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Part 4 - Rochester, NY and the gateway to High Falls

An occult "ritual magick" gateway is found on State Street in Rochester, New York at the Inner Loop. If you want to explore the area virtually, you can use Google street view. Passing through the gateway from downtown, you arrive in the High Falls district where the High Falls Garage immediately presents you with more occult symbols. First, you will see what I identified in the last post as an Aphrodite tower. Then, a pyramid comes into view, which, as the parking garage entry, is yet another occult "ritual magick" gateway.

Now, you might be wondering why both Greek and Egyptian elements might be combined here. The temples of Freemasonry freely intermix the Greek or Roman and Egyptian emblems, knowing the very same gods are being worshiped by every pagan culture. This parking garage compares to a temple of Freemasonry.

The point of all these occult worship symbols is to promote the spirit of antichrist in preparation for the revealing of the lawless one (2 Thessalonians 2). These symbols actively recruit for the Beast, casting spells of deceit. Many among us will not be able to resist when the mark of the Beast is offered because of such things as what you see in these photos. The agencies responsible for these symbolic structures prey upon the ignorant. If and when you recognize such things as these in your locale, you have an opportunity to point them out and offer some insight that may just make the difference for someone sometime in the near future, when tough and very crucial choices have to be made. Love your neighbor as yourself. Speak up. Who knows whether thou art called to the Kingdom for such a time as this! We live in a season of the rarest of opportunities. Do you realize that? I mean, do you really get it?

Here's a picture of the garage entrance. The entry structure isn't really a pyramid (square base - single point on top) but there are several elements that reveal it is a symbolic identity. For example, consider the witness of the flag poles in the center island. There are three of them, flanked by the potted flowers.

The usual way to place three flag poles is to set them equal distances apart in a straight line, or perhaps positioned symmetrically with the pole in the middle offset to form an isosceles triangle. The flag poles across from the High Falls Garage are positioned in a distinctly different way. When I noticed this I immediately thought of the pyramids at Giza.

The flag pole relationship matchs the pattern of the three pyramids, which matchs the pattern of the stars in the constellation Orion's belt! If you consider how tall each flag pole is you'll notice their relative heights are related to their distances apart, which testifies that the pyramids on earth relate to the Orion's belt stars in heaven!

These cleverly designed flag poles do far more than merely hold the three occult signalling flags of the country, state and city aloft! Their context reveals to us that the triangular garage entry represents the great pyramid.

This parking garage represents the kingdom of the Beast. I've written plenty about the pyramid imagery. (See Vancouver Olympics - Part Three - The Cauldron Pyramid) The form presented to us in this garage is that of the completed pyramid, when the Beast is placed as the messianic capstone and reigns over his transformed body as the head.

Images of the Beast kingdom pyramid present the capstone in a variety of ways. On the great seal of the United States, the illuminated eye appears to hover over the base. On the High Falls Garage, the capstone is presented in a similar way, standing away from or kind of hovering over the base, marked out for us in heavenly blue by the decorative framework. This use of the framework to signify the important element compares to how the three strands of DNA are presented that wind up the Aphrodite tower on the building's corner.

Underneath the framed capstone is a square opening through which we see a stairway railing, used by visitors to the garage as they ascend. The windows above and the stairs within compare to what I noted in the previous post about the Aphrodite DNA tower.

The square opening with the blue framework should seem familiar. It's the great pyramid as viewed from above in the heavens! Compare it to the image above (the one with white lines on black) showing the three pyramids as squares with lines connecting the opposing corners! Are you seeing a pattern here? This one on the facade is slightly obfuscated because the framework is slightly higher than it is wide. However, if you consider the square portal with the x framing it, the pattern is hard to miss.

For an explanation of why there is a portal under the capstone we could reflect upon a popular "pyramid" game. If you've been following this blog you may recall the 8-ball in Hogarth's dresser drawer in "The Iron Giant." I had shared some insight about the 8-ball positioned in a pool game "pyramid" rack and also as a "Magic 8-Ball" magick dimensional portal. Hmmmmmmm. Like as an 8 (8-ball) is an infinity symbol, the eternal or immortality of the divine/human hybrid is presented in the X. The framework forms the opposing upward and downward pointing deltas that are equivalent to the star of David / seal of Solomon symbols. This is the ubiquitous signaling of the union of the heavenly sons of god with the earthly daughters of men. This reproductive transformation is what the pyramid "family crest" is all about!

Notice how the garage sign says "ENTER" on the right. There is, of course, no "EXIT" sign appearing on the other side. There is no exit from this pyramid kingdom. Once the mark of the Beast has been received there is no turning back. This High Falls Garage is for long term parking! Given that there is a "restitution of all things," the lake of fire will however eventually accomplish its appointed work.

Consider the red framework built over the facade. Just above the "capstone" a version of the Masonic square and compass is formed. The colors are inverted however. Red should point down and blue should point up. Amateurs. One too many layers of symbolism. :) Or, giving them more credit, the designers may have aimed for some cognitive dissonance to give it some enhanced dynamic. The square and compass is not the only identification with Freemasonry.

Consider too the 9'-6" clearance marked above the entrance, which seems excessively generous to me. Isn't parking garage clearance typically about 7 feet? In yet another layer of symbolism, it speaks to me of the Masonic Royal Arch, with the astrological Cancer symbol on the keystone of the arch that is a reclining and therefore obfuscated 69. This is the two digit number representing the mark of the Beast triple helix DNA transformation. (23*3=69 chromosomes) The 9'-6" clearance or 96 is equivalent to 69 as an inverted form, according to how some that are trained in the occult account it. Beyond that, the clearance warning script from left to right reads: 9'-6" clearance 9'-6" 9'-6" clearance 9'-6". A 6 9 is thus presented in the center, in the keystone position! That's pretty clever. The entrance compares to the royal arch. Again, the parking garage compares to a temple of Freemasonry.

I'm going to address one last feature of the North side of the State Street portal, one that further identifies the High Falls Garage with the temples honoring the gods of the ancients and proclaims that it serves the same purposes. The decorative framework adorning the top of the garage compares to the architecture of many Greek temples. Three rectangular elements span each pair of vertical support columns as it wraps around the building. The unseen pattern that must be inferred within each rectangle imports a 6-6-6, the number of the Beast. Certain liberties have been taken with this model by the designers, but a comparative study that takes the surrounding symbolic elements into account strongly suggests that conclusion.

The parking garage support columns in this context compare to Greek temple columns. Relative to the simple Doric style of architecture, the garage's three sections of vertical fencing between each column compares to a triglyph element on the Doric frieze. The horizontal triad of framed rectangles compare to what appears just above the frieze, mutules, rectangular blocks that hang from the soffit of the cornice in the Doric order. Mutules appear over the triglyphs. Identifying the rectangular elements as mutules reveals the Beast connection.

A mutule very typically is adorned with rows of guttae, or, drops, numbering 18 in total. These always appear in three rows of six! Each mutule signals the Beast, presenting 6-6-6. Each decorative mutule, while void in the garage model, implies a 6-6-6! The mutuls seen in this image on the left have fallen to the ground and are among the ruins of the temple at Delphi, Greece.

Lord willing, in the next post in this series I'll explore some more of the imagery signaling the supernatural condition of this dark city that is Rochester, NY.

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