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Woman Collapses and Dies In Religion Class on 21st Birthday - Time's UP!

A sign for the church - Time's UP!

I perceive a sign for us in another tragic event, this one, the death of an individual. Student Dies In Class On 21st Birthday After Thanking God For ‘Another Year Of Life’ I am not untouched by the loss that some will feel who knew her, but let it not be in vain that she was taken in this way.

Some would suggest that this woman's death might be an untimely death, coming at such a young age, but I believe it was very timely and a distinct sign. Judgment has been on the church for over a year, and it will continue until the Lord's purposes are accomplished. (Consider Aaron Hermann's insight) Like Concordia's wreck, signs like these are going to be dramatic and increasingly frequent.

From the AP article linked I want to excerpt these statements.

BOILING SPRINGS, N.C. (CBS Charlotte/AP) — A student at Gardner-Webb University collapsed in class and died on her 21st birthday after thanking God on Twitter for living another year.

A spokesman says Ariane Noelle Patterson was in a religion class at the Boiling Springs school when she collapsed Tuesday afternoon.

She was a senior majoring in religious studies...

That she died on her 21st birthday is what first grabbed my attention, because in dying, “her time was up,” and the number 21 means “time” and “the fullness of time.” (See What does the number Twenty-One mean?) That she died in class means there's a lesson here. The class was a religion class. Get it?

That she was a woman signifies a church. That she collapsed and died in religion class on Tuesday afternoon, in the midst of the third day speaks of the season of Barley and Wheat harvests during the upcoming Shemittah. Those are the feasts Chag HaMatzot and Shavuot that will happen during the season sometimes characterized in Bible prophecy as a fiery furnace, both of these occurring in the Spring of the year. The location of the event - Boiling Springs. Her name further identifies her in this parable, Ariane Noelle Patterson.

Ariane = Most Holy or Very Holy
Noelle = Born on Christmas Day
Patterson = "son of Patrick." Son of Nobleman - Noble one

You might think, Hey, that's all good!" - but no, it's not. If you think my Lord was born on Christmas Day, you'd be wrong. The genuine Savior of man was born on Yom Teruah, and Christmas honors another, a counterfeit, the god of the Sun cult who will manifest shortly as the Beast. The woman of this name speaks of Mystery Babylon. She died on her birthday, who was "Born on Christmas Day." Let that speak loudly.

I can't say I know anything of the young woman beyond what was reported in this news article. Although few will agree, and I mean no disrespect in this personally, but the fact she was taking a class on religion suggests that she was not content with the Lord's provision. The Bible gives clear direction for women who desire to learn. 1 Corinthians 14:35. Nothing there about Bible college. You can rightly accuse me of being sexist. As I often respond, the question is whether I'm rightly sexist, in a way that will go well for me when my Judge and yours takes an accounting. I like to allow for the possibility that this woman might have been pleasing to the Lord and was perhaps taken to be spared from what is shortly to come on the earth, but without revelation insight into His mind and heart in this matter, I can't honestly presume such to be so.

The point of my noting her apparent discontentment with the Lord's provision that resulted in what must be seen as lawless disobedience, and my noting of the mixture of the holy (Ariane) with the unholy (Born on Christmas Day), is to understand the death of this noble one (Patterson) in context of when and where it happened, to interpret the sign correctly. She died on her 21st birthday and the Bride Theft is appointed for the 21st day of the month, so does that mean she represents the Bride? No, that narrow consideration fails to account for the bigger picture. In the season illustrated by her Tuesday afternoon death, at the theft of the Bride, aka the Barley Harvest, the church is divided in two categories; those taken and those left behind. Those pictured by this young woman are left behind. They collapse and die in religion class, as seniors, just shy of graduating, failing the test of being found worthy of the Bridegroom. The biblical description is as having robes that must be made white in the blood of the lamb. Many will do so during great tribulation, as martyrs. Revelation 7.

At the death of important people, like nobles, presidents, etc., one tradition we have is to give them a 21 gun salute. Even being left behind at the Bride Theft, a great multitude will then come to a full ripening in the Lord's harvest field, and for that I'm very grateful. There will be honor and great reward. Yet, my call to you, who has an ear to hear, is this: Go for the Grand Prize, not the consolation prize. Is this not the Lord's good testimony, my friend, to you and I?

I believe the message here is that time is just about up for syncretism, for whoredoms with Babylon.

In closing this sober message, I recommend to you an excellent [update: four] part series by my dear friend Aaron Hermann that may speak to you further on this matter.

Sword of Division: A Call to Decision

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