gates. There, you encounter the expected kinds of food/retail concessions and a variety of exhibits. If you've been following this blog, there's one in particular you might find rather shocking, but yet not entirely unexpected!

As you walk toward the Susan B. Anthony Concourse B departure gates you pass a semi-enclosed circular area on your left that has some bench seating. Because this circular area is in the middle of the Concourse access like a roundabout, visitors generally will pass it on the left on arrival, too.

(Extra credit - check out the street sign symbols for roundabouts!)

The central feature of this exhibit / meditation zone is a reflecting pool with big statues inside. According to the engraving on the marble ledge of the pool, it's titled, "The Council" (1991) by Bill Stewart. Upon seeing this, one word comes to my mind - NEPHILIM.

An inscription on the ledge reads:


This is identified as an Eskimo Hunting Song.

Nephilim! The legends and artifacts of the Eskimo agree with those of every other pagan culture and bear witness to the hybridization described in Genesis chapter 6, when the sons of god mated with the daughters of men and produced giants. These gods were often pictured as human/animal composites.

"The Council" is a collection of six (the number of man) demi-god giants inside a reflecting pool, arranged to form a hexagram or pair of deltas and inscribed within a doubled circle. This symbol is commonly known as the seal of Solomon, used by witches to invoke demonic entities and cast magick spells. Why would such a thing be placed where everyone flying in and out of Rochester on a domestic flight passes by? I submit to you that the reason is because it truly is a ritual magick gateway like unto the one located at the access to High Falls.

Before you get to "The Council" you can watch the chariots ascending from earth into the heavens and descending from the heavens to earth. In this Observatory Area this stained glass work is featured, titled, The Monument (1992), by Peter McGrain. It's a stylized pyramid with a capstone. Yes, it's a sanctuary for the Beast. This area is actually called the Observatory Area, not Observation area, which directs our attention to the viewing of the heavens from the earth.

An outbound traveler must pass "The Council" (most directly on their left, the side of cursing) and pick up a supernatural parting gift on the way through, compliments of the ruling god, the god of travel, Hermes. Eventually, each traveler boards their appointed chariot, which ascends them into the heavens as becoming divine gods.

Each traveler arriving at Concourse B passes The Council roundabout on the left, picking up their complementary supernatural welcome gift, then immediately "descends to the underworld" down the stairs or escalator to where the exits are located. The traveler has just descended from the heavenlies and must pass by the magick gateway and descend into the underworld. Think, "High Falls."

The ritual magick here compares to that of the High Falls gateway as a work appointed to prepare for the coming Beast and his mark. When you look at the beasts in the water, think about Revelation 13:1, where John testified about seeing a Beast rising out of the sea.

In this image on the left, notice the delta symbols marking the beast on the left. The big one drawn on its back is a downward pointing earthly-daughters-of-men symbol. The one on the back of its head is upward pointing, signaling the divine sons of god. That one has rays radiating outward identifying it as the ubiquitous capstone on the pyramid. The head-capstone of the body-pyramid represents the Beast as head of his kingdom.

In this image on the right, the giant beast on the right wears the heavenly-sons-of-god delta on his back.

In this image on the left is another heavenly-sons-of-god delta drawn on a - what? This is a form of what's known as a Herma, or when plural, Hermai.

"Hermai were boundary or mile-stones, carved with the head and phallus of Hermes. They were rural markers which were also supposed to ensure the fertility of the herds and flocks and bring luck. Hermai were erected at boundaries, crossroads and in gymnasia." Hermes Cult - THE HERMAI (BOUNDARY STONES)

See also Herma - Wikipedia or here (* graphic images)

The image on the right pictures him with what looks like a birdhouse on top, alluding to the winged cap and also suggesting how Hermes is, like a typical birdhouse, lifted high above the earth. This idol is the tallest of the six, so, like the idol of Hermes ruling over the city of Rochester from atop the Aqueduct Building, the phallic god appears in the context of "The Council" likewise exalted in height.

Such a Herma found along the travelers' path would have been a very familiar site in Greece. Consider the scene. The herds and flocks are herded by Hermes' magick wand, which Apollo had used to herd his own flocks but gave to Hermes in exchange for his lyre. The travelers as livestock are herded past the Herma marking this major city boundary that is the Concourse B, Greater Rochester International Airport. According to the historical testimony, this ensures the fertility of the herds and flocks. This is the nature of the "welcome gift" and "parting gift" I referred to previously. You can interpret the "good luck" as the curse of the fallen angel gods that tags unwitting travelers as fertile livestock for prolific breeding. Have I mentioned the mark of the Beast lately?

The positioning of such a Herma at the crossroads is something Bob Dylan (video) and Robert Johnson would surely understand, given how it's code for "meeting the devil and selling your soul."

In the image on left, the left side of the god's phallus shaft has a hand drawn in, an apparent allusion to the practice of masturbation. "Diogenes, speaking in jest, related the myth of Hermes taking pity on his son Pan, who was pining for Echo but unable to get a hold of her, and teaching him the trick of masturbation to relieve his suffering. Pan later taught the habit to shepherds." (Wikipedia entry giving attribution to Dio Chrysostom, Discourses, vi.20).

