Saturday, January 21, 2012

Series Links: Rango

From July 2011

Like The Iron Giant, this animated feature presents us with a stunning array of imagery that significantly advances the kingdom of antichrist. This movie that is widely acknowledged as “not really for children” weaves themes like triple helix DNA transformation and Nephilim resurrection artfully throughout it's comical and highly entertaining engagement. Entertaining, unless you happen to be a typical child, which in that case will be more than mildly traumatic.

That trauma may be seen as an intended feature because one of the themes featured is SRA, Satanic Ritual Abuse, aka Monarch programming or MK-ULTRA. Chosen ones and their handlers and relationships are presented in many vignettes, even woven in as layered upon biblical events from the past, present and even future. It's evil genius at work on a very high level!

Praise the Lord for exposing this incredible stealth weapon forged in secret against us, so we may not remain ignorant of Satan's devices!

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