Friday, August 13, 2010

Hermes puts America to Sleep with his Magick Wand

In the research I've been doing recently some rather remarkable signs have come to light that pertain to Hermes. Circumstantial evidence suggests he's the angelic agent perhaps most responsible for the soon revelation of the Beast of Revelation. As a son of Zeus/Satan, he labors to facilitate his half-brother Apollo's ascendance to the antichrist throne. (See Tom Horn's "Apollyon Rising 2012") As seen in the landmark imagery of Rochester, NY, his lover Aphrodite appears to be at his side. As I continue to build upon what I've presented in previous posts I'd like you to consider a peculiar collection of items that exhibits how Hermes puts America to sleep with his magick wand, fulfilling the prophetic word of Revelation 18:23 about the pharmakeia that deceives all the races.

Sometimes the spells of pharmakeia involve drugs. The prescription sleeping pill Ambien CR is a short-acting nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic. In their TV spot and on the Ambien CR Web site a rooster is featured. The rooster represents Hermes. While the rooster is usually the neighborhood alarm clock what should be noted here is the pharmakeia spell association with Hermes, whose magick wand casts the spell that closes the eyes like a hypnotic sleeping pill. The Ambien CR logo appears to be a stylized version of the winged cap worn by Hermes.

The logo of the American Sleep Medicine Foundation features the wand Hermes uses to maze the eyes. The words on top of the seal, "American Sleep Medicine," WOW! OK! Just come right out and say it! The Yin Yang represents the fusion of the opposites, the heavenly male sons of god with the earthly female. The white signifies divinity, and we see Hermes' wand properly positioned in the white - and as piercing the eye.

This image featured in the previous post pictures, among other things, the caduceus wand of Hermes exalted over America as a banner flown from a flag pole. This is, of course, merely an artful representation, yet, there several examples of the symbols of Hermes literally appearing over America, and even over the whole earth! While the effectual influence of the health reform marketing imagery must be considered as pretty small in comparison, it does bring the larger scope of and meaning of this reality to our attention. The role appointed for the action of Hermes' wand through the health reform legislation activity is merely one facet of the greater pharmakeia, but yet its role is pivotal.

The first example is the most ancient. The planet known most popularly in our culture as Mercury must first be acknowledged. Is it not exalted over the circle of the earth? These things are parables and interpreting them properly gives wisdom. Along with Venus, or, Aphrodite, Mercury is closer to the Sun than the earth and appear frequently in the heavens. The divination of astrology is a forbidden counterfeit, but what genuine is counterfeited should be sought after from the Revealer of Secrets Y'shua. Mercury and Venus were involved in the signs of the Lord's coming in 1991 (which has been documented on in detail), so I know something about their symbolic testimony. The celestial beings or star angels represented exhibit "good and bad" dualism, representing God's faithful, and in contrast, the fallen.

The astronomical symbol for Mercury is a stylized version of Hermes' caduceus. As Hermes wears the cap that can render him unseen, when the planet isn't lost in the glare of the sun it's only visible in morning or evening twilight, and then only as a crescent. In this grand scale witness the implicit caduceus near to the sun is always passing over the earth, casting its spells, awakening in the morning and putting to sleep at night. The health reform imagery models this reality and interprets this parable with the timely addition of the pierced eye, with its light put out, invoking the blinding of America in preparation for judgment.

As soon as Americans who were already under the spell of Hermes could further dramatize the ancient parable and tweak it for effect they did just that! Adding to the witness of the planet that cycles over the earth another Mercury was placed in orbit over the earth. This one was manned, presenting a "mark-of-the-beast" parable of a star-man ascended into the heavens! "Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States. It ran from 1959 through 1963 with the goal of putting a human in orbit around the Earth. The Mercury-Atlas 6 flight on February 20, 1962, was the first Mercury flight to achieve this goal." (Project Mercury - Wikipedia) John Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth. However, the story here is how Hermes was exalted into the heavens by Americans and thus set upon a high place to preside over his domain of authority and work his magick with the slumber inducing wand.

Ahhhh, but wait - there's more! In the previous post I pointed out how the eye in the health reform image signals that satellite and other surveillance is provided for by the health reform legislation. "MERCURY (sometimes called "Advanced VORTEX") is reportedly the name of a series of three United States spy satellites launched in the 1990s." (Mercury (satellite) - Wikipedia)

I perceive a trend.

I'll close this post with one last example of the exaltation of Hermes over America, testifying to the reality pictured in the health reform imagery.

Consider the Goodyear blimp. Here's an excerpt from Goodyear Logo - "THE GOODYEAR SYMBOL - ORIGIN OF THE WINGFOOT

"The responsibility for the adoption of the Wingfoot symbol, known today in every civilized country on earth, rests to a great extent with Frank Seiberling, the founder and for many years president of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company."

"In the old Seiberling home in Akron, on a newel post of the stairway there stood a statue of the famous god of mythology known to the ancient Romans as Mercury, and to the Greeks as Hermes."

"Mr. Seiberling's attention was attracted to the statue, and he felt that the god it portrayed embodied many of the characteristics for which Goodyear products were known."

These blimps all bear the image of Hermes and fly above the earth, cris-crossing America to circle hypnotically above massive crowds that gather below. From its exalted position in the heavens, this eye in the sky is the bringer of messages from the heavenlies to earth bound mortals as video images are conveyed to earth. Hermes is the god of atheletes and sporting events, and this is the context in which he is typically seen. The caduceus is unseen yet its work is apparent as the stadium worshipers slumber on.

The testimony of "Good-year" is borne aloft and advertised by Hermes, the god of thieves and liars. I just don't trust him.

With eyes that see not, and ears that hear not, America, this is your parable. "Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light? No. Not really.


  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Bob, great stuff. Funny how I never saw that on the Good Year blimp before. Hidden in plain sight.

    I assume you and your readers are familiar with the pioneering research which 'Garden Girl' did on Mercury/Hermes and its relation to the monkey 'god' Hanuman -- beloved by and of the president? The connections are direct, strong and plain for all those with eyes to see.

    Some further thoughts on Mercury as it relates to America...

    As with the rapid orbit of the planet and the speedy/winged associations of the 'god', we are a culture of *fast* -- food, cars, money, sex, wisdom, insight, faith, etc. So too, like the planet, we are obsessed with what is "hot" -- what's the latest, 'greatest', newest, etc.

    We want it NOW and it must be NEW. We are not inclined to WAIT on the Lord in anything like the time-frames we see people doing so in scripture.

    Like the element Mercury, we tend, as a culture to be mercurial -- i.e., slippery and hard to pin down, much like the metal in its liquid state. (I suspect most have probably seen this in high school chemistry class or upon breaking an old-style thermometer.) One of my biggest frustrations, in reaching people with the gospel is that they will not hold to anything concrete, escaping with relativistic koans about truth being unknowable or my truth being OK for me, but not for him/her.

    In short, I'm not surprised that this demonic 'god' holds sway over America right now.

  2. Thanks so much for the excellent insight and for sharing the link!