Friday, January 13, 2012

New Video Posted: Vigeland illustrated what happened in the Garden of Eden

What happened in the Garden of Eden. What is Cain's paternity - who is his father? Here's an interesting, perhaps shocking illustration in a video I just posted: [video] Vigeland Park - Garden of Eden.

Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway offers a conceptual look that is more accurate than Michelangelo's!

The sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1872 - 1943) presented scenes that, in my opinion, graphically show what happened in the Garden of Eden - Adam and Eve having sex with the serpent dragon. Scenes on the doors that show the serpent dragon taking and eating babies is part of his kind's heritage, legendary in many cultures around the world.

Vigeland made his sculptures the way he did because they help portray the evolution of man and to unite sculpture with nature and to symbolize life. He also wanted people to be able to identify with nature and to symbolize life.
GUSTAV VIGELAND (1872 - 1943) ( - By Wikborg)

The "evolution of man"? Yes, of the way of Cain! After that fashion, people will become identified with nature, becoming one with the serpent nature through the mark of the Beast!


  1. Wow... looks like some of them are also oroborous - but I'm not sure if that is the term when the snake has a human in it's mouth.

    Does though seem like a 2012 signal, at least in some of those things on the door.

    Also, the phallic kiosk reminded me of bodies piled up in nazi concentration camps.

  2. Lots of ouroboros on the two doors, right! That's where the serpent dragon has its own tail in its mouth, but Vigeland connects the serpent dragon with the Adam and Eve figures to form the circle, which identifies them together as if to say they are serpent too, probably suggesting ownership. I see this ownership implied in the scenes where the dragon takes the baby, as Cain, his own offspring. In each scene, the dragon is clearly dominant. The other symbol used is the Fibonacci spiral, the spiral of life. The most telling one is perhaps the one at bottom right of the second door, with the baby inside the spiral dragon, at the center of the spiral of life, which is like the Sun and an Eye of Horus! There's an infinity symbol too. Several of the tail wraps are helical - DNA. On the gates, the dragon's have webs of helical winding, like serpent DNA - on the gates as the dimensional gateway DNA portal!

    The monolith with the bodies is like the death camp piles. It's set on a step pyramid like the Aztec, Inca and Mayan cultures used, which were all famously used for mass human sacrifice. The monolith is an obelisk, which fits perfectly with the death and resurrection theme. I also see it as alluding to the tower of Babel. Their struggle seems to be to join with the heavenly, back with their serpent god, an interpretation I see supported in how the serpent sex scenes are also elevated high, exhibited on top of the columns.

    1. Wow, totally messed up stuff. I'm glad I'm covered by the blood of Jesus!