Friday, January 27, 2012

The Avatar Stratagem

While I was listening to Steve Quayle and Tom Horn on a recent Omega Man BlogTalkRadio show the Lord brought to mind a movie I watched several days ago. Avatar.

Disabled Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) travels to planet Pandora to become an avatar, ingratiate himself with the natives and help Americans mine lucrative unobtainium. But he finds himself in an interstellar conflict after falling for Na'vi warrior Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).Netflix

A paraplegic Marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.IMDB

Here's my synopsis.

James Cameron brings forth a cloaked vision of when the inhabitants of Earth become avatars, hybrid beings into whom alien raiders project themselves for the displacement and subsequent annihilation through conversion of those who worship the Tree of Life as His heritage.

What's cryptically pictured in Avatar is a hint of what's coming. This is huge! Praise the Lord for His awesome favor in opening this insight! What I've come to understand about the mark of the beast is an avatar scenario you can extrapolate from the movie. Cameron's Avatar is brilliant and diabolically subtle in its implication, which unfolds as you connect the dots between what has been, historically, what is now and what is soon to come upon the Earth.

In the movie, an avatar is a body that looks just like the indigenous race (Na'vi) but is merged with the DNA of an human as the means of porting or extending that human donor into the alien environment. The hybrid body is able to be inhabited and fully controlled by the individual whose DNA was used to grow the hybrid body. A technology that involves the human (an “avatar driver”) entering a coffin-like device enables their consciousness (soul life) to be projected into the avatar, making this biotech portal a remote operations interface. The movie's hybrid bodies were grown, generated and incubated with no souls of their own, essentially blank slates. The avatar body is the necessary container for the soul life of the avatar driver, the biotech vehicle put into service for remote drone missions carried out on the alien planet.

One key theme of the movie plot involves the introduction of avatars among the Na'vi to influence their activity. The goal of the project's corporate sponsor is to mine the planet for its valuable mineral resource, which ultimately means one of the clans of the Na'vi will have to relocate. As the Na'vi resist, the conflict impacts the entire global population. A shock and awe offensive is launched by the military contractors to enforce the corporation's will. The offensive fails to achieve its objective and the plan to dominate the inhabitants and seize the planet's assets fails, and the alien raiders to Pandora are exiled.

OK. Now, consider this as the premise of a remake or sequel - The Avatar Stratagem

What if, instead of using their biotech to introduce a few independently grown avatars into the population, they could simply hijack the Na'vi by hybridizing them. This is the plot of Threshold (2005), where the alien invaders conquer humanity by “turning us into them,” in a sense by coming at us sideways. Using this stratagem, if the means of deception were clever and effectual enough to cover their agenda, the hijacked natives would never know what happened. They would simply be replaced. If the life force and will of the hijacking entity is dominant, if they can displace the soul of the prior occupant in the process of hybridizing their body, they have converted or turned the asset in a covert op. This brilliant stratagem would succeed where the previous attempt failed.

This proposed Avatar Stratagem is, I believe, the very Beast and mark of the Beast scheme! Rooted in what is presented as sci-fi entertainment media, this allegorical extrapolation of Avatar outlines what has been prophesied from long ago, a reality we see remarkably springing forth in our midst.

Consider that the Na'vi are 10 foot tall, giants, which means the avatars are therefore also giants, even hybrid giants. The Na'vi refer to these avatars as demons. If the association of demons and hybrid giants isn't prompting thoughts of Genesis 6, the book of Enoch and the flood of Noah's day, you're way behind the curve, here.

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Matthew 24:37

The word James Cameron chose for his race alludes to Noah. “Noah is also the etymological root of the words “Navy,” “navigation,” and the Greek naus, the holy place of the temple of Jerusalem.” (Temple at the Center of Time by David Flynn. p. 163 ) This is easy enough to verify. (Noah and Human Etymology)

Na'vi ~ navy ~ Noah

The race of Na'vi is a metaphor for the descendants of Noah, the one who was pure in his generations, his genetics. The plot is to make avatars of the planet's indigenous population, the Na'vi, the Noahites.

