Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pro Bowl 2012 - Sex Magick in Your Face

Millions of sports fans are going to be focused on the big game coming up in a few days, the Pro Bowl. The Super Bowl will follow a week later, but as a prelude, let's consider the symbolism of the Pro Bowl imagery.

Try not to notice the shiny vagina.

Here's a screenshot of the official Web page for the pro Bowl. Featured colors of blue opposing red, merging, with white star accents. Just a patriotic theme? No.

White stars = divine angels.
Red = Adam = daughters of men.
Blue - heavenly sons of god.
The merging of the two is their genetic union, offspring.

Hey, please, ignore the vagina the men will be fighting over.

The palm branches and flowers are just there for decoration because the game will be held in Hawaii, right? Wrong. The palm signals victory over death in resurrection. (Rango - The flowers are emblems of sexual reproduction. Together, the flowers and palm branches illustrate the Beast and mark of the Beast scheme, which is the reproductive merging of the symbolic blue and red to produce hybrid offspring with a form of eternal life.

OK, now go ahead and look at the shiny vagina. That's the coveted prize of the game, the Pro Bowl trophy, fringed with “pubic hair” stars. It's flanked by a pair of helmets. Slang: helmet = glans penis. Is this what they intend to signal? See the blue (sons of god) glans pen- uh, helmet? See it framed by an appropriately sized vag- uh, trophy? Uh-huh. See the clitor- uh flower in full bloom with the palm branch? See all the illuminated “flower children” underneath? Yes, this is what they intend to signal.

OK, now look at the other big "trophy" in the blue of the background image, with the N and it's line of stars superimposed. The angels of the blue team are flying right through the “portal.” Right. Into our daughters of men dimension.

Opposite that, the big A is a truncated pyramid. Where's the capstone eye of (A for) Apollo/Horus? Hey, there it is! The star is right inline with the row on the pyramid base. That it's an eye is validated by the double arc framing it - matching to the arc of the "trophy" opposite.

Trending now - Eye of Horus - Mark of the Beast - sex magick.

You can stop looking at the shiny vagina now. That prize belongs to Horus. Katy Perry testified boldly about this in her hit song about sex with an alien, E.T.. The reverse speech statement was easily heard and unambiguous. I will not repeat what she said. The video has been blocked from YouTube under the pretext of copyright infringement. If you missed it, you missed out. The devils know what's coming and they brag about it non-stop - forwards, backwards, sideways, inside and out.

I do hope you're catching on and drawing in close to the Lord Jesus, Y'shua HaMashiach, who opens the eyes of the blind. We have been given the opportunity to examine the opposition's play book. This season will quickly pass. Night is coming, when no man can work.

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