Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Part 3 - Rochester, NY and the gateway to High Falls

In this post I'm continuing the exhibit of an occult ritual magic gateway to Rochester, New York's High Falls district. The gateway models the receiving of the mark of the Beast.  Several architectural and "artistic" elements found in the surrounding area support the theme. I have already addressed the last of the elements of the gateway, including the three millstones and the 18 (9 on each side) elements flanking State St. In this post I begin to explore elements found in the area on the "other side" of the gateway.

If you go through the gateway into the High Falls District, on your left is Frontier Field, Rochester's minor league baseball stadium. The focus of interest, though, is the first building in High Falls district on the right, a parking garage. What I found there validates the interpretation of the gateway as a mark-of-the-Beast triple helix DNA transformation promotional tool.

The most prominent feature of the High Falls Garage is on the corner that faces the gateway.
What first drew my attention was the part at the top, because the structure seems to suggest that it's all about supporting that thing. It took me a little while to grasp what I was looking at. It resembles an old railway water tower. For comparison I present this image (at left) of a watertower in Bakersfield, CA, used for trains. I can't say for sure, but I suspect the water tower likeness is probably the cover story given to explain the thing to the locals. What's on top looks like a stylized (obfuscated) shell, which is the most widely recognized symbol of Aphrodite (aka Venus). This goddess is, of course, not "mythological" in some sense of being merely imagined by the ancients, but rather is a fallen angel or hybrid spawn of one, a Watcher or a Nehilim.

I've written recently about Aphrodite in the context of pharmakeia and aphrodisia. From that writing, I quote: "The Aphrodite legend presents her as arising from the sea, from the sea foam (aphros), comparing to the picture presented in Revelation 13:1: 'And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore. Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea ...'"
Given how the context is that of High Falls, a waterfall on the Genesee River that generates no small amount of "sea foam," the stylized sea shell water tower seems fitting. The natural elements of that location easily lend themselves for identification with Aphrodite. Satan's ploy's are brilliant and will accomplish all that is ordained, serving the sovereign God's greater purposes that will ultimately give Him the glory for His wonderful plan!

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, or sexual desire, which must be seen as perfectly fitting in the context of signaling the mating of the heavenly with the earthly in the mark of the Beast.

Consider what's being modeled again. After passing through the triple helix DNA gateway on State Street at the Inner Loop, by ritual magick, your "state" is transformed by way of your "inner loops," your coiled DNA strands. Think about it. This transformation is the result of the reproductive union of the heavenly with the earthly, which is signaled immediately upon your entry into the High Falls district by the Aphrodite tower.

While what has been presented is already pretty convincing, there's still more to reveal!

As I considered the elements of the supporting structure I noticed that there were three strands winding up the tower. This feature identifies it rather obviously as a triple helix DNA model. Study the structure and visually track the diagonals aligned from lower left to upper right. They are subtle because the strands are simply part of the structure. It's what's not there in the structural context that calls these three helical strands out for our attention. Some of you may recognize how this tower resembles the "memory tower" that was dramatically presented during the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, another DNA transformation symbol.

You can count a total of six supports for the High Falls Garage tower, six being the number of man. The sons of god are targeting the daughters of men. This tower is mostly blue, the color of the heavenly. Why blue? Visitors have presumably already passed through the gateway and are therefore already transformed into heavenly beings.

This sea shell water tower also resembles a transmitting or receiving dish or antenna, as sending and/or receiving energetic waves between heaven and earth. This is the kind of connection promised by's recent marketing sequence, facilitated by the mark of the beast! There are "windows," stepped, ascending around the tower. This speaks to me of a feature of the triple helix transformation that provides the transformed with a view into another dimension.

There are stairs within the structure, so as visiters to the garage climb the stairs they are ascending within the DNA as a "Jacob's ladder," or, stairway to heaven! This is consistent with similar constructs noted in this blog and on Note, this is not signaling the genuine but a counterfeit. Beyond merely signaling meaning, these occult symbolic elements are actively promoting the spirit of antichrist, casting a spell over the unwitting visitors to High Falls. No joke.

To be continued, Lord willing!

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