Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Decoding the Olympic Logo -

In the previous post the logos from four Olympics were compared, unscrambled to exhibit the word “zion” embedded in each. If you've been following this blog and what I've written elsewhere about the Olympics you know the embedding of “zion” is only one of the tricks up their sleeve. There's usually some kind of DNA and sex magick signaling, too. You may have noticed how the one for the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, seems rather stark compared to most. Except for the typical Olympic rings logo, it consists of some pretty minimally stylized characters with no graphic embellishment. Could there be such as DNA and sex magick subtly embedded within the 2014 Olympic logo? Yes, indeed!

This image is a collection of the logo's graphic elements with descriptive commentary presents what I've discerned of it so far.

To a perceptive person who is familiar with cyrillic script, the form of the 4 in 2014 makes sense and conveys the impression that the design is more clever than it looks on the surface. The 4 in 2014 is the cyrillic letter for “ch” called che or cha. This invites the curious to associate the 4 with the “ch” above it and become aware of the fact there is a puzzle to be solved. By comparing the upper and lower lines with each other, “sochi” matches “2014” after a little substitution, letter shuffling and a flip over. That's a clever little trick, but the puzzle really goes far beyond that! Consider how the word “zion” is an equally valid solution to the “2014” puzzle, using the same simple techniques required to match it to “sochi.”

Although the official “logo as web address” explanation has some merit, if that was really an important design element, that address - - should have been much more plain. This illustrates how the IOC is ever willing to sacrifice good design principles and popular appeal to promote their hidden agenda, the Zeus worship religion. You see, the Olympics are a vehicle of promotion of the worship of Zeus that heralds the coming Apollo, and the games themselves, the athletic competitions most folk are content to focus upon, while they do have a role in the wider agenda, they serve most effectively as the acceptable wrapper for the delivery of their religious package.

Sochi 2014’s tagline is Gateway to the Future. A time portal? The language of the press release for the branding is liberally embedded with well crafted keywords, exhibiting a high level of NLP. The range of branding and imagery of the Sochi Olympics supports all the interpretations I offered about the logo.

The Hermetic Maxim is evident in the way the logo is positioned in the promotional scene with mountains and the Black Sea. According to the official explanation of "the brand," “The mirror of ‘Sochi’ and ‘2014’ reflects that Sochi is the meeting point between the sea and the mountains.”

A reflection pool appears in the promo image of the Stadium. Flanking it are palm trees. What's that? Palm trees aren't suitable for the climate, or appropriate for Winter Olympic sport? Right. But, when you only care about signaling "victory over death in resurrection" and staging Apollo's birth to Leto under the palm you're going to have the palm tree whether it fits or not.

The stadium scene presented introduces the other key design element of the Sochi Olympic brand, the blue and white ice crystals. These are not the usual six pointed stars associated with many Winter Olympics under the guise of snowflakes. No, this is completely different. Well, no, not really very different at all because both do have occult meanings and they are definitely related. These are triangle prism pyramids under the guise of ice crystals. The transformational and transdimensional "mark of the beast" number 666 is signaled by equilateral triangles (3 internal angles of 60 degrees each). These resemble pyramids, importing the familiar Beast Kingdom theme signaled by the Olympic rings themselves. Those that happen to point upward accentuate the meaning of the blue and white color by accurately presenting the signal image of the heavenly divine sons of god.

The meaning of the ice crystal prism is illustrated quite brilliantly (pun intended) for us in one of the other featured promotional images, of skiing. I would caption this one, "Skiing the Bifröst."

The Bifröst. That's the transdimensional “rainbow bridge” that spans heaven and earth associated with the legends of Thor and Odin (aka Apollo and Zeus). Such as this portal construct appears in the Bible as the Hebrew mecillah, the kingdom viaduct, as I've referred to it on occasion. This viaduct or bridge was expertly modeled during the Beijing Olympics by the Londoners when Tayyiba, arriving in the heavenly chariot, received the dragon seed on the crossroad of Earth then traveled upon a dramatic modeling of the mecillah in her ascent into the heavenly throne vehicle. The agendas promoted in 2008 remain, and promotion will continue until their objectives are accomplished.

