Friday, January 20, 2012

Decoding Glenn Beck's GBTV logo

Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck TV - a logo overexposed. Apparently he didn't learn the lesson of the UK's former OCG.

This is not the first coverage given his Horus Eye imagery on this blog. Glenn and GBTV is a system of media communication is can be well described according to my friend Aaron Hermann's allegory. GBTV is one in an array of tiered nets intended to catch those who fall through the Babylon system. Not taken in by CNN? Good. How about MSNBC? Great. Not caught in the Fox News net? Excellent. Not fallen into the GBTV net? Congratulations!

The imagery on the “Premiere Night” ad I noticed online a couple days ago and present here for your consideration has elements that should be pretty obvious to some of you. The rays emanating out from Glenn's pineal gland are pretty obviously signaling illumination, gnosis (like the G = Gnosis of his Horus Eye triple helix triskelion brand) and the third eye / Eye of Horus transformation.

The GB of GBTV is a phallic/sex magick letter combo similar to the rather infamous former OGC (UK - Office of Government Commerce) logo (at top) and the more subtle but equally offensive Liberty Science Center brand. (See Satan Claus, Toys-Horus, and the Horus Science Center)

You may also note the similarities with the now defunct Burrows brand.

No doubt this GBTV logo really works for them. “What it works,” however, is evil. If a picture is worth a thousand words, there's volumes here for the wise.

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