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Doda - Bad Girls - Poland's Pop Queen as the Mother of Harlots

The Polish pop video Bad Girls by Doda was recently featured by the Vigilant Citizen blogger. His offering was very insightful, yet I'd like to expand on it somewhat. Some of this is fairly obvious and some, not so much.

The VC's wrapup: “Therefore, in short, the same way Doda emerges from a lab and takes over the city, Illuminati propaganda emerges from think tanks and seeks to take over the masses’ brains through mass media. Popular culture promotes corrupt and debasing values, degrades human life and pushes transhumanism because this is where the elite want to take the world. Will you be swallowing the pill?

This video shows layers of how Revelation 17 is unfolding. An important event referred to as the black awakening (Russ Dizdar - Shatter the Darkness) is illustrated, presenting an important mission on the schedule for the vast and growing army of MK-ULTRA Monarch multiples. We are shown the connected thread of the fallen angels, with the ancient gods Horus and primary facilitator, Hermes/Mercury. We are also shown psychotronic weaponry and the destructive power of directed energy light and sound. These are all facets of the Luciferian and Illuminist agenda as they prepare for the coming of their master, who will before very long at all ascend to his throne over the earth.

[video] Bad Girls - Doda

What the VC identified as a pill is that and more. it's the rising black stone that represents ascending serpent DNA, a key symbol used to represent the Beast and his mark. ( I hope to expand on the black stone alongside the Bifröst arch in an upcoming post) With this stone, the video exhibits what I believe is a correct understanding of an ancient tablet, the emerald tablet of Hermes. That stone/pill/tablet plays a central role in the video's message.

At the video's end, Doda's character has won her revolution and sits in the throne formerly occupied by the ruler of the city.

And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.
Revelation 17:18

The Bad Girl song lyrics name the city.

“I know my way of my Babylon
All demons know, my booty show
Girl dress to kill I’m hell on heels
So come with me, we’ll go on”

The Bad Girl is playing the BIG bad girl.

3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
Revelation 17:3-6

We see Doda in the restaurant with BLOOD RUNS HOT as featured sign - the blood of the saints and martyrs. We see her in a scene picturing necrophilia as she seductively mounts a dead guard in the morgue. This is the whore fornicating with the authorities, the kings, and riding the beast.

We see him identified with Horus (antichrist Beast) when she has dismounted and his left eye is missing. It's an Isis and Osiris scenario. Isis had to use magick to animate her dead and dismembered husband and impregnate herself.

Before the Beast can come to his throne, this present world order needs to be shuffled a bit more. That's where the MK-ULTRA multiples factor in. The black awakening, a mass trigger event, is pictured when Doda receives the signal on her (Serpent 69 sine wave signaling Samsung Galaxy S) phone: bad girls attack. The agenda for the black awakening is going to reset the world through chaos and revolution to bring a change of regime. This world system must soon become the Beast system, a new world order that is the final edition of the old world order, Babylon. The army of sleeper agents known as the chosen ones have a significant role to play, as Manchurian Candidates on a special joint offensive.

Doda is a handler/slave receiving the message that triggers that special alter or set of alters programmed into each of the chosen ones. She is earlier seen in the lab exercising total control, playing the role of one like “Dr. Green,” the Nazi Angel of Death Josef Mengele, the master programmer/handler. The bad girl slaves are prepared using coffins and close containment isolation techniques that traumatize and cause multiple personalities to split off. We see them with masks on, another signal programming tool, with some requisite electrical (shock administering) equipment. Each one is given a pill, drugged. The bad girls emerge with attire not fit for being seen in public, suggesting the obvious. These are basic Monarch mind control trauma-based programming elements.

The handler and bad girls leave training camp and go out into the world for more training. In the "restaurant" where they meet they are further trauma conditioned, with the blood and cannibal rituals of Satanic abuse and human sacrifice, suggested through the establishment's name "BLOOD RUNS HOT" (as fresh from the sacrificed victim) and the featured item on the menu is, "MEN MEAT."

Certainly there's a Jezebel angle here too, and one can't help but recall Beyoncé's recent Run the World (Girls) video.

While at the restaurant they plan their assault around the round (global) map (“attack plans”). This shows the coordination of the network and ops, planned in advance.

When the special ops team approaches as a threat, representing anyone who resists their program, the weaponized SRA/DID multiples do their thing. I will personally testify that I have seen examples of some of what Duncan O'Finioan (Project Talent super-soldier) reports, and you can bet the ability dramatized in the video when Doda removes the threat is quite real. There are psychotronic weapons, and many of these agents of destruction are already prepared and dispersed in the world, carrying out various covert missions as they await the time of mass activation.

After the restaurant scene, we see Doda in the morgue with the dead guard. Before she dismounts she magically writes on his chest, “no death, no fun.” This bad girl has been programmed to enjoy ritual sacrifice, sex and dismemberment.

After this final wicked ritual, the evil of the scenario dramatized has sufficiently scaled up and the time is right. The attack signal comes. The black awakening is triggered. The present order is overturned according to plan, on schedule.

The sex scene pictures the visit of a succubus to a man experiencing sleep paralysis, and it also pictures astral sex. Remote viewing through the mind's eye is pictured right after this as she uses the eye she took from the dead guard. Superficially, we see her use it as a biometric key to impersonate the guard at the iris scanner. You know this is really featuring remote viewing when you notice how both her own eyes are blacked out when she does it. These abilities, remote viewing and astral projection, are common to many multiples.

The morgue scene also presents us with an obvious picture of a fallen angel mating with a human, as we see wings tattooed on Doda's back that sprout into full wings. This connection is a really important one in the wider scope of the plot being enacted. It's about the offspring produced through the mating. It's about the Beast and the mark of the Beast and the identifying link with the ancients.

The morgue scene alternates with one where Doda is waist deep, splashing about in black goo, which equates to the Lady Gaga "Born This Way" video scene with similar black goo. It seem's symbolic of a biological reproductive black stone gestation/activation process, perhaps as the amniotic fluid of Isis. It reminds me of the recent TV series V (Visitor), where the alien reptilian Anna spawned her children in a pool.

The reproductive theme begins right away in the video when Doda is first revealed. The bands of a chamber release and we see her inside, connected at the breasts by tubes like a milking machine. The suckling Madonna nursing her children. Mother goddess Isis. Mother of Nephilim spawn. Also, comparing to Lady Gaga's Born This Way video there's something of a Bride of Frankenstein allusion in the scene.

More to follow, Lord willing!


  1. Hey Brother,

    Excellent post on the Doda song! As I was reading it I was reminded of some links I came across on Russ Dizdar's site. The audio files deal specifically with Astral Sex and Remote Viewing.

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  2. Thanks for sharing that, brother. Those are some very good resources!