In that regard, I think you'll find this report interesting: Aliens invade Sochi? UFO hunter claims he has proof Quote: “...Sochi is being used by extraterrestrials as some sort of a gateway between worlds...” Hmmmmm. Is there a stargate in Sochi? If so, it wouldn't surprise me. If there isn't one yet, one may be opening.

The Sochi ice crystal emblems have color beyond the blue and white because these are prisms, in effect, rainbow makers. Seeding the atmosphere with them, as we see illustrated, creates a rainbow bridge. Think about that. Cloud seeding. Chem trails. What is being shown to us in this promotional image isn't random art. I believe there's much more to it than just dispersion of particles into the air, but technology that is being represented artistically here is surely being leveraged in the distribution of the light of Zeus on more than one level.

I should note here that the transdimensional “rainbow bridge” theme connects with the dimensional access experienced on Yom Kippur when the High Priest entered into the Holy of Holies to minister in the Lord's presence.

33) You shall make on its hem pomegranates of blue and purple and scarlet material, all around on its hem, and bells of gold between them all around:
34) a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, all around on the hem of the robe.
35) It shall be on Aaron when he ministers; and its tinkling shall be heard when he enters and leaves the holy place before the LORD, so that he will not die.
Exodus 28:33-35

His access technology was not all about the bells, but also the pomegranates between them. The blue and purple and scarlet represent a visible spectral range, a subset of the rainbow band, specific frequencies of wave energy.

With an understanding about the ice crystal prisms and the rainbow bridge portal, another look at the stadium promo image should provide you with better insight into the gateway pictured, along the reflecting pool between the columns of palm trees, against the backdrop of a crystalline spectral dispersion cloud.

I intend to return to this theme when I return to the opening scene in Rango, (Lord willing) that features "ice cubes" ejected from his glass to form the Bifröst.

Scholar Andy Orchard posits that Bifröst may mean "shimmering path." He notes that the first element of Bilröst—bil (meaning "a moment")—"suggests the fleeting nature of the rainbow,"
Bifröst - Wikipedia

I suggest rather that the first element of Bilröst, as "a moment," references something beyond that, the actual compression of time implicit in crossing dimensions through a time portal.

This time portal construct should be a familiar topic if you've been reading this blog for a while. You may recall the incredibly relevant name of "Horatio Gates," namesake of the town of Gates adjacent to Rochester, NY. “Horatio” means “time.” "Time Gates" equates to the Rainbow Bridge of lore, taken as it must be in the context of Rochester, NY and the buried Djinn (Nephilim) in the area (suggested by various kinds of evidence).

If you should happen to pass by the roundabout near to the Clock of Nations at the domestic terminal of the ROC airport, you may spot this trendy character on the wading team sporting the Sochi ice crystals on his jersey and helmet, apparently ahead of his time. I am having a little fun with that remark, but I want to tell you that this is really a matter that's deadly serious. What this weird statue with the triangles represents is a Nephilim who will be released into the earth as an agent of destruction, executing a holy God's wrath. His sponsor is hell-bent on securing an early release for his kind.

The Bifröst-mecillah signaling by the IOC branding is related to that. If you research the Bifröst legend you'll learn that one end of the rainbow bridge (Asgard - the realm of the gods) is reported to be attended by the god Heimdallr, who guards it from the jötnar. Over the last couple nights I watched a movie called Trollhunter. It was a "found footage" mockumentary about a hunter of trolls, giants who live in caves in the mountains of Norway. Among them, jötnar. Think, Djinn, Nephilim. The Bifröst had to be guarded to restrict access by them across the bridge. There's some truth in this!

Separating fiction from reality is a impossible task, except as the Lord reveals the truth. What even the serpent dragon knows was, is and will be is just what suits the Sovereign God, and nothing more or less. Satan is appointed to fulfill the Lord's purposes, and that he will do! His agents will know and do, and signal what they must, the Lord Y'shua has all that covered.

The ice crystal prism element of the Sochi2014 Olympics brand is a key companion to the slogan, Gateway to the Future, which is intended particularly for entry into the present to be made from the past, wrought, so it seems, through advancing the present into the future. That may read like some Space Balls shtick, but it makes sense to me.

The ancient gods are returning. Their return is helped by those who serve and worship Zeus and Hermes through their service and worship - and those who support them.


  1. Bob, excellent job!

    Wanted to point out that the stadium has a bit of the Tower of Babylon look to it.