Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Decoding the Indiana Youth Group License Plate

Another item in the news today flagged my attention, another richly signaling sign.

Indiana unveils its first license plate for gay youths

The logo looks like uplifted hands reaching out through an uncovered manhole for help. This suggests the people are trapped in a storm drain or sewer. Warning - crude content ahead. This invites a very crude interpretation, because the rainbow arms clearly signifies "gay" people, aka sodomites. A manhole is crude slang for a man's rectum, a man hole. The sewer is where sewage flows. The interpretation is unavoidable. While that's unpleasant, what it means on the esoteric level is really far more offensive!

Look beyond this celebration of the sin of sodomy to see the bigger picture, that this activity is, along with cannibalism, inherent in the nature of the ancient gods and their offspring, and in those who worship them. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. (See Who is Cain's Father?) From this perspective, the sodomites pursue a goal beyond sexual perversion for its own sake. See the hands wave? This license plate imagery is another wave of the Beast and mark of the Beast offensive breaking upon us, intending to carry us out to sea in the undercurrent!

This logo pictures a rainbow portal, a rainbow manhole bridge (Norse- Bifröst), corresponding to the biblical mecillah, from which “courses” angels fought. These beings are reaching out from the underworld. They are not emerging, they are still bound in the earth impatiently awaiting release. They are not simply gay people but symbols of the ancients who corrupted the earth in Noah's day. The time of their release approaches, and the witnesses to the reality of it and nearness to it abound!

The rainbow bridge portal is a major theme of the Olympics, as I exhibited recently in this post titled:
Decoding the Olympic Logo - -- Of course, if you've seen the mascots for the London Youth Games and Summer Games, you see the rainbow theme pushed hard on the youth.

The rainbow links to the sign given after the flood, a promise that God would not destroy the earth again by water. It speaks of a counter-flood for the execution of judgment in the earth that is surely coming in days not far distant. As it was in the days of Noah...

Zombie resurrection. Rainbow Zombies. It's coming.

I count six hands in the logo. Six is the number for man as connected with the Beast in Revelation 13. The green one is tallest, Osiris green – capstone of pyramid, as formed by the heights of the hands. Beast pyramid. On the six hands are 30 fingers, an amplified 3, triple helix resurrection! The upcoming London Games will be the XXX Olympics. This is being leveraged for all its worth! The 6 rainbow hands with 30 fingers are wanting out of the underworld sewer, out of the abyss.

I want to emphasize at this point that sodomy is considered a high spiritual activity in SRA/DID ritual, in ritual sex magick. There's a focus on this perversion as a higher honoring of the gods, useful to gain for the participants a higher level of gnosis and illumination and power as a portal ritual, and the anal intercourse is considered as a dimensional portal in that context. This is a legitimate means of advancing the antichrist beast agenda.

The license plate's manhole from the underworld sewer presents a crescent, like the moon. The moon itself is a symbol of the bride of Christ whose agency effects the access through the portal, the state of binding and release. The graven images of the moon are cursed symbols representing the counterfeit that is Mystery Babylon.

Beyond the logo itself, I note that the recycle symbol appears in proximity, a sign of the triple helix transformation.

So, why Indiana? Break it down. “In Diana” - Inside, in her womb, gestating inside the womb of the mother goddess Diana. She is as Isis, gestating Horus. The logo imagery applies here, too, as the birth canal is also referred to in slang as a manhole, with a sanitary napkin being a manhole cover. We see in the logo the rainbow people reaching out, wanting to be birthed into the world. The "In Diana" Youth Group. Indeed!

If you've been following this blog for a little while you may recall how Rango was birthed out of a storm drain to model the birth of Horus into the world. This is not coincidental. It is redundant signaling. Am I repeating myself?

I find the plate number chosen interesting, too. I think this is a two part symbol. AA9999

There is in this something of an Alpha and Omega, as 9 is the last digit, but a counterfeit of the One who calls Himself that in Revelation.

If you turn it upside down, the 9 becomes a 6. That half is 666. If you don't turn it upside down, the other half is AA9. If you reverse that, it is 9AA or, since A=1, 911.

911 + 666 = Emergency + Antichrist Beast!

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