Just to make sure we don't miss Herme's identity, a very obvious hare appears in relief. (Below Right)

From Hermes Estate - (2) SACRED PLANTS & ANIMALS:
"HARE: SACRED ANIMAL The hare was sacred to Hermes because of its proliferacy. He placed the animal amongst the stars as the constellation Lepus."

IV. HARE (Greek "lagos")
"Hare [constellation Lepus]. Some say that it was put there by Mercurius, and that it had been given the faculty, beyond other kinds of quadrapeds, of being pregnant with new offspring when giving birth to others."
Hyginus, Astronomica 2.33

The hare certainly gives some emphasis to the fertility "blessing" of the Herma, adding another layer of symbolism and degree of enhancement to the charm.

These features make it pretty obvious what's going on here. Given how signs that this region is Hermes' domain are so evident elsewhere, finding artifacts signaling the presence of this winged god of travelers at the airport is not unexpected.

While plenty of convincing evidence of his presence and scheme at the airport has now been presented, there's more to be revealed, and, Lord willing, I'll follow this up with another post!


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    It is obscene art. I agree with the author symbols abound. I have counted several Baal poles in my city, located in public parks. Perhaps I will put together a collage similar to this article. I find it enlightening thank you.

  2. The real art here is the art of deception.

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Very interesting. Thank you for posting it. Also, ignore the ignorant and the haters.

  4. JAson2:09 PM

    Not just art... rather, occult inspired manifestations in physical form. I'll bet anyone $50 worth of bottomed-out federal reserve notes that the community of Rochester was NOT consulted on these so-called 'art pieces' before they were installed.

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Just more New OWrld Order B.S.

  6. Buy Silver and Food..!!3:31 PM

    Ha I like the bottomed out Federal Reserve Note comment... to bad its so true..! Sounds a lil like DIA or Denver International Airport... google that 1 if you havent Read up on DIA.

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    It looks like Egyptian Idols. One looks like a male organ that is also put on display as the obelisks. People start looking at your history. why is it that history isn't being really taught in school any more. They want you dumb to what coming on us. Look up osirus and his queen Isis. Get with it people. Watch it get hit. The picture is all there

  8. It looks like some one took a crap and they call it art, so I call it crap art for the sheeple who have no brains. men becoming animals or animals becoming man, what absurdity, it's almost beyond belief we have such anti god haters among us.

  9. Anonymous6:15 PM

    eXcellent work, sir.

  10. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Who paid for it? You?

  11. Anonymous6:34 PM

    As someone commented already Bob, you should look at the murals painted in the Denver Airport terminal!! They make this look like child's play. Some believe the Denver airport is a military controlled entrance/exit for underground creatures of the reptillian ilk!!
    I have sent a letter to Visa to ask them their version of an explanation of their logo. Currently my request for information has been forwarded twice to two different offices for consideration. I'll send you the answer when I receive it.

  12. Anonymous6:51 PM


    This is just more examples of the power of the occult in the my hometown! I am a pilot and I have to view this garbage each and every time I travel to and from work. Rochester is steeped in the occult. This is the area in which Mormonism was founded and above all spiritualism which as you know is now the New Age movement. In fact for a brief time Rochester was home to H.P. Blavatzky.

  13. Neat blog! Love the photos, especially that beautiful blue pyramid, LOL!

  14. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Get some medication, you're paranoid. This is folk art like totem poles. Get a grip and get a life!!


    (A Lamp In The Dark)by Chris Pinto. The Bible's true history...

  16. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I would agree with the scoffers if this was an isolated event. But it is not. This sort of ancient occult idology is becoming rampant. It's everywhere. I used snicker at people who complained about corporate logos. I snicker no longer. It is no longer avoidable. There is something very scary occurring right before our very eyes. A moment in time is swiftly approaching, a time in which occult men have been awaiting and preparing for. I have deacons in my church talking about the "New Earth" the "New Age" the "New Time." It's very weird. These same deacons can be found at the local Freemasonry Temple, or they're Shriners.

    I know how freaking paranoid that sounds. I used to scoff too. Not any more. When my dad died I found his Masonic Apron. No one knew he was a Freemason, not even Mom. She knew he'd been tapped, but he lied and said he turned them down. My father lied to my mother. As far as I know, that's the only lie my father ever told. He lied for the Craft. Back when I was a kid he was tapped to become a deacon, but my mom refused to be a deacon's wife. I guess she knew more than she let on. So my dad did not become a deacon, but this was the exact same time he was approached by the masons. I found all this out after my dad died. I was almost 40 years old. Talk about cold chills.

    So I look at things differently now. I know for a fact that even the most trustworthy and stalwart men can operate in secrecy, can belong to occult (hidden) cults. My own father was one. Thank you for your blog.

  17. In response to anonymous who said: Get some medication, you're paranoid. "This is folk art like totem poles. Get a grip and get a life!!"- Totem Poles are occult!