Thursday, January 19, 2012

Decoding the Aetna Brand

Finding its groove and gettin' onboard the sly train, Aetna updates their branding.

Aetna’s new logo celebrates the equity and tradition of the Aetna name in a way that is both contemporary and optimistic. Aetna is symbolically reinforcing its 160-year history, its dedication to building relationships with its members, customers and providers and its brand promise of a connected health care experience through the inclusion of a connected “a” and “e.” Known as a ligature, the connection of the two letters was used in the Aetna logo for 151 years, before being retired in 2001. It returns today as a unique symbol of Aetna’s brand and its heritage.
Aetna Finds its Groove (press release)

Really? Riiiiiiiiiight. I hope you're not going to step in that. To be fair to Aetna, though, that's the same kind of cow patty-as-chocolate pudding the other agencies dish out.

With eyes that see, you can recognize the nature of the world we live in and see beyond it to the Truth, who offers us assurance with real substance that will endure!

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  1. Nice work again Bob!

    "Finds it's groove" also is a term for sexual intercourse (see Madonna's "Get into the Groove")