Cameron's simple twist swaps the humans and aliens by shifting the setting for his allegory to a world foreign to us. The humans become the aliens, and vice-versa. Clever. When you begin to see the Na'vi as representing Adamic man, the race and life that transcended the great flood through the agency of Noah and the ark, you're getting it! We are the Na'vi, the indigenous aboriginal race populating the targeted planet.

People, those of us who are descended from Adam are being genetically groomed to become avatars. The ancient dead who were responsible for corrupting the Earth and for the judgment that was the great flood are preparing for themselves physical bodies. Each requires a host vehicle, the portal for reintroduction into this world. They are the off-planet invasion force, alien to this realm but now adjoined to it. The Avatar Stratagem describes the scenario pivoting on the crucial host relationship, where we must conceptually link the hybrid avatar construct to the biblical therion, beast. A covert op is underway, working to convert Yahweh's assets, hijacking His heritage people.

This proposal is all the more compelling when you consider the Avatar story's tree of souls, and the native worship of a mother nature goddess called Eywa. Eywa ~ Yahweh. If you understand the "family tree" allegory that began in the Bible's creation account and threaded through the Garden of Eden, you may identify the tree of souls that represented the ancestral heritage of the Na'vi and essential living connection with their divinity most appropriately as one of the two trees in that Garden - the Tree of Life. The Yahweh tree. This is the target of the plundering raiders and the crux move in their strategy! Kill the tree! Cut off the Na'vi from Eywa. As an Avatar Stratagem, the hijacking of the Na'vi by replacing them with avatars (of the Jar Head Clan) is how it's going to go down, allegorically. The Yahweh Tree is under attack, threatened as it was in the days of Noah with a genetic assault on the reproducing fruit-bearing trees.

The Jake Sully avatar gets a full transference from his human body at the movie's end such that there is no more connection or dependency. This happens through the agency of the tree. When you flip this as suggested, it is the promise of becoming an alien, a god, fulfilled in a suggested ascension to divinity. “Ye shall become as gods,” as Eve was told by the serpent. The tree Jake Sully and his Jakesully avatar connect with is not the tree of life but rather the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If you look at the enactment straight, you will see the mark of the Beast accurately dramatized. The human body loses the soul, they die. The lie told is that the soul persists in a better body, but it's actually forfeited. The pawn is destined for the lake of fire.

Jake Sully:
Jake = Jacob, Israel.
sully = Something that stains or spots.
1. To mar the cleanness or luster of; soil or stain.
2. To defile; taint.

Jakesully the avatar has also taken a bride. He's in the savior role so this is a counterfeit or antimessianic Bride and Bridegroom scenario!

Jakesully the avatar scored the key victory through dominating the flying dragon. Lie! The serpent dragon Satan dominates that heavenly realm until the time appointed for his dominion to be brought to an end. The dragon is the power behind the Beast.

Avatar's content could supply plenty more fodder for the blog mill but I've got other work to do. If you've a mind to pursue this further, you might consider how the chosen ones (Manchurian Candidates, Monarch supersoldiers) may be pictured as warrior avatars, infiltrating as undercover agents for intelligence, propaganda and subterfuge.

You may also give some time to considering how the primary target was the tree of souls and how that relates to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Think about an interpretation where the Na'vi represent the legitimate people of the land. Think about what that mount and Temple means to that people. Think about how nearly every gentile and fake Jew (avatar) wants to displace them from that heritage and break the divine link to their God by any and every means. Jake Sully. Interpret the name.

You might also give some thought to how the coffin-like avatar driver console beds relate to the coffin of Osiris / Hiram Abiff (Horus Apollo) pictured in tracingboards as lying under the floor of the Masonic Temple sanctuaries, awaiting resurrection.

Think about how someone of note, say, Bill Clinton, might soon become the candidate host body selected for avatar generating integration with DNA harvested recently from, say, Gilgamesh / Nimrod. It's a scary thought, yes, but let's stay awake and watch!

I would add that you might think about the hovering black stone that was the object of desire for the raiders, the mineral unobtainium, but as I mentioned in a recent post about Doda, I do still intend to address the black stone in an upcoming post in the Rango series. Lord willing!


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