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MADONNA = M.D.N.A. + A.O.N -- Beast DNA and Kabbalah

To understand what drives the movers and shakers of the world you have to be privy to the big plot, their hopeful expectation of the return of their god to rule the world and transform his worshipers into gods that will not surely die. The promises they perceive will only be kept in part, and those who put their hope in them will pay the ultimate price. While Lady Gaga croons about such things in Born This Way and reveals the real meaning through cryptic language but not very subtle graphic imagery, and Katy Perry emotes openly about her extraterrestrial lover in a manner that leaves one only to connect the E.T. with the ancient gods, Madonna is more subtle in her promotion of the same, at least in the naming of her latest album. The "Queen of Pop" is undeniably still a mover and a shaker, scheduled to feature at the upcoming Super Bowl half-time show. What drives her is primarily Kabbalah, it seems, or the god of Kabbala, which is not the Creator regardless of the connections through Jewish mysticism and Torah.

When, during the recent premiere of her movie titled, W.E., she was asked, “What does MDNA stand for?” the reply was, “Um, it stands for Madonna,” giving a sly wink. ([video] Madonna talks M.D.N.A. at W.E. premiere, London) She later said, “I just like the play on words. Triple entendre.” Not double entendre, but triple. She is telling us plainly that there are multiple levels to the significance. It stands for more than Madonna on more than one level. She studies Kabbalah. She knows esoteric symbolism. What does she mean by this acronym?

When Jeff Davis III (Acceleration Blog - The DNA of Madonna) posted about Madonna titling her new album M.D.N.A. and noted the DNA. theme I recognized part of what was being signaled straight away, where M is a signal for the Beast (through the M as the 13th letter of the alphabet, and 13 is a key signal number for the Beast). Beast DNA. Because this is associated with Madonna, there's another angle, motherhood, more specifically, identification with the mother goddess Isis. The connection here is that Isis was the mother of Horus, and Horus is an identity of the Beast.

It's interesting how Madonna is a Kabbalist, a practicer of Jewish mysticism, a fact that, because of the obvious link to Mary, the mother of Jesus, a Jew, Judean, invites us to pursue this line of thought a little further. This Madonna bringing forth M.D.N.A. as her 12th album makes the 12 tribes of Israel another dot to connect, which in this context magnifies the theme of a Jewish Madonna bringing forth a Jewish son with Beast DNA, the antichrist (antiMessiah) beast. Is Madonna going to have a baby that will become the Beast? No, not literally, but this is a prophetic parable about his coming, highlighting the DNA element.

The Super Bowl will be numbered Super Bowl XLVI, that's 46, the number of chromosomes in our cells, the DNA number. It will be the 42nd annual championship game of the modern-era NFL, another beast number. (42 months - biblical number - also the product of 6x7 which is used to signal the god-man hybrid as a combination of 6-man and 7-god.)

It gets more interesting!

Like Jeff noted in another post, you can derive the string MDNA from MADONNA by taking every other letter. I think that insight provides a key to further meaning.

Removing MDNA from MADONNA leaves AON remaining. Madonna makes an acronym of MDNA by following each letter with a period, which suggests we consider both MDNA and AON as acronyms.

MDNA is close to MDMA, the drug popularly known as Ecstasy. That's a tempting connection, but that's not really what she's about.

It's also tempting to connect AON with Art of Noise, a band. "Moments In Love" by The Art of Noise was played as the wedding song when Madonna walked down the aisle with actor Sean Penn. Yet, that's not very compelling either, given her esoteric bent.

What then, do we make of these components of the riddle, one given as an example and the other following from it?

Of the acronyms for MDNA, the only one that makes sense at all in the context makes plenty of sense! Also seen as mtDNA, mDNA refers to mitochondrial DNA. Of the acronyms for AON, again, only one makes sense in the context, and it makes a lot of sense! AON refers to antisense oligonucleotides, another genetic term.

Mitochondrial DNA can be regarded as the smallest chromosome, and was the first significant part of the human genome to be sequenced. In most species, including humans, mtDNA is inherited solely from the mother. The fact that mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited enables researchers to trace maternal lineage far back in time. ( Y-chromosomal DNA, paternally inherited, is used in an analogous way to trace the agnate lineage.) The concept of the Mitochondrial Eve is based on the same type of analysis, attempting to discover the origin of humanity by tracking the lineage back in time.
Excerpts from Mitochondrial DNA - Wikipedia

Clearly, there's a "maternal" theme in common between Madonna and mDNA. If there's an answer to the riddle, it seems to lie here in the technical realm of genetics. Students of history will recall Dr. Josef Mengele and the study of twins, as he sought to discover the secrets of heredity that many believe (through much evidence) intended to result in the biological reverse-engineering of Nephilim and the “serpent tree” bloodline and seed. He intended to facilitate the return of the ancient ones bound in the earth, and apparently achieved a level of success. Madonna, as a figurative Mitochondrial Eve, and her Kabbalah companions intend to bring forth the offspring of the ancient through their efforts, and, you can bet they will succeed.

AON (Antisense Oligonucleotides) processes involve synthesis of artificial genes and the manipulation of gene sequences through binding to targeted mRNA strands.

AON is related to mDNA. The gene splicing activity seems to be suggested even in how these acronym strings were parsed out of their parent string, MADONNA. Now, when you consider the triple entendre Madonna mentioned when asked about the cryptic name of her album, knowing these things, knowing the big plot, you can bet she added a triple helix DNA signal to throw a little light on what she meant with the wink. A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse, and I'm hoping that's not you! She and her cohorts are not your friend or mine. They have been set up for a big fall!


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  4. The Nature of the MDMA Experience and Its Role in Healing, Psychotherapy, and Spiritual Practice
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